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  1. Thank you everyone. It’s a Dethleffs Rally Nomad 550L and currently got a Seat Hatchback so too light - one of first questions the dealer asked. He suggested a Ford Mondeo or a Skoda Octavia as examples, but I’d not realised it was the max weight rather than the curb. I’m looking at either of these two, but worried they’re too light and not under the 3,500kg. Ultimately if I took the test then the Volvo XC60 gives a weight that makes me feel more comfortable. Diesel or Petrol I don’t mind as budget is low so it’ll be an old car - circa £5k. Estate good, SUV ok though aware that you then don’t feel as much of the movement and this can make you not realise there’s a problem, anything smaller not so good as need them space ideally. Thank you everyone,
  2. Thank you everyone. Looks like passing the b + e is the way to go. What car would you ideally recommend for towing a 1500kg caravan by a novice?
  3. Hi, Completely confused novice. I’ve put a deposit down on a caravan that is 1500kg thinking that it was kerb weight that mattered, but just realised it’s maximum weight. Is there a car (preferably estate over suv) that can safely pull the caravan without taking the test? Or should I go for the test, and how many lessons did it take? Thank you, Ruby
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