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  1. Pedr

    Level system

    Hi all I posted something about a frozen remote on an ep level system and I can’t find the post to respond so I’ll start a new topic! if anyone ever gets this problem leave the remote out of its charging dock overnight and it will unfreeze as the battery runs down. I hope this may help Someone in the future!
  2. Hi everyone I have a buccaneer with the ep level system it’s only a month old and the screen has frozen on the remote control unit that fits into a charge point just inside the door I’ve tried to switch it off and nothing happens any ideas on how to unfreeze it? Thanks in advance.
  3. My inside temperature says 30 degrees and it’s nowhere near that! Where’s the temperature reading taken from and will the heating stay off whilst the temperature is reading 30 or above?
  4. Ok thank you it’s there in my wardrobe!😬😬😁😁 Also will the water pump for the heating not kick in if the ambient temperature 30 or above TIA?
  5. I have a 2021 buccaneer Bermuda and can’t seem to find the heating fluid top up reservoir does anyone have any ideas please? Also my inside temperature shows 30 degrees and I’ve got the air con set at 16?🤔🤔
  6. Pedr


    I’m sure they do but I’m sure every Caravana is not conversant with the rules of and weights of heavy goods vehicles, look I’m looking for an answer to a simple question not a lecture in law. I feel my question has been answered and it’s the fool that doesn’t ask it, all I’m trying to do is familiarise my self with the lower end of the scale before I retire at the end of the year.
  7. Pedr


    I do in relation to my work these are small non-HGV vehicles we are talking about I thought you would’ve known that
  8. Pedr


  9. Pedr


    I’m not complaining I’m just trying to stay legal I’ll just put more in the car it’ll probably aid stability as well
  10. Pedr


    I think my original question was why would it be illegal if my car is heavier than the van but the van is over it’s plated limit is it to do with the vans structural design that it can’t take more than it’s plated weight ? Thanks I think that’s answered my question and thanks for all the other contributions 😁
  11. Pedr


    It is less than the 100% though is it not? Also the weight is well below the maximum tow capacity of the car so if I was towing 3.500kgs would that not be unsafe too? My car is a 2016 Landrover discovery 4 and my caravan is a buccaneer Bermuda my car unladen is approximately 2.5 tons and the vans miro is 1990kgs
  12. Pedr


    I’m getting my new buccaneer bermuda on Monday and I have a Landrover discovery 4 2016 and the car is approximately 2700kgs loaded so if I exceeded the payload and take the van up to 2300kgs would that be legal?
  13. Pedr


    Is it the caravan structural design that would make me over weight then? I have everything on my license
  14. Pedr


    I been a Hgv tanker driver class c+e for 44 years
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