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  1. It might work but you’ll need a fitting to go into the screw in part with a tailpiece for the hose. Unfortunately the fit is a known issue apparently, why it’s not been resolved by reich I don’t know
  2. Just bought the same caravan. It’s a Gemini fitting I think, certainly not bullfinch though. Be aware also that with the hose fitted it is a very tight fit. I had to ‘bend’ the gas fitting out slightly to get reasonable access. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/382880647351?hash=item59257708b7:g:-eQAAOSwk2tcpLuq I tried a plain brass one without the collar and it wouldn’t lock on but this type certainly does
  3. There are advocates for both types. Blown air will heat the van quicker whereas alde will give a more evenly distributed heat throughout the caravan. Both work on electric or gas
  4. Whilst looking at our fridge vents today I noticed there isn’t a fly screen fitted. Is one available from thetford or has anyone made their own?
  5. Could you post a picture, the sink is usually made from plastic rather than fibreglass so a picture would help identify the problem unless someone else has had similar
  6. Normally there will be a micro switch in the towing electrics connector. Are you using an adaptor for you trailer electrics 13 pin to 7 pin and leaving that in the car socket? That would trigger the microswitch or it’s stuck
  7. Wispman you are correct, we had two heritages and there was a red switch down by the front seats to switch on the water heater. Bailey unicorns are also the same with the 3010 model fitted
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