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  1. Hotels are all I have and will do as well. we have the box on wheels for family to use as they wish. was going to give it another go but after reading some of the members comments on some of the sites . Nah stick to the hotels for me. no kids. No towing no noise meals made for you and just plenty of time to visit tour and relax. that’s holidaying .
  2. Renew the tyres. Then cover them with a canvas cover or even just a plywood sheet cut to size. Inside the wheel arches to protect them.
  3. Sonar

    So am I evil!

    Everyone of you were kids once.
  4. If it is 12 volts and led and you can find something that suits you then it is an easy exchange . ebay is full of items to suit.
  5. I am not a great fan of caravans either had a few. And have one now that family use. we much prefer the hotel stuff. hotels anywhere we have wanted to go . Well so far. but we’re going to give it another shot sometime next year maybe things will change.
  6. Here are a few uses. Shoe insoles bottom linings on shopping bags small square for sticking needles and thread. Into for storage.. table coasters and table mats. I guess there are a lot more..
  7. There are just as many caravan users that also have no consideration for others. so motorhome. And tents there will always be some that are inconsiderate as well. not everybody treats everybody else the same way…
  8. I just changed both my propane 6 kB bottles. For two 7 kg butane there has been no difference in performance . Just change the regulator.
  9. The foam sheeting that they use for garage floors and children’s play areas will work but you will need some plywood on top of the foam sheeting tiles. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/1587247?clickSR=slp:term:eva foam mats:2:13:1 there are cheaper places to get this . I just used this as an example..
  10. Yes this can be repaired by your self if you feel you have the time to do it. it’s not too expensive to carry out but involves approx 5 grades of wet and dry sandpaper. A small drill bit a steady hand with a Stanley knife and a small amount of either waxed gel coat or a small tube of gel coat repair . the. latter is very sticky as the top layer stays sticky but again there is a very easy way to get over that as well additionally your require some either g3. Cutting polish or white tcut polish and a roll of cellotape. Clean cloths and soft polishing cloths. that’s the materials required. if your going to do it post back on the forum for how to carry out the works.. long post…..but easy to digest is small stages..
  11. I think I would be having a house sitter when your due to go away. you never know …..
  12. Just two months ago had the same thing water dribbling every time the tap was turned on. I was not too sure if the thickness of the rubber grommets would be the same size. So rather than a repair I bought new and changed the whole fitting. might have been the dearer option. But worked for me. found what I wanted on eBay. Lots cheaper than the dealers or accessories shops.
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