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  1. Thank you I am on the case?
  2. thank you do that mean it is wired up wrong, can you suggest a fix for the problem
  3. I have connected my new relay and put a test on the 12s plug I have a light up on 4 pin and also a light up on pin 6 I have yet to test on the the caravan am I right that I should not have got a light up on pin 6 with engine switched off only when the engine is on. or is that correct.
  4. they are both ryder relays one is an up date of the other part number TF1170
  5. M y new up date relay has six wire connections were as my old relay as only 5 being red- white- green -blue -orange in that order and all come out of the same end were as the new relay has six outlets with the black being the earth. any idea Three at each end seems it should be fitted in line.
  6. Thank you for your help, the power seems to be coming from the car but no power coming to my red switch all the fuses seem in order I have yet to do the test with the engine off and light on in the van, I have never run across this problem be fore will do that test in due course
  7. Where is the fridge relay located on a 2001 Bailey Ranger or the most likely place?
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