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  1. Thanks Gary, Thought it strange alright and had to check and double check incase I was seeing things... I was tempted to try a heat gun but may opt for the hammer and chisel as suggested.
  2. Hi all, Noticed there are no places to insert draught excluder to the rear of the door. I can bring it up to the wheel but then no option to continue beyond the wheel, there is an "in/out points to the front of the door and also have the option to fit draught excluder to the entire length of the caravan on the opposite side for some reason.... Is this the norm on all Freestyle SE S4 FB 2014 and how do i get around it? See attached dropbox link https://www.dropbox.com/s/1vzmfi2aqtq0dwm/IMG_8611.MOV?dl=0
  3. Hi Frank, made the purchase and wondering if possible to get my hands on a copy of a parts catalogue or are these available for caravans? Must replace a rear side marker lamp at the top which went missing on the journey home Said I’d run it by you seeing as you had a copy of the brochure to hand thanks
  4. Hi, Found a camera under the rear bumper when I collected the caravan on Monday and hoping it can be put to some use. The cables pop up inside under the bathrooom sink but unfortunately not connected to anything and just left there. Is there a bluetooth or a wifi box or something similar I can connect the cables to which will transmit the images from the camera to my phone? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi, Is there a catalogue identifying spare parts/ codes etc. For example, I am looking to replace a rear end outline marker light for Swift Freestyle which went missing during our travels. Thanks
  6. I went for it and bit the bullet! soemtimes better to just go for these things and enjoy while we can. Mind put at ease having made the trip up there again and met for a 2nd time and everything checked out. Re travelling to NI if theres any warranty issues, il cross that bridge when it comes to it (excuse the pun) and make a weekend of it up there. Thanks again to everyone for taking the time to reply. Il try and send a pic once I figure out how to reduce the file size! 🙏
  7. Thanks for the replies. Great to get others opinion and a bit of reassurance as I was thinking along the same lines and from what I can find re the NI Protocol. Ive emailed Revenue to be on the safe side. One southern dealer mentioned the additional charges but everyone else I asked said zero charges. No requirement for caravan registration in ROI from what I can see. just a number plate and off you go. There’s a 12 month warranty coming with the caravan. Is this a formal piece of paper detailing what’s covered that’s handed over on payment or just presumed covered with the receipt of payment for 12 months?
  8. Thanks Mr Plodd Caravan dealers down south have a different opinion than those favourable ones in the North! Hence the throw out to the public. Have even raised the question with customs etc but can’t find an answer! Appreciate you taking the time to reply. regards
  9. Hi all, has anyone recently purchased a 2nd hand caravan in the North of Ireland but lives in the South ? Are there any extra charges to be aware of; VAT/ duty?? Thanks in advance 👍
  10. Hi Frank, thanks for the reply. Looking for overall dimensions and weight. Due to purchase this exact model in July.
  11. Looking for the specification for the above caravan, namely the dimensions and weight etc. I cant see any trace of the caravan on the swift website etc. Any advice welcome
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