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  1. Thanks ,all for your advice, looks like I’ll have to follow the wires back from the socket and see where the go. Cheers Rob
  2. The caravan was connected to the mains only and everything worked OK for most of the holiday then just the water packed up while still connected to mains electricity ,there isn’t a leisure battery , and it wasn’t connected to the car .The submersible works OK because I wired it up to the car battery.
  3. Hi , could anyone advise me on the whale water system. I had the water system working while we were away , but the last day it packed up , there doesn’t seem to be any power at the socket . I noticed on the whale it said 12 v . When it was working I was connected to mains , is there a transformer , could that be my problem or is there a fuse somewhere. cheers Rob
  4. Hi , I am having problems with the water system on a 2004 hobby 720 exclusive. The whale submersible wasn’t working so I took the plug on the end of the whale to bits and there was a dodgy connection, so fixed that then worked OK .Later in the week it packed up again.It was connected to the mains although I noticed is said 12v on the whale.Now there isn’t any power at the socket .Is there a fuse somewhere? Any ideas please.’ Cheers Rob
  5. Cheers mate , I appreciate that , I think there’s some on eBay of that name. Rob
  6. Hi , would anyone know what make the blinds are in a 2004 hobby 720 exclusive? As I want to replace Some cheers Rob
  7. Hi , would anyone know what make the blinds are in a 2004 hobby 720 exclusive? cheers Rob
  8. Hi, I pull a 720 with a Mitsubishi shogun LWB
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