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  1. You are quite right it isn’t 5G. The m1 will be perfectly fine. We are running 9 devices off ours with no problems, obviously if cellular signal is a bit rubbish the connected devices will get a slow internet connection. But we don’t have any trouble streaming Netflix on 1 bar of 4g. We use giffgaff so is part of the o2 network.
  2. Yes I believe the M2 does 5G, hopefully your one isn’t locked. I know o2 do sell them with a contract so it might be locked. Fingers crossed it isn’t!
  3. Thanks Danny, good to know. I would like to try towing a twin just to see what the difference is like. I can imagine it doesn’t bounce the car as much as a single? I always run my current caravan near to 100kg as it feels better like that.
  4. That is very interesting regarding tow ball limits. It’s daft that the limit is set via an EU rule and not to the actual mechanical limits of the car.
  5. Awesome, thank you for doing that! Just got to find one now!
  6. Thank you! This gives me hope then, mine is the 2018 facelift, mechanically the same just different lights, wheels etc. Thank you! 100kg
  7. Mine is a 2019 top spec one with mass in service of 2069kg according to log book. Power is 197bhp. The figures you have seen are from the newer hybrid version which has a much lower towing capacity. I think the car would be fine just the nose weight issue and I do only have one gas bottle any way (safefill). Never seen the point in two. Weirdly in Australia my car is rated as 200kg on the tow ball. I do generally load car so awning in car just the clothes go in bags over axle of caravan along with aqua roll and waste master.
  8. I bought the M1 as 5G coverage is so poor at the moment I didn’t see the point in spending the extra on the M2. For me the M1 is perfect, getting a very good signal where our iPhone 12 Pros on same network struggle. I haven’t bought the external aerials for it as so far haven’t found the need.
  9. Yes I do have SLS. Yes this is another one of my concerns. The tow ball weight that is. Insurance is fine. I think I am going to have to upgrade the car (which I don’t really like anyway) to something more suitable. Thank you everyone for your input.
  10. 1979kg according to specs, but that is what it shows for all models. Mine being the highest spec is probably heavier but don’t know the exact weight. As I say on paper it’s ok This is exactly the kind of thing I wanted to hear. I don’t think I’m going to risk it. I was looking at a Crusader at 1800kg and now after reading your post am having second thoughts about that.
  11. Hi guys, Currently own a 2019 Sorento GT Line S which I tow my Affinity 550 with, my Affinity is plated to 1500kg, the Sorento handles this with ease, however I really want a Buccaneer, which is a lot heavier at nearly 2000kg, now on paper at least the Sorento should handle the Buccaneer (albeit the 100kg towball limit could be an issue) but I would like other peoples opinions and ideally any one who has towed a 2000Kg caravan with a Sorento. I think deep down I know I need a heavier more powerful car and this will dash my dream of a Buccaneer but safety of my family and other road users is key here. I did read that some one bought a Discovery Sport for their Buccaneer and that is even lighter than my car! Look forward to hearing peoples opinions. Thanks, Stuart
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