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  1. Awww wow david thank you so kindly I have a Kia Sorento I guess I’m looking for light towing, max 1500 ,and not too large - still learning to manage it
  2. Hi thank you so much just looked and couldn’t see them any chance you could post the link ? I saw a knaus 2003 ? Is that a high spec make ? Is it very wide ? sorry for all the questions - still learning about touring !! Thanks so much again Wow Thanks I hadn’t seen theseother makes !!
  3. Thank you so much is the front double smaller than a normal front double bed ? They seem to be
  4. Hi everyone Trying to upsize from a 4 berth to a 6 berth. I have 3 teenagers (15-17years) I was wondering which caravans have the widest fixed bunks - I noticed some are as small as 57 cm wide. I looked at the Adria triple bunk which seemed a decent size but with little headroom . I’m on a budget so looking at older models around 2004-2010. The Avondale dart 556/6 also seems ok? id welcome any advice - I know an awning will be useful extra space but as a single Mum with an autistic son , I like to keep the setting up etc simple! :)
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