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  1. my one failed for the third time only had the van a year contacted marquis from who we brought the van from and said i do beleive these locks are a problem and can you guess no reply from them after 2 weeks would be interesting to see how this problem pans out
  2. yes the coachman is a nice van i would make absolutely sure with the dealer that they would be ok to change the lock as and when it goes wrong because it will be a problem without a doubt also we had the problem with the cooker glass hob lid when it came off whilst traveling it damaged one cupboard and bathroom door put this down to lack of pdi when caravan was delivered from coachman thanks for your coments yes it is an over complicated latch which i think is of poor quality but thanks for your reply
  3. thanks for your reply at least i know now it would be a problem to fit a new lock and like you i have altered the receiver plate which worked fine for a time but has failed again so have contacted the dealer again see how it pans out at least i now know its a problem so many thanks for your reply
  4. I brought a coachman 545 vip last year 2020 the bathroom door has a magnet lock which has broken for the 2nd time in a year has anybody else experienced this problem I am thinking of trying to change to a conventional type of lock as I do believe these locks to be a constant problem any advice would be welcome thanks
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