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  1. Our two external fridge vents are both cracked and broken, wondering what is the cause as approved Caravan Service guy doesn't come across this problem much at all. The cost to replace, I have been told £50 each. Anyone else experienced same and can you tell me if we can source replacements easily. Thanks
  2. Thanks to all your replies and very useful information, We decided to go for the Eclipse and lucky to find a nearly new second hand on, Its now arrived and looking very sturdy. Very pleased with purchase, I will hopefully be using it next week on holiday. Thanks Guys Appreciate your help
  3. Thank you for your information and help Alan, the sizing issue now understood, yes, i hadn't thought about the pooling of water. I agree with you the eclipse is far superior, but takes longer to erect. Yeah I'm looking on eBay etc In your experience, do you find pitches have the space for awning and the eclipse. Best Regards Beverley
  4. The front "Shadow Nets" are a real asset with the lower sun angles of late afternoons as the Shadow only has a 2 metre depth. A friend made their own of a bed sheet costing a few pounds. The nets again are best not left up in the wind though the Shadow itself can stand up remarkably well. Thank your for your reply Wonky Donkey, I have looked at the suggested video and agree the Eclipse canopy looks much stronger due to more poles, however it is more costly. Another thing Im confused about is sizes - The eclipse canopy specifically for a magnum front, I have been told, has an awning rail size of 265cm - a magnum awning is 340 wide, so how does it fit size wise, from the video the eclipse canopy is attached on each corner of the magnum awning so how does it stretch fit across 340cm awning ??? Another member JTQ from 2013 posted " on their magnum they have used a 3.6m Isabella shadow as a front canopy with a little adaptation using 3 inverted 'clip on blocks' (I interpret these to mean Isabella's "fix on's" used to attach roof poles next to caravan), attaching the inverted clip on blocks to the shadows beading and spacing them out to fit over the Magnums front tube hooks (I assume he means the awnings front canopy short poles). My husband thought he could put a Shadow Canopy on Magnum front by using a veranda pole encasing it with the grey plastic profiles ( which fit against either side of the door to prevent drafts), the shadow beading can then threaded through the profiles and placed across the top front of Magnum attaching to the short canopy poles using the veranda clamps at each end. Has anyone else tried either of the above adaptations, if so, do they work and what size sun canopies do you need, is a Shadow 3.6 the right size for front of Magnum? Is 265cm Eclipse the correct width for front of Magnum? Hope someone can clarify the above please Beverley
  5. Hi, We have a Isabella Magnum moonlight awning (older version) and advice if you can attach a Isabella shadow to the front of the moonlight and possibly the sides. If so, what size 3m or 3.6m? Trying to have a versatile set up, use on caravan only plus on our awning. Maybe an adaption may be needed. I know the Isabella Eclipse can fit on front of awning but not the sides (according to Isabella) and direct on caravan but its a lot more expensive Thank you Beverley
  6. hello, could you explain exactly how you attached your 3.6 shadow using >3 inverted clip on blocks> to the Magnum as this is what we want to do. please can you email me and thank you Beverley
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