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  1. Ok thank you Dacs. The caravan is in storage at the moment but that would I think be the best bet. Does anyone know please how many amps is required to charge a caravan battery?
  2. Thank you for your replies. The relay is in the car if I wire the 30amp relay to deliver 15amps then I can run single cable from the battery to the relay with a 15amp fuse. But if the caravan requires more than 15amps to charge battery and fridge power etc then will require a second cable from the battery with an additional 15 amp fuse. wondering if anyone knew the power draw from a standard setup challenger 540, 2007 please? thank you steve
  3. Hello we are new to caravanning. Could anyone please advise us on swift challenger 540 caravan 2007 split charge relay fuse rating please, as not sure about the current draw on our caravan. Any help would be gratefully received.
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