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  1. 🤞 someone can shed some light on this... So, I have an Abbey GTS 418 2007. In this van there is 1 plug socket on one side of the van, and 2 sockets on the other side... The side with the one socket has the sink/cooker/fridge and water heater on that side and on the side with the 2 plug sockets are the heater, the fitted original microwave, plus the TV aerial socket... I am on hookup with a cable to a house supply....My problem is this: the side of the caravan with one electrical socket works perfectly, I can plug in my hairdryer, kettle etc and they work as they should.... However, on the other side of the caravan it seems that the power to these sockets are only able to operate very low voltage appliances... If I try to work my micro, kettle, toaster etc the power supply ceases to work! The trip is not set off, the power just stops! To get it to work again, I have to turn the power off on the box in the wardrobe, turn it back on again and then only appliances roughly 100w or less will work as I explained above... How can the side of the caravan with one socket work perfectly, and on the side with 2 sockets only be working on limited wattage/voltage? I have swapped the hook up lead, turned everything off and on again but it is still the same.. Any ideas greatly received.. Thanks
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