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  1. For 2019, I'll be looking for an island bed configuration. I currently have a Bailey Pageant Bordeaux and like the fixed bed, but at a tad over 6 foot I find it just a bit cramped for sleeping and access is not always easy (middle of the night pees [not me, my partner!]) The island bed concept appeals as I like a larger bed and as I'm no expert on the models available, I hoped people could advise me what models to look for. There's only two of us and I'm looking for second hand rather than new.
  2. I think many of you are missing the point. The original post was a simple heads up for a very compact, £29 affordable device to operate the corner steadies. As simple as that.
  3. That is the case with Ni-Cad batteries and to a point with NiMH, but not with Lithium Ion. In fact Lithium Ion batteries are better kept charged.
  4. I don't get the point of your comment. You're suggesting paying £46 for a drill and two batteries as opposed to the drill I bought at £29 plus, if I wanted, a spare battery at £12 making a total of £41, which is £5 less? What is the point you are making?
  5. Spare batteries are £12. ...not that I need two batteries to wind the occasional steady here and there :-)
  6. To be honest, I've had decent enough service from Aldi Workzone items. But you are wrong on the 60 day thing. ...they may try that one on, but the law says different ;-)
  7. Moving up the age scale gradually, I have always coped with manually lowering the corner steadies. However, I do occasionally cheat and take my expensive Hitachi cordless drill with me. Today, this one jumped out at me from the shelves at Aldi. I love the compactness of it. Small enough to stow away easily and at £29 it didn't break the bank. Lithium Ion battery too. More than enough power for the job. I guess the drill and screwdriver bits can be considered a bonus :-)
  8. I only once used a Caravan Club site. ..at Bellingham. Afraid that experience encouraged me to find CLs thereafter. Then I later joined the Camping and Caravanning Club and almost exclusively use CSs. I'm more than happy with this current arrangement but I can see why people stay members of both organisations to increase the available pitching opportunities. I'm sure other CC sites are perfectly good and I'm sure even Bellingham may have changed (it was five years ago). But I like the C&CC and I like the availability of CSs
  9. I was thinking the same, John. My 330 looks about the same size and weight as that monster so I was also wondering if it is a lesser fabric.
  10. Avondale were similar. Good quality vans then they started to lessen the quality, then they went bust :-)
  11. I've lost a few jockey wheels over the years due to my stupidity :-) You have to remember to withdraw it fairly tightly into the slot in the outer tube (you could remove it altogether if you wanted whilst towing). I've also returned with half a jockey wheel as it wore away on the tarmac! The other daft thing I have a habit of doing is not disengaging the motor mover. ...it makes a very effective handbrake ;-)
  12. Watching this, don't you just wish you were Peter Gabriel ? Hahaha
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