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  1. Thanks Sam D. That is exactly what I was thinking, however the unit has already been exchanged by the dealer, United British Caravans who I have to say are always quick to respond to issues. Dometic just didn't seem to think it was anything to be overly concerned about. If the caravan had burnt down I think they would have still said "not our fault". They were hopeless.
  2. I didn't ask what to do with it. I asked if anyone had experienced the same problem. Is this a problem? I had the unit exchanged but wondered if this was a known issue?
  3. We bought a Kampa collapsible kettle which is ideal for our needs BUT it keeps switching itself on, which is pretty dangerous if unattended. Six times in the last two days. I'm taking about the rocker switch turning itself ON and starting to boil the water. As far as I am aware we have no poltergeist in the caravan. Anyone else experienced similar? I suspect a faulty thermostat but with enough oomph to switch on the rocker switch.... Dometic have responded "We’re sorry to hear about your experience. The Squash collapsible electric kettle (ME0531) requires manual turning off, hence it is performing as described in your query". They have completely misinterpreted the issue despite me clearly stating it is switching ON, not off, of its own accord. Dometic were pretty useless in subsequent contact as well.
  4. .....you use something like confused.com, spend ages completing all the required fields, scroll down for a minute until you find your year of birth , be presented with a list of quotations, choose the most suitable, decide to purchase, then look for the "click to purchase" option to find there isn't one, just an option to telephone. So you telephone and the guy (at Adrian Flux) starts to go through all the questions you just spent fifteen minutes answering online...... Err, well "thank you but no. I refuse to go through everything yet again, I'll just move on to the next best quote with Towergate".....which I did, with a mental note to avoid anymore mandatory "telephone us" options....
  5. We've decided last year is probably the last year we will spend a full winter in GB. Although caravanners for many decades, we've never been abroad in our caravan; motor bikes have been our preferred method of travel. This winter we are thinking of dipping or toes in the water and spending maybe a couple of months in Spain. We really don't like big sites and spent most of our time in Certificated Sites/Listings in GB. Ideally, we are looking for a smallish site to stay at away from big cities and ideally with views. Any suggestions as to where to start looking (or even where to stay!) greatly appreciated. We have a dog as well who would be with us.
  6. Yes, I bought the dealer special as well, Joanie. Solar panel, extra carpet, wheel lock, rugs, cushions etc. I also had a motor mover fitted...wouldn't be without one these days. Interestingly, I thought the bed was way to firm as well, but as you say, it's not too bad now I've slept there for a few nights.
  7. I bought a cable adaptor to fit my twin 7 pin outlets on the car to allow me to connect to the 13 pin connector on the caravan. However, the cable (with a heavish plug/socket at the end) does not sit easily on the hitch area. I'm just wondering who has clever ideas to keep the cable secure and not fall on the ground but also keep it reasonably tidy/ I am using a couple of short bungees at the moment but it isn't ideal.
  8. Thanks everyone. It took me a while but I settled for a new Bailey Phoenix 640. Perfect with island bed at the back with no bulkhead to restrict your feet sticking out the end of the bed, central washroom in the centre, and a further bed option at the front. This means we can both sleep peacefully as the snores don't travel through wo doors that well LOL I have already taken the caravan back to United British Caravans for a fridge door panel replacement, then a replacement door (there was a visible gap where it didn't seal and the light could be seen at night) and also a replacement burner unit as the gas fridge kept shutting down every 15 minutes. Hopefully, that's it...
  9. For 2019, I'll be looking for an island bed configuration. I currently have a Bailey Pageant Bordeaux and like the fixed bed, but at a tad over 6 foot I find it just a bit cramped for sleeping and access is not always easy (middle of the night pees [not me, my partner!]) The island bed concept appeals as I like a larger bed and as I'm no expert on the models available, I hoped people could advise me what models to look for. There's only two of us and I'm looking for second hand rather than new.
  10. I think many of you are missing the point. The original post was a simple heads up for a very compact, £29 affordable device to operate the corner steadies. As simple as that.
  11. That is the case with Ni-Cad batteries and to a point with NiMH, but not with Lithium Ion. In fact Lithium Ion batteries are better kept charged.
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