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  1. As far as I can see there is nothing between outer skin and internal wall , yes there’s a couple of pieces of wood that needs replacing , to be honest I was totally took when buying it can only blame myself , so now I need to get it all done correctly, there is not much info out there to help novices like me , but appreciate all help on here with advice , thank you
  2. The pic where you see ceiling thou it looks like it’s had a leak it’s only where I have torn the plastic type coating off roof in that corner , the vent looks like moisture has come in and ran down , here is hoping
  3. Forecast rain soon so have left van uncovered and hopefully I will see where the wet is getting in , may be a case of stripping back to frame and doing the job correct Pics show where I took board away , one pic shows vent that was there the other two where vent is but out side
  4. Thank you for your replies , I think the fact they are covered is the problem, but I agree that the van was not done correctly at all , unfortunately I have no choice but to repair correctly, I have tried putting pics on but says they are not the right format 🤔 Ern what you say makes sense, problem with that the wood timber frame that is there was fixed around vent 12x12 square so that would be the only bit getting the ventilation , the frame has no installation at all , putter skin then frame then ply from what I can see
  5. I bought a vintage caravan , I’m totally a novice hence being totally took , the caravan looked good when I bought it , as time went on damp started appearing and one spot in the corner of ceiling and wall started to bulge , I decided to remove ply and found the out side vent and vents have all been covered up and concealed with in the frame and ply only visible from out side , could this be the cause of my problem, any advice would be lovely
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