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  1. Hello there, After five years resisting a TV in the motorhome we are finally beaten into submission. Avtex, which of the two options is best WiFi enabled or dvd both have digital and satellite capabilities but which is the most successful preference as WIFi can be a problem on sites?
  2. Thank you lost in the Wilderness, It’s a dealer sale who will be completing a habcheck but we’d noticed this particular problem ourselves and have made it a condition of sale. We were just asking from owners personal experiences if the window could be adjusted in some way to meet the catch to make it safe and watertight or whether the panoramic pane could be warped and require a replacement rather than adjustment.....the dealer could say they’ve adjusted it and it’s fixed only for it to pop out of place once we take it away from the dealership because the unit is warped!
  3. Hi There, We’re looking at buying a Swift motorhome but noticed on inspection that one of the handle catches on the panorama roof doesn’t meet the catch. There are some white markings on the rubber seal also. We presume that the previous owner may have left the blinds closed on hot days and unable to escape the heat may have warped the window. We suspect water ingress may have occurred. Are we correct and does this indicate that there is no fix on moving the window are we being over cautious or does the panorama window need replacing? We were so disappointed to find the original site closed as it contains a wealth of brilliant information from well informed van owners. Any help would be most appreciated.
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