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  1. Thanks Duncan! Best wishes, Jim.
  2. Hi steamdrivenAndy! Thank you........ It's ok, i realise there is an upper limit and a lower limit and i did see the recommendation of between 5 and 7% before we first started towing (Not that long ago actually, I'm still a novice really!) so with our previous towcar which was an old WJ Jeep Grand Cherokee the nose weight limit was 110kg and i used a noseweight gauge to shift stuff around in the 'van and set it around 90kg and it seemed ok, the 'van is 1500kg with payload. As you say i believe the more weight on the hitch the more stable it should be but i wouldn't like to go to the maximum on purpose so It seems like a bit of a balancing act! Literally! Lol! Anyway, i really just wanted to know how to find out the limits as it will be an aftermarket fitting so to speak but it looks like it would just be a case of going by the car manufacturers figures as if it was a factory fitted tow bar i guess! Thanks ever so much! Best wishes, Jim.
  3. Thanks ever so much for your input everyone! I spent quite a long time talking to the chap who is actually going to fit the towbar when i went to book it in, (I already had the qoute for the cost when i phoned them a few days beforehand) having taken the car there and he had a small frame with a tow ball attached to it that sits on the floor for working out where the ball is actually going to be once fitted because i was worried about how it was going to affect the parking sensors in the rear bumper, they were very thorough in discussing with me how i want the electrics set up etc etc and i forgot to actually enquire about the nose weight issue, but looking at your answers it seems to me that it would be a case of going by the figures that Hyundai quote for my particular model and the weight that the actual towbar is capable of handling then judging what would be about right i think...... The fitter i was talking to actually had the instructions/paperwork applicable to my car as to how the towbar should be properly fitted and spent quite a long time rolling around under the car sussing everything out (Very thorough) i'm presuming these would be recommendations from Hyundai themselves so perhaps it will be just a case of going by the figures that Hyundai qoute for my model of car as it may well be fitted to their specification perhaps.........Not forgetting the nose weight limit on the caravan A frame too of course! Very helpful everyone, thank you! Best wishes, Jim. .... Just to add that's quite interesting about the different nose weights depending on the gearbox!
  4. Hello folks, We have recently bought another tow car which doesn't currently have a towbar fitted but we have booked it in for a fitting on 11th October, my question is how do i find out what the official nose weight limit will be please? I'm asking just so i can judge the right amount when we eventually hitch it up! The new to us towcar is a 2010 Hyundai Santa fe 2.2 CRDI Premium 194bhp 6- speed manual 4WD, the car comes within the recommended 85 % on the outfit matching service and power ratios etc are all good, although our van is not really pertinent to our question it is a 2007 Bailey Senator series 5, 4-berth. I'm presuming the info I'm after would come from Hyundai data rather than the towbar fitting company themselves? Thanks for any ideas forthcoming! Best wishes, Jim.
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