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  1. Thank you. I will steer clear of the Kampa. I've been tempted by outdoor revolution??
  2. Hi all We've just purchased a new to us caravan and are now looking for an air awning. I don't want the hassle of poles so it must be "Air Only" The width of it must be between 3.8 and 4metres so as to miss windows and lockers. What do you have and what do you recomend? Alan
  3. Thanks for all your quick replys. So the general consensus is that showers have to be quick in caravans 😁. We are looking to upgrade to maybe a Bailey Unicorn which I think has the Alde heating or Bailey Pegasus which I believe may have the Truma heating, but I stand to be corrected. So if hot water systems are roughly the same I should look for the caravan with the biggest hot water tank? Alan
  4. Hi all We currently have an old Bailey Ranger (2001) and are wanting to upgrade to a caravan with a better bathroom. Our caravan at the moment has the shower over the toilet and we find it is too small and the hot water doesn't last very long. My question is.... do new caravans have a larger hot water tank or are they instantaneous now like a combi boiler? Could you please tell me the pros and cons of heating and hot water systems available now. Regards Alan
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