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  1. It would be interesting to find out but my guess is that those who upgrade in the next year are probably outnumbered by those who have been towing illegally for a number of years.
  2. If I'm reading the brochure rightly those are 3000kg+. To the Australian, a light pickup truck (of the type we have in the UK Nissan Navara, Ford Ranger etc) is the bottom end of what you might need for your outfit (and they have pretty serious doubts about the safety of those combinations).
  3. Only a calibrated HP dynamometer would be able to tell the difference between 138hp and 147hp. I wouldn't let that worry you in the slightest.
  4. This is quite unambiguous: "DVLA will update your driving licence record to show that you’re allowed to tow trailers. You’ll get category BE added to your driving licence when you get a new photocard driving licence." No application needed, automatically added during the normal photocard renewal. The only question mark is whether you can or should do something before traveling to the continent while using your new privileges. For the avoidance of any awkward questions getting a licence which shows the B+E is probably somewhere between a good idea and a complete necessity. I'm sure once the industry catches up to the new rules there will be some sensible advice.
  5. Still looks very respectable for a 20 year old car in my opinion. Always loved the sound system too. As you said, it didn't exactly handle like a sports car but for a big comfy tourer it was excellent. I can't imagine it would have made a particularly good caravan tug being 6 miles long with a long overhand though.
  6. My parents had a Rover 75 in connoisseur trim which was a lovely car inside. It had the 1.8 k-series engine with what they called a low pressure turbo charging system. It was very nice to drive and, in retrospect, quite ahead of its time. Unfortunately, not too long after they got it, it developed a misfire which they weren't ever able to fix completely (some suggestion it was a sticky valve) and they eventually traded it in to avoid dealing with it.
  7. One could presumably use the DVLA licence check to show ones entitlement to drive a B+E category vehicle to a foreign police officer. Whether they would be persuaded by that and whether you want to have that argument in a foreign language I'm not sure. Thankfully my license is due for renewal in June so one way or another it's unlikely to be a problem. That would be an absurd scenario if it were not quickly clarified. Not least because there would be no ability to upgrade your licence to an unrestricted B+E licence given that there are no B+E tests available. Having passed a B+E in a automatic would be, in effect, a ban on towing with a manual.
  8. Common sense would say that should be the case. In fact there was a proposal earlier this year to do away with that restriction on its own. This was widely supported by the industry for a lot of reasons, not least that it's getting hard to find an appropriate tow vehicle with a manual gearbox. Common sense and government regulation are rarely close bedfellows but I'd be surprised if they get this one wrong.
  9. Lets not forget, they've also allowed direct access to a C+E licence. So someone who has only ever driven a small car can qualify to drive a 44t articulated lorry in perhaps a week. Arguably that makes the B+E test removal pale into insignificance.
  10. Haha! Good point. To be fair I think the official line was that they had stopped enforcement of that rather than it being backed by a law change. Most likely just a cock up on their part since the official government page hadn't mentioned it for years.
  11. This is mostly covered in the first link. You don't need to send your licence in to begin towing once the law kicks in at some unspecified date in the autumn you will be entitled to tow up to 3500kg. The B+E will automatically added at renewal time. That said, I'd want my licence to state B+E before towing on the continent so hopefully there will be a way of gaining it earlier than the renewal.
  12. Yes, this does leave some unanswered questions about how this will be received for those who like to holiday in the EU. On the other hand, it doesn't appear they intend to add any restriction category or the like so it seems it would be hard for the police in the EU to discriminate between those who've done a test and those who haven't. There are still differences. It now means all post '97 licence holders have a B+E (as if everyone went out and sat the test overnight). However, pre-97 licence holders got a restricted C1+E licence (the restriction code limited it to a max of 8250kg rather than the full 11t) by default. There was a suggestion at one point the C1 licence might have been automatically granted as well but this doesn't appear to have come to fruition.
  13. I, for one, would have been very pleased with that as an outcome. It would have taken any variability on doing the training out and, in my humble opinion, would have improved the quality of training. Rather than spending half the allocated time learning the test routes and the other half learning how to do the prescribed reversing manoeuvre. Unfortunately it seems like they have been thrown under the bus. Perhaps the government hope that those people will now become lorry driving trainers (or, failing that, just lorry drivers).
  14. Wow! I didn't actually expect that to happen. Certainly not that quickly. Now, feel like I should get a towbar put on the car before the waiting lists go through the roof. Unfortunately I doubt it will improve the availability of caravans in the next few months.
  15. I wouldn't condone breaking the law or anything but I would also bet that your chances of getting charged for only being over the max towbar weight is slightly less than winning the lottery, except perhaps if this lead to a very obvious nose up condition on the tow car.
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