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  1. We're trading in our elddis avante 860 (2018) + £8k. Layout of the avante is not working for us. We had a lunar Ultima 640, which we loved cos of the large shower area and single beds. The Alaria is 8ft wide with a even larger bathroom and living space. No other van on the market ( we can find ) offers such large spacious areas. Am I just trying to convince myself?
  2. I have heard and read all the horror stories about widows cracking, the self leveling system if a bit suspect+the company now not exactly pulling up trees to produce new vans so no warranties except a dealers. The thing is though we love the layout, the size etc... But it is alot of money for a unused 2 year old van. Do you have experience?
  3. In the process of trading in to buy a lunar Alaria. AM I CRAZY?
  4. Many thanks silversurf, I've tried to contact the owners club but unfortunately I've heard nothing. The MG& B insurance to which we would get 12 months cover states windows are NOT covered. I'll be getting it in writing from the dealer if we proceed. Cheers
  5. Hi, I'm new to this forum but I need some wise advise. I have placed a deposit on a 2019/20 alaria ts, yes I know the year sounds wrong but that's what's on the service and chis document. The van has 1 recorded owner . I've checked all the windows and found no cracks. The dealer has assured me if any problems occur the 12 months warranty will cover it. The thing is some of the fixtures inside look used but others are still plastic sealed. Does anyone know how many alarias we're manufactured/ sold and if any were held back when lunar went into administration. All info and advise welcome. Cheers.
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