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  1. Thanks JCCD for the reply Yeah I've looked at a few videos on YouTube,and we've tried the awning a couple of times but I'm fairly sure there's no inner beading on the awning. In fairness we've only tried it three times (weather here in the North of Ireland is usually pretty poor lol).
  2. Yeah I got what I think is the right diagram. There are 5 adjustable bracket pads, but there is nothing for them to clip onto, are they meant to be just held there in place??
  3. Hi, I'm eamon and we've just bought a Magnum 505. I was always a static caravan type of person, so it's a bit of a big step going to the touring vans. We're complete beginners, so I'll be using this site to hopefully guide me. Quick question to start off....is there anywhere I could get instructions for NR awnings? We got an awning with the caravan when we bought, but theres no instruction
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