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  1. The ad simply says ‘Lovely 2010 Fleetwood Colchester...’ which very much implied to me it was made then.
  2. I’ve checked the chassis number from the CRiS check and it definitely was made in 2005, thank you to the posters who told me about this. I will speak to CRiS when they open tomorrow and ask how the 5 year discrepancy may have come about and take it from there. Thanks again for the replies.
  3. I have paid £500 by bank transfer. They are not the first owners. Thank you so much for the replies, they really are most helpful. I will ask them for the chassis number.
  4. Hello I hope someone may be able to help me. I have just put a deposit down (private sale) on a Fleetwood Colchester. The ad stated it was 2010, and this is the year it was first CRiS registered according to the print out we have been given. However, have now done my research I see this model has not been made since 2005! I believe it is the 2005 model as the upholstery is the same as pictures I have now seen. Does anyone have any experience of a caravan being first CRiS registered years after it was made? Or does anyone know if Fleetwood continued to make the 2005 model after that year? Thank you for any help.
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