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  1. Going to put a meter on the battery tomorrow and also check the in l;ine fuse. Plus check if the radio runs only on 12v or when ehu is added
  2. This is interesting to me. I started a thread yesterday describing that we have EHU power but the pump will only work when switched to 12v. Previously, pump and radio would work when EHU was switched (Our rocker switch shows ''battery'' and ''Master'') I have changed the fuse for the pump with no difference. Looks like a long test trail for fuses and battery power.
  3. Yes My mind must be going.....no doubt this has been the situation now for years....but never noticed. i thought I had always switched to master for the electrics and the pump ran as normal. I have never had to switch between ''battery'' and ''master'' before
  4. Hello. On this weeks ''jaunt' a problem occurred which i cannot fathom. On first hooking up electrics, water pump worked from the mains. Later it would only work from the 12v power. Changed fuses, still the same What may i be missing?
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