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  1. I won't be going there then
  2. I lay mine one the floor in front of the van outside down. The poles go in pockets either side at the back so the cover unfolds as you pull it up and over without the inside touching the floor. Having the cover with the roll up back make it much easier to put on as you don't have to reach so far.
  3. I have a Specialised cover which came with two poles. Turns out the look like heavy duty painting poles made by Harris
  4. I use tank cleaner in my waste hog and down the sinks which I had left over from my MH days. Smells nice too.
  5. We were also respectful of other people. It was a different time before parents started negotiating with 4 year old. We just got shouted at until we grew bigger than our parents and the tide turned. As for dogs on site, I have two which make no noise unless someone comes to close to the van and they bark a warning which is them doing their job as far as I'm concerned. That said, the last site we were at someone had a dog which barked non stop home alone while they sat drinking in the club house.
  6. I would like to do this modification but don't need to at the moment. My fridge is on level 4 and showing 7 degrees so no condensation to be removed. Strange thing is the ice-cream is frozen in the freezer section but my wine is warm.... Grrrrrrr
  7. Brilliant! ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘
  8. I use the screw in type but the hard standings are getting harder so also use a drill bit to make a pilot hole if necessary
  9. My Mini Cooper Convertible had zero permitted towing rights. It was listed in the weight section of the V5. Car manuals rhese days tend to cover the entire range so are vague with a little footnote of 'vehicle specific' Your dealer should be able to tell you if Peugeot can supply a towbar or not. If not then the chances are no aftermarket company make one. As already suggested, probably down to twin pipes and trim.
  10. I'm waiting for mine to be fixed under Swift warranty. Swift send a repair pack to the dealer including bond and they follow a comprehensive 'how to fix' work sheet. While I wait til the end of the season I take a screwdriver and nip the screws when I arrive.
  11. Saw this a couple of years ago and decided to get the GTI phase done before the fun is gone forever. Soon driving will be second to getting from A to B while doing something else and the car will do the fun stuff for you. I wonder when this happens we can take them to a track and let them play like a pack of dogs on a beach, just enjoying themselves like the good old days. That said, it interesting the number of people who say the want a car that drives itself but don't trust the car to change gear so by a manual model.
  12. Be careful wild camping on Dartmoor. I live here I hear the Rangers have become intollerant since the pandemic hit.
  13. Well, I ordered the chairs and waited a few weeks for delivery. Finally one chair arrived although the advert clearly says pack of two. I contacted the seller who told me I am mistaken as the package contains a chair and cushion as the second iitem. They then offered me 20% off or I could pay to send the chair back to China. When I asked for 50% off as they had fulfilled half the order they told they no longer trade in the UK. This is a total scam so avoid. The build quality is shocking with parts partially painted and one of the cross bars is bent so it has to go in the bin anyway. Amazon have been great and say they will refund the full cost and investigate the seller. Avoid at all costs
  14. This is good news. I was looking to book a site last week who wanted to charge an extra ยฃ5.00 per day to use their facilities.
  15. Pros and cons๐Ÿ™„
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