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  1. Hi hstephen5. Thanks for your reply. This looks exactly the same trim but as you say just needs profiled. Not sure what type or where I get a profiler but I can look in to that. Im looking at probably needing around 4 to 5 metres tbh as one of the panels although its only split in a couple of places is the end panel at the lounge and it goes from floor to ceiling but I would be happy to take what you have even if just a meter or so?. I'll pay all costs of course. Thanks
  2. Thanks for response Jaydug and did think about that but not sure it'll look the same and match other areas with the same edging or be as robust as its on exposed edges. I would have thought surely with so many caravans manufactured with this finish there must be a supplier for this edging?
  3. Wondering if anyone has suggestions on where you can purchase the flexible plastic wood grain banding/edge trim that is around the interior end panels. This isn't the usual wood veneer glue on type but the plastic trim approx 2mm thick by 10mm wide. Mine has cracked in a few places and looking to replace it. Any leads welcome.
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