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  1. So does it feed back to the car via the towbar wiring flasher dashboard light. If that is the case then it could only feed back whilst your operating the indicators by not activating the dashboard light. If that is how it works then I agree that's pretty smart. Richy
  2. I have got the flasher monitor light working now as you would expect, the VLM4 arrived and has now been fitted into the caravan. All the other lights seem to work ok as well. Seems a bit of a sophisticated box to just increase the resistance on the indicators. Makes me wonder what else it may be doing. Richy
  3. Great, I'll get onto this, I was convinced someone must have a solution somewhere. Good point also about checking on another caravan. I'll solder a lead to a bulb and connect it to the terminals on the 13pin plug to do the test, I am confident it will work because when I switch the hazard warning lights on the car the bulb on the dash works. I'll then order the Sargent unit. Thanks all Richy
  4. Hi All I'm new to this forum but I have what I consider must be a common issue but cannot seem to finds any other people suffering from the same problem. I recently changed my towcar to a Ssangyong Rexton and then went about fitting a towbar and electrics. I purchased a dedicated kit for the trailer wiring as it plugs directly into the rear light wiring harness. The trailer monitor is via a light on the dashboard which is connected to a specific flasher relay supplied with the kit. The problem is that the light on the dashboard does not flash when the car
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