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  1. Hi everyone it does look it was the switch was at fault its been on now for just over a week and so far so good....if anyone has got the same issue with loosing the 240 icon on they're Aldi panel i would try this 1st but just remember to turn off the power and remove battery terminal then drill the pop rivets out above the switches to gain access simple job really then i just used self tapping screws to fix the cover back on thanks to every body who commented cheers Dave.
  2. Switch now changed to this found the old one at fault by testing on dvm fingers crossed 👍
  3. Hi ive just changed the combined amber switch £3.60 so fingers crossed
  4. ive got the same issue ive just drilled out the top cover to gain access to the switches and I'm changing the combined heating/hot water switch its a bit off a pig to to change to remove the switch but with a bit effing and jeffing its out so only time will tell... had this issue for 2 years tbh so for the sake of £3.60 I'm hoping ive found the answer
  5. Hi I’ve decided to have a go myself and change the switch for a new one but I may have pulled the brown wire out by mistake it this where it needs to go or further across to the right on the buzz bar cheers Dave ave
  6. Thanks for that I’m going to try a new on/off switch 1st if that doesn’t solve it it’ll go back to Sargent for repair cheers Dave
  7. Morning Martin I did ring Sargent yesterday and I got the feeling that they thought it’s not a problem on there part I asked for new trips just in case the ones I’ve got could be sensitive but no couldn’t do that either but did say they could send a brand new complete unit but yeah I’ll let you know how things develop when engineers have seen it cheers.
  8. Morning Martin having wired the boiler via 13a plug on monday evening (7pm) the icon still on this morning so i've wired it back up as it should be...now waiting for it to disappear and if so i'll send it to a dealership or get a mobile engineer out to it cheers dave.
  9. It’s plugged into the van sockets and amber switch off
  10. right chaps its now wired direct via a 13a plug and the sargent combined amber switch is on so i'll keep a close eye on things cheers
  11. ok chaps i'll put a 13a plug on it and see what happens thank you.
  12. Hi thanks for that mine is the Ec 400 and yes mine does work on the combined amber switch to change the switch I would have to remove the whole unit would need to be drill the pop rivets out to gain access unless if tipped up can gain access underneath. I have changed the connection at the 240 end on the boiler so I’ll see what happens if it fails again I’ll wip the Sargent out and swop the switch as there is a spare at the side if applicable cheers Dave
  13. i noticed them after it had lost the 240 icon everything else works on 240 ie fridge microwave etc..i've just changed the 240 connection on the yellow/grey cable at boiler side so see what happens failing that i'll try as you mentioned direct wiring on a plug cheers its a living nightmare tbh.
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