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  1. Well, I forgot to update you all, I passed the b+e test first time, relieved I don't have to worry now.
  2. Thanks, I've been watching them haha, I'll be using trailer aswell, my mate passed his couple weeks back, just want it done asap.
  3. I have it booked for 28 June, that's quickest I can do it.
  4. Thanks for that, the van is very light weight as it is, mtpl of 1220, its the car that weighs alot unfortunately 😐
  5. Hahah bet he wasn't, I just can't be doing with the hassle and headache, just want to go and enjoy a weekend with the family.
  6. I'm super cautios about being pulled while towing, never been pulled before in 13years of driving (touch wood) just don't want everything to be pounded and fined and points.
  7. Thanks guys, abit of clarification for me, think I'll have to wait till I get my b+e.
  8. Hi guys, new here and new to caravaning, a question to some that might know, i can't seem to find an answer anywhere, if you get pulled while towing your van and get put on a weight bridge, do they look at the weight of car and van as it is then or do they look at what your max combined weight would be, reason I ask is, I could be about 85kg over the 3500kg limit, I won't have a fully loaded car or van, I'm going to do my b+e as soon as I can (they're back logged at the moment). Thank you, and please be kind to me lol.
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