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  1. Agree 100% with the above comments. As a HGV driver myself, I've noticed over the years the standard of driving has diminished massively. Sat navs (I've heard, as never used one) are allegedly good, but I'm yet to be convinced. As far as reversing goes, is it still a requirement in the driving test to reverse around a corner or parallel park? Because once again this seems to be a massive issue. Also middle lane hoggers, other than it being illegal to sit in a middle or outer lane when the near side lane is empty (keep left unless ovetaking).
  2. I bought 2 empty calor butane 6kg on Ebay 6months ago for £10, took them to dealer and exchanged them for propane 6kg. Think it was £23 each for a refil/exchange.
  3. Thank you, that is what I thought. Cheers. Garry
  4. Haha, love it. Thanks. Thank you Gordon. I was sure I'd read somewhere not to travel with the blinds closed as it put strain on the rollers/springs/mechanism etc. Thanks. Garry.
  5. Thank you for the replies. Garry.
  6. Hi all. I've noticed when on the road that theres about a 50/50 of caravans with blinds open or closed when travelling. Is best to travel with them open or closed, or is it just personal choice? Cheers. Garry.
  7. Repair didn't work, intact it made it worse so bought a new one and I'm now leak free..! Thanks for all the info Garry.
  8. Just a update on the dripping. Today I hooked up and filled the system, water ingress was coming from the rear of the whale aquasource inlet. The inlet on side of the caravan was pointing slightly inwards at the top, meaning that when the water was dripping from the hose connection, it was directed towards the inner part of the housing rather than the outer causing water to come put between the pressure switch housing and the casing (Pic below). Removed the whole lot, cleaned up sealed the pressure switch gap with a bit of silicone and leveled it up on ou
  9. Thank you for the replies, advice and photos. I've had a look when at the compound this morning, and looks like the water is coming from the back of the trauma intake on the body and the hose that connects to that. I'm planning on bringing it home to give it a clean, so will hook up and check properly when I've got mains water. Thanks again. Garry.
  10. Thank you both, I'll investigate further when I go to the storage compound tomorrow. Cheers. Garry.
  11. The vent is directly below the water heater, I did look from under the seat but couldn't see anything obvious.
  12. Hi all. We've just returned from our maiden voyage, everything went well with our van and everything worked, which was a bonus. However, when connected to the aquasource there was a drip from the underside of the van through the circular vent, about 6inches from the water heater drain pipe. Is this normal or should I be concerned? Thanks all.
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