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  1. Sorry I haven't been back for a few days to check replies. We had a look at 550 last weekend and although it looks great, we decided it wasn't the right one for us. Thank you all for taking time to reply, much appreciated.
  2. Oh she would be so happy to hear that there is still hope 😁😁
  3. Thanks all for helpful replies. I know they grow fast but our older daughter is almost 17 and I think she's done growing taller (don't tell her I said that 😄) and the younger one is only 6 so hopefully she'll be able to use the front bed a few more years. We can't tow more than 1650kg with the current car so it limits our options. I'll phone around this afternoon to see if we can find one to view and go from there. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you for your reply MartinJB. Bailey Phoenix 640 looks ideal. I'll contact some dealers and see of we can find one to view and try for size 😊
  5. Does anyone know if the front seats of Elddis Avante 550's long enough to be used as single beds by children? We really like the layout and the weight is right but I would like to find out the size of the front seats before I look further. We have Lunar Quasar 544 now, and although it is perfect in every other way for us, I'm tired of opening up the front seats every night to make a bed for the children. I tried looking online but can only see the opened front bed size. Hope someone here would be able to help.
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