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  1. Yes Alan I have but to no avail!!!
  2. Yes I have had this problem on the Alde panel when system failed to automatically switch cylinders on my gas low system. Once I manually changed the bottles over I just turned the panel off and then on after 10 seconds and error message disappeared. Hope you get this sorted.
  3. Just bought a brand new Bailey Autograph 111 7-2 and having problems with the electrics on DC only.Everything fine on 230v. my fridge is cooling fine when I am driving but is taking current direct from leisure batteries as have checked voltage before setting off then again after trip. on all previous Vans fridge has been charged via engine alternator and also leisure battery charge. anyone out there who can help? Thank you Iain
  4. Hi guys and thank you for your interest shown in my case. Yes The van is brand new on a 21 plate and picked up with 4 miles on the clock. I had to have lots of the usual snagging done over 2/3 days at the dealers and all were fixed with the exception of the panel fault. This is our 6th new Motorhome and the snagging was not much worse than any others.Not that I am saying this is acceptable but seems to be more the norm than the exception!!! The dealer informed me that the panel fault is known to the electronic company and apparently still to be resolved.I have had confirma
  5. Just become the owner of my first Bailey Autograph lll 74-2 Apparently there is a known fault with the panel while on DC power only in as much as it displays low vehicle battery voltage despite battery being fully charged!It also appears that due to this error the panel does not permit you to transfer over to chassis battery presumably because of the low power shown. Everything on the panel displays correctly when on 230 volt. Has anyone out there had similar experiences? Thank you. Iain
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