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  1. Yes sorry gas, I've had a quote from my brother who is a gas engineer, he's insisting I need a sealed unit which is priced at over £600 without the labour, I've seen about the emissions regulations but can't find anything telling me it has to be sealed unit. Thanks for your help
  2. Sorry its a static, we have only taken ownership recently, it's a Willerby and we reckon about 25 years old, they way the decking has been done we can't see make and model so have been having some trouble locating this, we bought of people in their 90s who weren't very sure. The water heater is as old as the van and has cracked over the winter, was minus 17 at some points. We have been told it needs to have a room sealed appliance for new regulations coming in and not sure if this is correct Thanks
  3. Can any one help we need to get a new water heater installed and looking a rough estimate, also anyone aware of new regulations regarding these
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