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  1. I have an LCD TV which is powered by a 240v AC adapter, output voltage is 19v ideally I'd like to power the TV using the 12v socket. I have a 12v DC adapter from a DELL laptop which is 19.5v output, the AMPS will be sufficient. I'd like to know what's the best way to reduced the voltage by 0.5v, I've seen other posts that suggesting the 0.5v difference should be OK but I don't want to take the chance and blow the TV. I need to convert the plug and was hoping that I could make a converter cable that has an inline fuse that reduces the voltage, is this a viable solution if it is what resistor should I use, if not what alternatives should I consider? Thanks for any help.
  2. Similar to Mr Plodd we were third off the ferry, UK customs check passports only and then came outside and checked inside car & caravan for any unwanted passengers. I have to say I was surprised at what these unwanted passengers will do, we stopped at the same in Caen as Mr Plodd and the unwanted wait on the round about. They know the times of the ferries and appear a couple of hours before departure and then disappear. The surprise was seeing articulated lorries going around the roundabout and then these people chasing it and trying to jump on the trailer at high speed.
  3. Just departed Caen checkin a little slower than normal but not surprising due to the additional paperwork. The one tip I have for anyone travelling who wants a stress free boarding is have ALL your paperwork ready and in some order. We had COVID vaccination & check forms inside the relevant passports, the only thing we had to do was show locator forms on iPhone, <5mins. Following this we had passport control which is simply passport’s. They appeared to be letting caravans and campers through security first, holding back cars, I guess this is due to the additional checks they have to do but yet again <5mins. There’s three caravans and 10ish motor homes, currently in breakfast restaurant and I can count six other people
  4. An alternative if you’d prefer a more technical DIY solution is to configure a Raspberry PI as a VPN server, you’ll also need to register a DNS name to allow you to connect, this is the solution I use. To answer your question I’ll need a little more info and you’ll need to decide on how you want to watch iPlayer. In summary a VPN connection is just a direct / secure link to a specific country and Nord will provide details on how this is setup depending and what device you’ll be using. If using a tablet or computer these will connect to your MiFi and then you’ll start the VPN connection on the tablet or computer. iPlayer will then just work as it’ll appear you’re in the UK. That’s the easy option, if you want watch iPlayer on your TV you’ll have to investigate two possible options, can the TV be configured to run the Nord VPN software, this is unlikely. An alternative will be to run the VPN software on the Mifi, this is also unlikely but if it can all devices that connect to the Mifi will appear as if they’re in the UK.
  5. Ours is a series 10 and I’m expecting similar to your photo which is what we’ve been used to in our other Bailey caravan’s which were series 8’s. When do you start your journey back to the UK, waiting for Part 3 update on some of the challenges we may face returning to the UK.
  6. A little more of an update, things are still not frozen but it’ll be challenging to claim it’s faulty / not working. Defrosted freezer 7 days ago and seriously frozen again, see photo. Defrosted again and dried it out today, placed cup of water in at 11am, at 5pm water frozen Front LED’s flicker / flash at night. So based on the fact the water has frozen would mean it’s working. I have chased Bailey for an update as Dometic have not responded, and this has been passed to the Bailey Technical team update within 5 days.
  7. Just down the road from where we are, so we were lucky.
  8. We’re in the Dordogne, Le Paradis, couple of nights ago experienced a severe storm and I mean severe, area was classed as the only red zone, but we survived. Following day all the phone companies networks down so no 3G or internet. Weather good and return home a week tomorrow.
  9. My understanding is that both are valid, the 28/09 is when the GB becomes invalid, there were a few, not many other vehicles at the ferry that had UK indemnification.
  10. Whilst away I changed my GB stickers to UK, I was most surprised that a least two European caravaners came and asked why I changing them from GB to UK.
  11. Yes this is how I have managed to get the fan to work but it is a requirement to have hot water off otherwise the the fan vent option is not available
  12. Is there a way to enable the cool air fan without switching off the hot water? The only way to select the fan vent mode is to switch off heating & hot water?
  13. Not looking too good, 24hrs later and already icing up:
  14. Our site Le-Paradis have organised our 72hr pre arrival COVID tests at local pharmacy 20€ each all so easy. Site is filling up mainly Dutch a few Germans and a couple of Brits arrived today. Weather not looking too good for the remain week and half as of Wednesday🙁
  15. Relatively easy to defrost using a battery powered fan, no heat and defrosted in less than 10mins. Throughly dried it out and refilled it, so lets see how long it takes to freeze up again?
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