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  1. Delivery dates may start to slip, whilst at our Bailey dealer today they said that supply chain issues are now starting to affect manufacturers in Germany, this may affect products from Truma, Dometic & AL-KO. The dealership have also placed orders for 2022 models and have already sold 5. Also completed the survey so hopefully a bear will be on its way
  2. Today I took our Phoenix+ back to the dealer as requested and I have to say the response was a lot more positive than I'd expected. I think the issue was due to the salesman saying the caravan's side panel was warped, when service engineer realised it was the Internal panel I was told that all four 640's that were delivered all had the same issue. They suggested that they would attempt to fix the panel along with the other minor issues before our next holiday at the end of May which is far better than the original September date. They did say that the panel repair maybe temporary as a new pane
  3. I’ve ordered a four pack of Apple AirTags and one thing I thought would be a good test is to use one as a caravan tracker, has anyone else considered this? Seems a lot cheaper option, easy to fit the only downside is to replace the battery every 12 months and no insurance discount.
  4. After packing our Phoenix+ 640 away I decided to check the nose weight to ensure its correct, and to my surprise it’s was just 65kg which feels far too light, not sure what the ideal weigh should be ideally hoping for 80-90kg but must not exceed 100kg. The caravan has not yet been loaded or. packed, the rear wardrobes & cupboards are all empty and if loaded would reduced the nose weight even further, under the bed we have the spare wheel and four light weigh folding seats. So nothing substantial at the rear. Front under seat storage, only the near side has any items in, thing
  5. Ours works OK, my only thought , is the TV aerial booster switched on as the radio is connected to the booster. One other quick thought, as long as you have the two steel radio removal pins is to slide the radio out and check the aerial connects at both the radio and boost ends. It’s possible your dealer failed to connect them as the radio ships as a separate unit.
  6. Our 640+ slipped by one week but all OK now and delivered 17th April, already mentioned the Series 10 shelf issue, you should get two door and two steel shelves as per the Dometic website, of the four Phoenix+'s that our dealer received ours was missing shelves but were supplied from another caravan. Ice cube makes was missing but not a big issue.
  7. Like many others we’re away in our new Phoenix+ and I though it maybe useful to detail our initial findings, even though we have the 640 they maybe applicable to the other models Truma heating vs Alde - Truma system works very well and the control panel easier to use, when running the fan can be heard but only just and nothing to worry about. Aldi system has more consistent heat distribution I’ve needed to adjust the vents and temperature to get the living space and bedroom correct. Truma system only appears to have a single timer whereas the Alde has a day & night setting.
  8. Brand new caravan only collected on Saturday after a 7 month wait, I was VERY disappointed when I contacted the dealership as the owner came across very abrupt, questioned the fault even though the salesman had acknowledged it when we collected it and then required me to bring the caravan back to be inspected before booking the working ! Ohh and the earliest it will be fixed is September which is not a problem but the general attitude was poor, if I didn't like the caravan I could bring it back for a refund! I did question there PDI inspection and this is not covered, I even supplied a photo a
  9. Visited our caravan yesterday to establish if it’s the bedroom door or the wooden surround that’s warped, I was hoping it was the door as this would be a far easier fix, unfortunately it’s the wooden panel bedroom side. Anyone have any ideas as to how complex this will be to repair, I’m guessing the panel will need removing the fore shelf, top, bottom and screws removing. I’m also questioning if it’s the wall wall that’s the issue or a bigger issue relating to the construction and the roof & floor distance?
  10. My understanding is that of the four Phoenix+ caravans that were delivered to the dealership ours was the only one missing shelves, they gave use the missing shelves from another caravan and will make a claim. Next point, what is the correct number of shelves, I think and feel the correct number is two plastic shelves in the door and two steel shelves in the fridge, this is also how its shown on the Dometic website: https://www.dometic.com/en-gb/uk/products/food-and-beverage/fridges/motorhome-fridges/dometic-rms105xt-_-251792 Could you use two shelves in the
  11. Collected our Phoenix+ 640 that we ordered back in September and generally pleased, we had ATC, external gas socket, weigh upgrade and mover added. A few things that we have noticed: Microwave as expected is the Dometic. Fridge has been upgraded to the 10 series which is better and the door opens the correct way round. We were aware of issues with missing shelves which we raised with the dealer prior to collection. They were missing when delivered to dealer but resolved. This is now the standard across all caravan as the series 8 is no longer available. Power cable i
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