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  1. I put this on FB, last night I wonder how many grandparents will be visiting their kids, with intent to buy
  2. Joanie that's anyone with common sense The amount of motor homes that need to have a run out today,Wednesday, to charge the battery,is unbelievable. This must be true, because I spent most of yesterday evening reading about it on the forums..😂😂
  3. My service date is November and due to holidays abroad November and January followed by Covid. My caravan has travelled the grand distance of 13 miles, workshop to storage. If Covid keeps the sites closed for the rest of the year, the earliest I would get next service could be January. This would mean a return to the workshop, total miles =26. I need the service as the caravan still has 3 more years, bodyshell warranty after November. I was thinking along the lines of asking if they could do damp check and the visual tests, as opposed to a full service.
  4. May or June in rest of Europe???????????????? That could be as soon as six days away.. Are you sure?
  5. I've started this post to ask,. When and Why do you think sites will re open. I think we'll be lucky to get out before 2022, not only does it have to be safe for us, it has to be safe for site personal.
  6. So it looks like the sites will be opening soon. Well according to this thread. Personally I don't think so . Without a proven vaccine I can't see things changing.
  7. We didn't have them on our last caravan until, whilst riding in the passenger seat as we were overtaking a caravan on the motorway, same model as mine, we hit a patch of tarmac that had been resurfaced. As the caravan wheels hit the joint of the new tarmac, the caravan started bouncing in a violent manner. When I got home, that night, I sourced a pair of shock absorbers on the internet and they were fitted before our next outing. My views on this are.. With shock absorbers you get a controlled bounce Without, the bounce is wild.
  8. Has anyone had problems powering fridge with "modern car" IE, where fridge starts on 12v but then switches off TIA
  9. Where I used to store caravan we had a new lady caravanner who was in her 60's. She told me she would be taking the caravan out the following Friday, and asked if I was around would I help her hitch up. She said she felt confident but would like someone to help. I was there on the day, and told her to get on with the job and I would watch. ( Because I wouldn't be at the other end, to do it for her, for the return journey). She did everything without a problem, almost. She was about to leave, when I asked if she had her towing mirrors. She put them on, and I adjusted them for her. She was like Happy Daze , she didn't want someone to do it for her, She wanted someone to see that she was doing it right. Good luck, Happy Daze. Maybe let Frank oversee and point out any problems.
  10. Be aware. My insurance renewal this year shown a tick box, ticked to say the caravan had been serviced in the last 12mths. I know some of you, sometimes me, don't do a lot of milage, some have seasonal pitches, but be careful aware, if you service every 2years, that your insurance knows or at least does not require yearly servicing.
  11. If roof mounted solar panels are connected to battery through rectifier. Do they need to be disconnected before using mover?
  12. Medical travel compared My list of pre existing, is endless I got anual multi trip for less than my previous wanted for a two week holiday
  13. When we had our accident six years ago, I rang AA to be told they don't recover after an accident, car and caravan totalled, and to ring my car insurance. They were quick and we were recovered off motorway within the hour. Problem with was, recovery driver made a generic assessment and said that as the car and caravan were, write offs, in his opinion, he could only recover us to their yard. They did this and then dropped us at the local train station. In actual fact, we, had travel insurance which could have come into play, but. When you have had this type of accident, both vehicles suspected write offs, and been lucky enough to walk away from it, you're so pleased not to be injured the brain doesn't function with all the answers until the next day.
  14. I think half way down your list would present a problem for Russ. Meet the minimum eyesight standards
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