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  1. JTQ, this garage for me is a 400 mile round trip. Fortunately I use it when staying near Verwood for the odd 4/5 weeks. I have a filling station only 7 miles from home which I have only used once in two and a half years. I try to fill up on my way home, or, when away I usually fill up on a day out. Verwood to New Milton/Lymington. I rarely use EHU and last year I used £21 worth of gas over a 5 week jaunt saving £21 a week ehu.
  2. wigelywoo

    Stolen caravan

    This is interesting as at five and a half years old Tracker retrieve told me my subscription was due, in order to keep my tracker active. No renewal charge given, you had to phone them. My query here is, if the battery life is five years, what's the point in renewing? I just bought a tracker, installed it, and unlike the retrieve, this one will tell me if the caravan moves..
  3. I remember the good old days, when before you had the legs down. A neighbor would come across and ask, tea or coffee.
  4. Tonight's news said the fire was started deliberately.
  5. Altered mine once, at 8yrs iirc. Took out an extra 2 k of cover. Increase was negligible.
  6. On my last caravan my insurance company gave new for old up to five years. On my sixth renewal I expected a significant drop in premium as we would Only have market value cover. The renewal came in no cheaper than year five, I rang the company and was told new for old had been extended to ten years for existing customers, I could have market value cover for a reduced premium. As I always worried about theft from storage I kept the new for old, it wasn't much more, anyway. At nine years, something I'd never considered, we had an accident, both car and caravan, wrote off. My excess was £50 and the words from my insurance company, as I picked my Brand New, replacement van. "I think you have a bargain for£50".
  7. Would this tow. 1350kgs or would I need the 2. 0. Citroen say it can pull 1500kgs, but has anyone on here used one, and what did you pull. TIA.
  8. Would it be better to buy a 30mth old car, with 6mths manufacturers warranty. Or, a 36mth old car, then buy a 12mth warranty. There is not a great difference, price wise, between the two, but the newer car has done most miles. TIA.
  9. To try and give up to date information.
  10. I do believe this does not apply if you have your own empty cylinder at the start.
  11. Andy, I'm sorry you feel I'm being sarcastic,but the nearest garage to my home means a 42 m round trip. The nearest lpg rig is about 20m. I've never gone more than6m out of my way when returning home from site, calling somewhere to fill up, this way I have a full cylinder ready for my next outing
  12. Now then, Andy. Have you got it all wrong? Well, you haven't yet grasped the fact that quite a few people are using Safefill, what do you think we do, buy them full,then throw them away? Or, how about going to the caravan centre, buying a Safefill and filling it whilst your there then going back to fill it as necessary. Petrol and diesel are sold at service station. You don't need a service station or a forecourt assistant to refill a Safefill cylinder. So, Andy have you got the main part of this thread wrong?
  13. I find it quite simple, look on the LPG app find station either on route or near to site, with a couple of phone calls I not only have station that will allow me to fill, I also have cheapest. Reading this thread, I think the ones that can benefit from safefill, already do. And the others, I just don't know.
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