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  1. Check feed to back of car, they’re might be two, both feeding relay. They should both be fused. Possibly one of the fuses has blown. I know this sounds wierd but I came across this fault only two weeks ago.
  2. Brilliant idea But if that’s what the world is coming to, do we actually have to call them by their number plate as well. Don’t have to worry about Mr or Mrs, cos that’s sexist.
  3. What do people use to clean roof mounted Solar Panels and is a spray rinse/wax allowed tia.
  4. Top of the list, especially with weekend pick up. INSURANCE.
  5. Pre COVID I could always get a booking midweek. Since sites reopened last July I struggled to find even midweek bookings available when sites were open. I expect from next week whilst sites can open, it will be the same.
  6. No one speaks about the monies collected from midweek bookings which must be up due to furloughed families and pensioners who can’t get weekend bookings. Surely these midweek bookings must make a significant difference, especially to sites that used to only be busy at weekends.
  7. May I suggest that you check the repair pages on Facebook. The amount of people who have bought caravans last year, who were asking basic schoolboy questions. This to me is reason not to lend out. What two caravaners take for normal use a non caravaner doesn’t have a clue. Even the basics, water, gas, toilet etc.
  8. Can you get cat microchipped with a tracker. We have Tractive which fixes on his collar. But there is nothing to stop him losing this.
  9. A friend of ours who lives in this area, says it’s been like this all year.
  10. Surely businesses will be helped if the government reduce the price (taxes) so the business takes the same and the consumer pays less. More consumers at lower tax price means more£££££ for the business. I've read where smaller sites which normally run at50% at this time of year sometimes empty mon- thurs are booked up until mid September.
  11. I need to drain hot water tank to help with nose weight. If the water is hot I turn water heater off, then use the hot water in the tank to flush and clean the waste pipe from the kitchen sink. The hot water also helps clean the wastemaster. Then with cold water in the tank ,I open drain taps and let cold water onto the grass. Then I'm ready to check nose weight and wheel bolt torques.
  12. If I was in the toilet block and my wristband was hanging outside. The would be theif would be in for a surprise when he found SWMBO sat in the caravan.
  13. In reply to Reggie P how many caravanners will leave it this year.. Possibly even think of selling up, if they think the risks are to high? I personally think BJ has left to many politicians clauses where a second wave could only be the fault of the general public.
  14. Well 47 pages, sure kept everyone busy. I wonder how many shielded people will be going away 4th/6th July?
  15. New rules for Grand Canaries Would expect same for mainland Spain
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