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  1. Hi All, We've just completed an early morning upgrade of the forum that was a little more detailed and tricky than most. There are some new features that have come with the upgrade but we've turned off the most impactful while we assess whether or not they will be of benefit. You can find out more here: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/company/whats-new-in-460-r1229/ We'll continue to run tests for a few days and if you notice any issues than please let us know in the feedback section.
  2. Had a dig further and you gave some even larger ones lurking in there clocking in above 2Mb Could you have a look through and replace the large ones with compressed versions and then let me know how it went.
  3. Are the images mainly supporting the resolution of member problems (yours or others)? Just had a quick look at your attachments - the issue is that they are individually very large. I'll illustrate in a sec by compressing one of them. Here we go... using https://imagecompressor.com/ (the first one on a Google search, not a recommendation) Original 200k+ Compressed 45k (below)
  4. Good question! The main use for attachments is to post images of issues and solutions. Images can very easily be compressed online or taken in low resolution (we just did a test on an iphone and produced a very acceptable image at 34k). Let's say you upload 100k images - the 2Mb limit will mean that you can have a total of 20 images. Try them again Top of this section
  5. Feedback section fixed and now under Community Support.
  6. No deleting as far as I know Sam. It's a shame that you've deleted the images if they were helping others. Just for anyone else in the same situation, as noted above:
  7. As promised, we've read your comments and Supporter/Mod/Admins have been discussing the detail of the changes over the weekend. Specifically attachments being restricted for non-supporters. The following is a summary of the points you have raised and the outcome of the discussions. Reasons for: to encourage those who have issues for which a photo would be helpful (or just want to post a few pics) to contribute to the running of the forum to save on server storage space as we are on the point of needing a much bigger server with visitor levels heading up fast (Av 120 per week) and we don't have the CMT specific funds for a new server Reasons against: those in need of help are held back by the difficulty in describing an issue with just words those providing help incorporating images are offering a service to CMT, and to the members in need, and should not be required to pay for it the quality of our information will be lessened over time and that is one of our key strengths it is possible to link to external images but these can easily end up as broken links Outcome: the value of members being able to post images of problems and possible solutions was felt to be key to helping those in need the reality of costs should be taken into account and free member account upload and storage should be limited free members who give a lot of help that includes images can request additional space Detail: as of now free membership accounts will have the ability to add attachments but be limited to individual uploads of 200k with a maximum storage of 2Mb (these limits will be reviewed) free members are requested to only use this facility to illustrate problems and other matters of importance Thank you for your comments, ideas and to those who have recently joined as Supporters...many thanks, the additional income is already having an impact.
  8. Thanks all for your contributions. The key point re. attachments (images) has been listened to and is currently being discussed off the main forum. It'll take a short while for everyone to have their say as the discussion isn't real time.
  9. Much appreciated Griff, your comments have been added to the ongoing discussion behind the scenes. Noted, good point.
  10. The lurkers aka Guests are a good source of ad revenue and will always see ads, possibly even more in the future.
  11. Yes, within our capacity to deliver for supporters. Not to enter into debates but at least to give an indication of the reasons for moderation.
  12. CMT Approved Member and Supporter Changes 2021 We need your help... We have had a supporters membership option for many years where members kindly donate £10 per year and, to say thank you, we suppress banner advertisements when they visit. To try to offset rising costs, without swamping the forum with advertising, we are planning a few changes that we hope that you’ll support. There will always be a free membership option but we need to reduce the features a little to preserve our server and time resources as our visitor numbers go up. We also want to find a more substantial way to thank our supporters as we have raised the yearly subscription to £15 p.a. from the next renewal date. We hope that members will continue to see this as a very reasonable cost that helps us to pay the bills. The following list shows what will soon be available for supporters and, unfortunately, will not be available to free members. For all of you who would like to remain on the free option, you are as welcome as you have always been and we hope that this doesn’t cause any issues for you. Just for supporters: No Banner Advertisements Access to a dedicated Supporter forum Involvement in how the forum is run Post in the Social Club Use of the Private Message system to contact Mods/Admins and other Supporters Moderator assistance (in addition to the new community help forum) Feedback on moderation decisions related to your own posts CMT Supporter ID Profile signatures Upload attachments beyond a total of 4Mb Create polls Create photo albums More... We are in discussion with a range of companies as to how we can put together special offers, discounts and early access. More to follow and your ideas in the dedicated Supporters forum would be welcome. Many thanks for reading and considering supporting us, The CMT Team To become a Supporter just click here:
  13. Business as usual? Covid under control? Caravanning and Motorhome(ing) back to normal? Not quite, but we’re definitely getting there! Be ready for more parts shortages, slow deliveries, new caravanners and motorhome(rs) on the road but… we’re back out there. It’s a good summer coming! You’ll see below that things are still moving on here at CMT with a whole extra letter ‘M’ in the abbreviation. Lot’s of new members and since March 1st, 110% more visitors than last year and 60% more than in 2019 (570,450 to be precise). That all adds up to a lot of people asking questions and providing answers! ---------------------------------- NEW MOTORHOME SECTION up and running We’ve been planning this for some time and finally got the time to sort it out. MotorhomeTalk.co.uk has been manually added to CaravanTalk, hence the name change, and the former will soon be no more. www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/forum/148-motorhome-talk/ Classifieds Update: 15,400+ visitors. With the new CaravanTalk Classifieds you have access to thousands of caravans, motorhomes and accessories to buy and sell. ---------------------------------- Digital Caravan Show offers Valet Pro special offer FREE 1L Luxury Caravan Wash (RRP £8) with any purchase via our website using the CT15% code. Caravan Talk members will benefit from 15% off our entire range, free shipping (orders over £30) and free Caravan Wash. Find out more Bradcot Awnings special offer Free 12v elactric pump when you buy the Modul-AIR V2 as a full awning (limited period offer) Find out more ---------------------------------- New trade members, we'd like to welcome... Whale Pumps Whale is a global supplier of high quality low voltage pump, plumbing and heating systems specifically designed for mobile applications and challenging environments. www.whalepumps.com New article from Whale Are you preparing your van for life after lockdown? Follow Whale’s simple checklist to get your vehicle’s water system in tip top condition! Visit www.whalepumps.com for where to buy your water system essentials. Camptoo Thinking about buying a motorhome. Then why not 'try before you buy'? It's a big or 'very' big purchase so we recommend you look around, talk to lots of dealers, go online and ask yourself a number of questions that may be obvious, but will determine exactly what you want from a mobile home. Don't get carried away by the vanlife dream without assessing what you actually need from a van/motorhome. We spoke to Ed Bassett of leading peer to peer rental platform Camptoo about things people think about before buying a van. www.caravantalk.co.uk/buying-a-motorhome-why-not-try-before-you-buy/ ------------------------------------------------------------------ A reminder... The National Camping Show moves to 20th – 23rd May 2021 More info --------------------------------- Gordon picks “Directly from the Forum” MotorhomeTalk merge Great Get-away Residential caravan pitches Tax on tourism extended Cost for car and caravan - Portsmouth to Bilbao Money to be made in holiday let Canvas rectangle puzzle Buying an older caravan from a defunct manufacturer Stolen caravan returned Bike storage while onsite Please note: We've not checked any details or recommendations. Plenty more in the forum!!! ---------------------------------- Please help keep CaravanTalk free and independent Take a look at what our commercial partners can offer... Whale Pumps a global supplier of high quality low voltage pump, plumbing and heating systems Camptoo Try before you buy motorhomes Compare Caravan Insurance Choose from over 20 caravan insurance brands. Buying caravan insurance has never been so easy Clesse (Gas) UK Ltd. CompacTi Telemetry Intelligent Cylinder Management with Integrated Telemetry Solution The Caravan Company pays top prices for your caravan with secure payment direct to your bank. Outstanding finance settled ad they even arrange collection. Get a valuation now. PRIMA Leisure is the Home of Bailey Parts and we have a range of official accessories and upgrades – as well as spare parts – designed specifically to make your Bailey journey the best that it can be. Each Coachman caravan is built to exacting standards using state-of-the-art construction methods and materials and finished with the highest levels of specification and features. The Approved Workshop Scheme is a joint enterprise between the NCC (National Caravan Council), The Caravan and Motorhome Club and The Camping and Caravanning Club. ValetPRO Specialist detailing products. Professional detailers and car care enthusiasts. Bradcot Awnings Top-quality awnings from the UK's No.1 manufacturer. 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