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    Please continue to avoid CMC sites as this will make it easier to book. Thank you.
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    Over the 50 plus years I've been at this game I freely admit to just about every mistake in the book and many that just aren't. Many of them apply to systems that are consigned to history now and simply would not apply to modern vans. Over the years things like using hot water bottles to thaw out internal frozen pipes have thankfully receded into the annals of history. It is however the simplest of things that can catch you out. I make no apologies for reproducing the one that stands out the most (mainly because of the pain and suffering) and because as the wine flows it is always the one that I'm reminded of. A NIGHT TO REMEMBER. It had been a wonderful day. Newly retired, new van, new car. A good tow in stunning weather. Our choice of flat south facing pitches. Grass like a carpet, quiet. Nice neighbours, A fault free reverse and pitch, decades of experience after all. life was good. Recommended eating from the nicer than nice wardens, led us to a beamed thatched heaven, with the finest of food and wine at reasonable prices and all within walking distance. Life was very good. A late night ensued the conversation flowed, new friends were made and life got even better. Under a soft sky sprinkled with stars we strolled back to the van holding hands like teenagers. The site was in total darkness, a lone grasshopper chirped, an owl hooted, life was very good. No torch must disturb this velvet night, after all we had the light of heavens to see by. I unzipped our awning slowly and quietly and stepped inside, after all we’d been doing it for decades. It was the awning peg down elastic flapping at the end of the door catching in my little toe (sandals again) that brought my stride to a premature halt. Biting my bottom lip to suppress the cry of agony the elastic snapped my leg back causing me to pivot on my other leg, ballerina style. I’m no ballerina. As I started the fall to the ground, instinct took over, and in total darkness I reached out with both arms. My fall was arrested momentarily as both hands slapped down on the edge of the awning table, nicely laid for breakfast with the best china and covered with a table cloth to keep them clean overnight (Petal likes to be prepared). The table flipped, as it would, throwing the contents into the air. Determined not to cry out my fall continued still biting my bottom lip as the agony of the fingers now fought with the toe for supremacy. The tablecloth enveloped my head like a demented turban as the china and cutlery bounced of the inside of the roof. Still falling and blind I tried to catch or at least juggle the china raining down. I failed. Whilst I hit the floor quite silently ( that velvet grass ) the table leg somehow inserted itself down the neck of my shirt. I bit through my bottom lip as the last item of the now defunct breakfast set, a fork, speared the back of my hand and my bravery reached its limits. My roar and the crash of falling Crown Derby woke half the site. Van lights came on, tent doors zipped, heads appeared ghostly in the starlight. Primeval adrenalin pumping, table on back, tablecloth swathed face, fork in hand and drooling blood I staggered into the night like a cross between Quasimodo and a demented Zombie looking for the next victim. Petal was a lot of help once she had stopped her hysterical laughing, although I thought the removal of the fork was perhaps a little sudden and the table leg somehow took a chunk out of my ear on its way out. I’m not at all sure the neighbours believed her claim that I was sober, I was. The neighbours came good with spare china, and as Petal said. “ The most important thing is the new van and table are O. K. and you’ll be able to take the awning down when the bandages came off.” Ain’t Caravanning life wonderful.
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    Many years ago, Christmas 1982 I had been to visit my parents and on arrival back home it had snowed and there were footprints in the snow and signs that someone had looked in the caravan windows, so I told my wife I was going into the caravan that night. Now I’m a very light sleeper and can manage on 3-4hrs sleep per night so there I was sat in the van reading with a tiny light clipped on my book when at 02. 30 the van door opened and to say that he crapped himself was a understatement and he started running, sadly for him I was still in the Paras and a deadly shot with a 2. 5lb ball pein hammer and he dropped like a stone resulting in me being charged with actual bodily harm. This charge was dropped when I appeared in court and the question I’m often asked is would I do it again, my reply is EVERY TIME it’s my property and therefore mine to protect.
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    The solution is simple; if you do not agree with the terms imposed by a particular site - go elsewhere. Gordon.
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    That's just what I thought! Living near the NC500 (racetrack) you hear a lot of complaints from locals, mainly about people in expensive motorhomes wild camping/freeloading and clogging up the narrow roads as they bimble about. Even 5 years ago there were perhaps just a few hundred motorhomes up here in a year so you hardly noticed the odd one parked up. However now there are thousands of them, many are hire vehicles used by people who have no sense of the etiquette of camping. Now, many of these lonely deserted locations, hidden harbours etc. are often crowded with motorhomes overnighting for free. We have been parked in a CS and had two motorhomes parked for free outside in the harbour and they had the cheek to come in and use the water tap! We also stayed at a site just outside Ullapool and there were up to 4 motorhomes doing freebie nights in the lay-by that led into the site! Why? What would they think if a few caravans parked up on their local park or green space for a few nights? I think I know what they would call us if we did it. Also if you look at the motorhome forums you will see advice to get their fuel in Inverness at the big supermarkets and to stock up with groceries there to avoid the high price they would have to pay locally around the route - as we do every day! On a visit to Dornoch a couple of days ago, SWMBO and I found the public toilet (which until recently was free to use), with a sign (from Highland Council) on both doors (M&F) asking people with motorhomes not to empty human waste in there. To cap that, HC had put locks on the doors with a 50p charge to go in! Now they didn't do that if there hadn't been a problem. There is a caravan park at Dornoch, a couple of CS/CLs and another huge caravan park at Embo, so it's not as if there is nowhere for them to go. 'No Overnight Parking' signs are starting to go up in local car parks now - just like in Yorkshire (BTW we love going to Yorkshire with our caravan). I could go on and on with examples but I feel that I have made my point, and we speak as ex-motorhome owners, now converted to the joys of a caravan. In the end I was embarrassed owning the MH. BTW it is NOT legal to wild camp in a motorhome in Scotland. It is NOT legal to drive a motorised vehicle on private land in Scotland without permission of the land owner. Read the legislation - the wild camping that IS permitted is in a tent. The access to private land is by foot, horse or bicycle. We love to have visitors up here, but we want them to put a little back into the local economy, isn't that reasonable? Please come up here in your caravans, park in a proper caravan site and enjoy touring the area in your car, you will be made most welcome. I now sit back and wait for the flack! BH
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    There us absolutely no way that Corbyn could turn right so he did the natural thing for a socialist and went left.
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    As has been posted before, the CMC wardens are very quick to ensure that you don’t get your outfit too near the side of your neighbours, yet behind you less than 2 feet from the hedge is the rear of another caravan. I guess fire only spreads sideways and not backwards 🔥 🔥 🚒 👨‍🚒
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    I have just had my faith in humanity restored today by the response from the brilliant citizens of Scunthorpe to an incident that befell me this morning . We were returning home from a weekend at the lovely Brookside caravan site at Burton upon Stather when the unthinkable happened , we had travelled no more than four miles when the nearside caravan wheel became detached , the caravan made an alarming noise & I managed to bring everything to a safe stop . A lovely couple in the car following us stopped & picked up the wheel & one of the studs they had seen fly off , they were very concerned about us & helped look for more studs . I carried the wheel back to the van & started to assess the situation , the van was resting on the chassis , spare wheel carrier & motor mover , the mudguard trim had been ripped away from the body & the wheel & tyre were both scuffed. At this point another kind person pulled up & offered to take me back to where he had seen wheel studs flying off , we went back & I found two more studs & some wheel balance weights , he then took me to a local tyre depot & I bought some new studs before returning back to the car & van . He offered to help me raise the van , I got out my hydraulic jack which unfortunately I couldn’t use as there wasn’t enough gap to fit in , my new buddy got out his car jack before I could get mine & managed to get it under the Chassis , another guy then stopped & lay on the road turning the very stiff jack handle to start raising the van enough fo me to get my bottle jack under . Before he could manage the lift yet another brilliant guy stopped & he proved to be the icing on the cake , he was a tyre fitter on the way to a breakdown & he got out his trolley jack & raised the van up enough to get the wheel back on , he checked the stud holes in the brake drum & found one a bit worn , he wondered if one stud had started to loosen in that hole causing vibration that may have started loosening the other studs , I had checked my wheels before we left the site as I always do , I have the visual plastic alignment plugs fitted on each bolt that supposedly helps you to spot if any have turned , there was nothing amiss when we left the site so what happened next is really concerning to me . We refitted the wheel & used my torque wrench to tighten the studs & finally were able to set off home , I took the tyre fitters advice & shunned the motorways & returned via the A18 , I stopped a couple of times during the 40 odd mile journey & rechecked the wheel studs , apologies to anyone following me earlier , I don’t think I went above 40 mph . My main concern after returning home was getting the van onto the drive with the mover but luckily it coped ok & the van has been emptied & I am deciding what to do next . It definitely needs a new wheel carrier/ brake drum on the near side & I would suppose it might be prudent to change both sides , the underside could do with a good check out as well . my main reason for writing this is to thank everyone who stopped & helped , the great people of Scunthorpe have really restored my faith in people’s good nature .👍👍👍👍👍
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    there is nothing wrong with being antisocial, i am, i like my own company and no need to make conversation or hear your life story, i will say hello or a nod of the head with a smile but that's it
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    To help the student in his education.
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    Just to update the forum, retailer has been in touch this morning (in writing) and offered a new van and the transfer of any equipment IE motor mover etc. Wont be available until Feb but at least that assures me I am getting a new van direct from manufacturer. I am more than happy to wait for the replacement van until Feb. Clearly I will be even more happy on collection day but I have to give credit where credit is due. Just over a week from formal rejection and we have been offered a new van. I could mope on about this should never have happened but I do accept things go wrong and for me, its all about the response from the retailer when things go belly up. and at the moment I am very satisfied with their response. Roll on February.
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    Well, thanks to everyone’s helpful advice, we decided not to take the awning for our first trip. Turned out to be the right decision.....rain was lashing it down when we arrived on Sunday afternoon and hubby wasn’t feel too good while we were away. On the plus side, not too many mishaps, other than forgetting to remove microwave plate but it survived....note made to remember next time, and also the clock fell ‘inside’ - again managed to retrieve. A lovely site...Beechwood Grange, York...fab shower/toilet block, great pitches and friendly staff. Will definitely use again. Waste water froze...as did chemical toilet hose but they quickly sorted it. Arrived home in one piece today, although Unicorn will need a good clean now. Small mishap on way home, fridge shelf fell out inside fridge, no damage, and sink drainer fell off. Not too bad considering our first time....although hubby did the towing, so he takes most of the credit..maybe i’ll brave it next time.....yes, there will definitely be a next time
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    Am I missing something (probably!)? Every CMC and CCC site we have been on involves arriving, paying and THEN chosing your pitch.
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    Look If you don’t want it don’t download it, posting negative comments benefits no-one. SOME people might find it useful, and it’s for them I posted this. Not a lot of caravanners are going to be touring in China are they?? Andy
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    By coincidence, I was just reading a document reporting on how four roads policing officers, during a week of speed enforcement from lay-bys on minor roads, and in addition to dealing with speeding drivers, seized 5 uninsured vehicles, arrested 2 disqualified drivers, 3 positive drug wipe drivers and topped it off by arresting a speeding driver who it transpired was wanted by another police force for a GBH, robbery and rape. Just goes to show what a waste of resources speed enforcement is when they should be out there catching criminals. 🤨
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    It is posted in the Sub Forum titled Towcar Talk, and as tow cars can have leather seats it is highly appropriate. On this point we have had a couple of members questioning the relevance of some topics and posts, we have a Moderating team that takes care of this. If you think something is inappropriate please press the "REPORT" button and then leave it to the team to decide.
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    Yes. It's called a diligent wife, on hearing my car turn into the drive she unlocks and opens the door, rolls out the red carpet and welcomes me with a fresh cup of coffee and a smile*. *Note. Some or all of this statement may not be true. ......................
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    Isn't a low incidence of mechanical failure leading to accidents evidence of the policy working? And what money do government put into MoT's, surely they're self funding?
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    I have a newish car and an expensive caravan and if you were to meet me on a site you’d say “what a friendly chap he is”, and you’d be right, I go out of my way to be cheerful with folk. I’m what you might call ‘well off’, I have at various points in my life been what you might call ‘poor’. Nice people are nice and miserable gits are miserable, I don’t think the age/condition of your car and caravan make any difference at all (well, not to me anyway).
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    I had a text this morning saying "Windows Frozen" I replied "Pour warm water over it" Heard nothing more, so 20 minutes later I texted "How is it going?" I got this answer "Think we need a new Laptop . . " Cheers Keith
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    So let's have a section of sites for dog owners, a section for those with kids, a section for those with kids and dogs, a section for those using barbecues, a section for those that slam doors, a section for those that like noisy music/TV, a section for those that stay up late drinking, a section for awnings, a section for motorhomes and a section for caravans, a section for foreigners, a section for singletons, a ladies only section, a section for new vans and a section for vans over 5 and 10 years old etc, etc, etc
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    Hi All Got my V5 for my new car today. It states that the Technical Permissible maximum towable mass of trailer is 750kg for both braked and non-braked. My car is a Volvo V90 D5. Surely some mistake?
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    I’ve nothing against motorhomes but the name of the club to me will always be the Caravan Club. A shameful waste of money, time and resources which could have been better applied to the then existing club.
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    One of the best noises in the world kids having fun.
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    Hi Eric Currie, Please send me the best number to get you on in a private message and I will get one of our team to give you a call back. Alternatively, at your own convenience, contact our Customer Support Team who will do all they can to assist you. Contact details below. Tel: 0345 9090 911 Email: info@whalepumps.com Kind regards, Rachel
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    All good advice, especially the yellow button. I see people getting dressed up as if they work in an abbatoir - absolutely no need. As long as you're careful all you need to do is wash your hands afterwards. And I've used some fairly dodgy disposal points in the past...... Another tip is to empty it before it gets full. Much easier to handle.
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    We have this week sold our caravan and I decided to share my opinions on the experience with members. Now we have been thinking of selling for around a year so I had monitored prices - particularly on eBay - knowing full well that I cannot achieve dealers prices so looked only at private sales. From that I determined a price that I would be happy with. I had to bear in mind that storage costs (of £540) were due in 1st week of March and that CAMC insurance was due 2nd February. I wanted ideally to get to newbies and others wanting to change early in the year rather than late Autumn - I'm guessing April would be the ideal time but by then, I would have paid storage and insurance. The storage company said I could pay for just 3 months and CAMC would reimburse the insurance premium for the unused period subject to a fixed fee being applied. I decided initially to use eBay and Facebook Sell & Seek. I am a regular eBay user and seller with over 2,000 feedback so I know the scams and tyrekickers will come out in force. The caravan went on eBay 3 days ago and today it was paid for in cash and collected. Both the buyer and myself are really happy with the sale. My price that I set was a price I was happy with and I decided not to be too greedy as it would take weeks or months to sell. Most of the eBay interest was genuine though most wanted to know my 'best price' - which was £250 less than the Classified price shown. I told anyone who asked what my 'best price' was and kept it at the same amount so that I didn't have to keep a note of what I had said to different people. My listing had the full allowance of 12 photos - 2 outside and 10 inside. The description was full, detailed and easily readable rather than the standard default eBay text size and colour. I think I came away as an honest seller. It was nearly sold within 24 hours to a dealer in Blackpool who pulled out because there was not enough margin for him. It was sold to a private buyer who had had the identical model and year but had changed it for a twin axle which for him was a big mistake. This morning he drove 3 hours down from Northumberland, paid cash and was happy with the agreed price with no last minute price haggling. Facebook Sell & Seek was a different kettle of fish. It was the local one for my town and every single enquiry in those three days - 12 in total - were chancers. Not one single person on FB asked for details of the van, whether they could view it or anything. All dropped up to £2,000 off the price and said they would pay cash straight away. I think they had done a search for a similar price and wanted to make a quick buck. Noyone queried layout or any of the questions we as users of CT would want to ask. So - in my opinion - Sell & Seek was a waste of time and eBay was the best solution. I had planned on also using CT and Gumtree but didn't have time at the end of it to put it up there for sale. Three days and we avoid all the extra costs due in the next 4 weeks so we are very happy. My eBay selling costs were £10.50. One final thing that may be of interest to members is the depreciation. We bought a 4 berth Pageant that was 3 years old and sold it after using it for 7 years. We were not at all interested in buying it to sell - we bought it to use it so never thought of the depreciation costs. We all know that if we look at caravanning costs in too much detail we may not take up this great hobby! Our depreciation cost £650 per year over the 7 years and that surprised me as I thought it would be more. A new van could depreciate by £5,000 in the first year so we are well pleased with our caravanning time over the last 13 years. It has now come to an end as we will be visiting grandchildren in Spain more and my SIL has built us a sort of 3 bedroomed villa there. We will also explore cottages, statics or even AirBnB as we look to the future. We have had a great time caravanning, met some lovely people and seen more of this country caravanning than we had in our whole previous life. But in our seventies we wanted a change. I would like to thank all members of CT as I think it is a great forum that provides superb user advice to anyone entering caravanning - sometimes even too much advice! I am not leaving CT but will stand back more and watch from the sidelines as long as Admin don't mind me not owning a caravan anymore. Do continue to provide advice and thoughts to other members - this is a great forum that I think is only softly moderated - mind you, I am biased there! Thank you all.
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    Oh I get it! No space on lots of sites at peak times, so let's spend a million or so to try and increase the number of users who can't get a pitch!
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    David your ability to spin is a credit. A Motor home as defined is a motorised CARAVAN. Stating faith in EGH as a good reason ignores previous debacles. The rebrand will not attract anymore MH, because the CC was already attracting them. What it has done, is thrown a wet flannel onto the pleas to save electric because the club was short of money! Remember that one? Total waste of money, not even a unique logo, ice cream any one?
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    It’s BECAUSE of my career as a police officer I post what I see as the reality in respect of trackers along with other similar devices. The point is that they MAY assist in the apprehension of offenders and the recovery of stolen property, BUT these days there are precious few mobile police patrols outside of towns. Ask yourself when was the last time you saw a Police (not Highways Agency who have no police powers) patrol vehicle on a major road? Police vehicles are no longer equipped with Tracker receivers so are unable to detect a vehicle on which they are activated. Should Tracker alert the local police to an activation you then have to hope that there is a police patrol somewhere in the vicinity that is able to respond in a timely manner (which realistically these days is pretty unlikely, but not impossible) Trackers are expensive to purchase and have ongoing annual subscription charges with NO guarantee as the their efficacy. As a previous copper with first hand practical knowledge and experience of such devices I have NOT invested in any form of tracking, I have invested in actual physical (passive) devices that aim to PREVENT the initial theft. As I have pointed out in the past “Prevention is always better than cure” If my caravan is stolen I doubt if I would want it back. I pay insurance which guarantees cover the cost of any loss, I don’t have to pay an additional “premium” to a tracking company who offer NO form of guarantee whatsoever. i hope the above explains my reasoning behind behind the comments that at first may seem contrary to what might be expected, that I have made on this, and similar previous posts. The purpose of my post is to provide a different point of view in order that others may make an informed decision based on the experience of someone with first hand knowledge gained over thiety years of practical experience of actually DEALING with theft and the apprehension of offenders, rather than sales hype. Everyone is is entitled to their own opinion and no particular one is right or wrong, just different. Andy
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    Or you could try the alternative method. 1. Collect the evidence of just how many vans he s trading and give him a friendly ring. 2. Just mention that you are surprised he is claiming to be a private seller given his trading record and that you would like him to reconsider and give you a refund. 3. Hint that you will be contacting trading standards, Vat man, and Inland Revenue anyway to establish what his trading status is. 4. In any case do not give him the van back to repair, A it will not be done to any standard and B it will probably just stand and Rot whilst he does. nothing. Only accept cash or a bank transfer before handing the van back.
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    Have you lost your sense of humour wispman - it's good to have a laugh occasionally. I don't have an issue with moderating on this forum but please please don't strangle it or people will be frightened of posting anything that could be considered mildly off topic.
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    Can anyone explain SIMPLY how to calculate what you can run in wattage from your hook up without flicking the trip? . That is on a 16 hook up thanks . I’m thinking of getting a halogen plate but am wondering how I can use it if we have a teppanyaki grill (1500watts) also going and maybe heating/hot water . . . . . .
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    I don’t quite see the need to heat the caravan unless you are about to use it in the next day or two. A bit of waste of energy in my opinion.
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    We have a rear bathroom with proper sized sink and shower, I use all the bathroom facilities in the van for everything, shower, number 2's, having a shave, the lot. The wife uses the campsite facilities, for all except middle of the night no.1's and cleaning her teeth. So very much personal choice, but my take on it is I have my own comfortable, clean, private, warm facilities, where I don't need to worry about walking across the campsite with towel and toiletry bag , having to queue for a free cubicle, anyone else's veruca, blocked or unflushed toilets with pee on the seats, running out of toilet roll, getting dry before I freeze, or drying my feet so I can get shoes and socks back on so I can walk across the campsite again. Why on earth would I go through all that when I have my own fully functioning bathroom in the van?
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    Toilets and showers on a CL seems, to me, to be almost defeating the purpose. CLs are surely meant to be a low cost option, in unspoilt locations. A facilities block costs significant money to build and this would have to be shared by no more than 5 units. There may also be planning permission issues in the typically rural locations.
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    Despite nearly 40 years of caravanning experience, I'm still capable of stupidity - relying too much on the automatic changeover, I managed to empty both my Calor Lites without noticing - I discovered on arrival yesterday to a CL in Sedgefield so asked the site owner if he knew of Calor dealers in the area - he not only phoned the local caravan dealer for me but took one of his empty steel 6kg cylinders to a local shop, exchanged it for a full one and lent it to use to cook dinner last night - so a big thank you to Peter Littlefair at Donnewell Farm CL, Sedgefield. I phoned the dealer myself to find out when their next delivery was of Calor Lites, it was today and they offered to take my number and call when the delivery arrived - they called just before lunch so we hotfooted it to exchange two Calor Lites - they explained they'd written my number down wrongly and couldn't contact me initially but remembered I'd said we were at Sedgefield so they rang round local sites until the owner recognised our name and gave them the correct number - so thanks for your detective work to Matt at Kimberley Caravans, Darlington.
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    Amazing how some people will try and defend what is basically indefensible Andy
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    I understand your predicament and hope you can soon get this resolved safely and to your satisfaction. A general comment:- Call me old fashioned, and this is just my personal opinion but despite the numerous safety claims, personally I really do not trust any removable tow ball. Something that is bolted to the tow car gives me much more confidence than any mechanism that can be detached. Also I can see no reason for making it removable in the first place other than for aesthetics and as I am not ashamed of people seeing a towball at the back of my car, why hide it?
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    Come on squire! To parallel burglary with contravention of an exemption certificate is mind-boggling in the extreme. I would never report such and I think that the majority of members here are of the same mind. If, however, any excess impinged on my use of the site, I would have a word with the owner - nothing more.
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    Its the checking up on your previous van and what happened to it that caught my eye. Its not your van and nothing to do with you, yet here you are, spouting away telling us all about it when in fact you have no idea. Unless you were party to the sale and have the full facts of any repairs you shouldn't be even mentioning it on here and encouraging others to ask you to name and shame which you may follow up by private message, thus a business is being slandered with no course of redress. My business has been on the receiving end of this type of thing and it takes more time and resources to dig out where it started than I can be bothered with. Then when it comes to light I find the guy isn't even a customer but someone who tried to get me to falsify a service document to get his warranty work pushed through at another dealer. Trouble is, I sort the guy who started it but what about the numerous folks who have seen his postings before I was told by a customer what was going on. I stick my neck out every time I post on here as I'm fully identifiable, you aren't and I've no issue with that, Complain away by all means but just be careful how you present it should you go public.
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