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    I have just had my faith in humanity restored today by the response from the brilliant citizens of Scunthorpe to an incident that befell me this morning . We were returning home from a weekend at the lovely Brookside caravan site at Burton upon Stather when the unthinkable happened , we had travelled no more than four miles when the nearside caravan wheel became detached , the caravan made an alarming noise & I managed to bring everything to a safe stop . A lovely couple in the car following us stopped & picked up the wheel & one of the studs they had seen fly off , they were very concerned about us & helped look for more studs . I carried the wheel back to the van & started to assess the situation , the van was resting on the chassis , spare wheel carrier & motor mover , the mudguard trim had been ripped away from the body & the wheel & tyre were both scuffed. At this point another kind person pulled up & offered to take me back to where he had seen wheel studs flying off , we went back & I found two more studs & some wheel balance weights , he then took me to a local tyre depot & I bought some new studs before returning back to the car & van . He offered to help me raise the van , I got out my hydraulic jack which unfortunately I couldn’t use as there wasn’t enough gap to fit in , my new buddy got out his car jack before I could get mine & managed to get it under the Chassis , another guy then stopped & lay on the road turning the very stiff jack handle to start raising the van enough fo me to get my bottle jack under . Before he could manage the lift yet another brilliant guy stopped & he proved to be the icing on the cake , he was a tyre fitter on the way to a breakdown & he got out his trolley jack & raised the van up enough to get the wheel back on , he checked the stud holes in the brake drum & found one a bit worn , he wondered if one stud had started to loosen in that hole causing vibration that may have started loosening the other studs , I had checked my wheels before we left the site as I always do , I have the visual plastic alignment plugs fitted on each bolt that supposedly helps you to spot if any have turned , there was nothing amiss when we left the site so what happened next is really concerning to me . We refitted the wheel & used my torque wrench to tighten the studs & finally were able to set off home , I took the tyre fitters advice & shunned the motorways & returned via the A18 , I stopped a couple of times during the 40 odd mile journey & rechecked the wheel studs , apologies to anyone following me earlier , I don’t think I went above 40 mph . My main concern after returning home was getting the van onto the drive with the mover but luckily it coped ok & the van has been emptied & I am deciding what to do next . It definitely needs a new wheel carrier/ brake drum on the near side & I would suppose it might be prudent to change both sides , the underside could do with a good check out as well . my main reason for writing this is to thank everyone who stopped & helped , the great people of Scunthorpe have really restored my faith in people’s good nature .👍👍👍👍👍
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    May be your friend should "grow up" and drop the macho image to take full account his responsibilities and duty of care to other road users as well as his passengers. 800+ miles is a long drive without breaks
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    Toilets and showers on a CL seems, to me, to be almost defeating the purpose. CLs are surely meant to be a low cost option, in unspoilt locations. A facilities block costs significant money to build and this would have to be shared by no more than 5 units. There may also be planning permission issues in the typically rural locations.
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    If I thought I needed to lock and chain my Aquaroll and Wastmester I would not go there. If caravanning has come to that then I think its time to quit.
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    We have not shut down. Staff are currently laid off to cut back production ready for the 2020 season.
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    Even people that have caravaned for 40 years sometimes connect up the Aquaroll, switch on the pump, and wonder why it takes so long for the water to get to the tap, then realise "Oh! S**T, the drain tap". Don't ask how I know
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    from what you have said i think you may have got the weights slightly confused. When advertised caravans will almost always be talking about the maximum weight so you dont need to factor in the weight of your things as an extra. Unladen Weight: The empty caravan Maximum/Gross/MTPLM weight: Is the maximum the caravan can weigh with all your stuff in it. I would keep an eye on ebay, there are plenty of bargains about and often they come with lots of accessories. Dont be put off by age, buy on condition. At the value/age you are looking at a "spongey floor" isnt a concern and not normally a sign of damp, its quite a simple fix and can be sorted in an afternoon with the available kits. For what its worth my cousin was autistic, as a kid our families would regularly go on caravan holidays together. He was fine with the caravan as it wasnt a new place but importantly for his brothers they really enjoyed going away. When away in the caravan, without all the distractions of housework and routines at home its amazing how much extra time you spend with the kids. As a parent myself this is probably the thing i enjoy most about being away in the caravan as a family. All the best, Tom
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    This case just proves the world really is going mad and the law is an ass. No-one is expected to take responsibility for their own actions, looking at your phone while crossing the road is deemed acceptable and someone else should pay you for doing it. Good for the lawyers, of course!
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    Sorry Bessacar but I for one realised what the OP was getting at without opening the link because I actually carefully read ALL of the original post before leaping to an (incorrect) conclusion. The OP had included the line about people buying them for their KIDS or themselves. How many kids have you seen riding mobility scooters! Then there was the final sentence of the post “So, if you are thinking of getting one (not a legal eBike), think twice? “ Sadly these days (some) people clearly don’t bother to actually READ what has been written. Andy
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    I am completely happy to not be part of that majority! It just seems strange to me that even users of CLs want full facilities!
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    1. Select preferred temperature 2. Ensure A/C is on 3. Ensure ‘Auto’ is selected 4. Don't touch it again
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    As someone who was actually involved in the enforcement of speed limits, and later in the implementation of new limits I can throw some light on the subject. New speed limits are implemented by the local Highways Authority (usually the county councils) It’s nearly always driven by local councillors who, along with an awful lot of people, seem to think that if there has been a crash then the only answer is to impose a lower speed limit. Often that’s NOT the answer and what’s ACTUALLY required is an engineering solution such as widening a visibility splay or providing a dedicated right turn lane etc. These councillors have no qualifications in road safety but are entrusted to make road safety decisions. Being politicians they are always looking at the next election, so are never going to disagree with their voters if they are asked for a lower speed limit. The reason being if there is ever another crash the parishioners will say to the councillors “It’s your fault, if you hadn’t opposed the lower speed limit that WE wanted this wouldn’t have happened” So they lose that persons vote! Since leaving the employ of the county council I have (unsuccessfully) opposed a number of proposed speed limit reductions. I have researched the available data and put forward reasons why any reduction in the speed limit is unnecessary and the real solution is an engineering one. (I do hold a professional qualification in road safety from ROSPA) I have attended public meetings and attempted to question the decision, but you are not allowed to question anyone, you just get three minutes to speak, you are not allowed to ask any questions, and at EXACTLY three minutes you are cut off, even if that’s in mid sentence, yes really! So unqualified councillors hold all the power and, in my experience NEVER oppose a reduction of a speed limit. People with far better knowledge, understanding and most importantly, professional qualifications are unable to become involved and neither are they afforded the opportunity to put forward any argument against the proposal, the (unqualified) councillors hold ALL the power. I have never heard of any speed limit being decreased either! So to sum up many speed limit reductions are the result of knee jerk reactions made by people with all the power but NO understanding of, or qualifications in, the complex subject of road safety and those that DO have both are actually prevented from having any input. Crazy isn’t it? Andy
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    Moscoils - pyrethrum or citronella in the Moscoil burner and lit fairly early in the day has kept our awning free of the little lighters for years. When the midges have been bad, we can see a grey "cloud" out side the awning door but inside it's clear. Living in the Scottish Highlands we have learned how to deal with them. For personal protection we use Avon's Skin So Soft, definitely effective and if it's good enough for the SAS who am I to argue. Plus the fact it does not contain any of the nasty chemicals other preparations contain.
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    I lately had a major problem with the spare wheel winder on our U3 Cadiz which I reported about on my blog but which I think could do with a wider airing. I recently had to replace the tyre on my spare wheel ( don't ask ) and found winding the wheel back up to its travelling position after the repair impossible as the winder simply wouldn't shift. On inspection the winder mechanism is a unit bolted to the floor under the van with the cable entering the winder in the van via a hole in the floor,the mechanism was removed but the innards are not accessible to the faint hearted as the two parts are rivetted together. However I have a kindly neighbour who drilled the rivets out and we found the cable gnarled up and jammed around the drum. A replacement unit from Bailey is a dealer only part and is £117. The unit was reassembled with the cable under tension,refitted to the van and all seems well. The moral of this tale is on removing the spare for any reason,KEEP THE CABLE UNDER TENSION or there is every chance it will get fouled up inside the drum. This is mentioned in the Bailey handbook but it is tucked away in small print,I think a sticker in the locker containing the winder would be a better idea. An even better improvement would be a cable and drum arrangement proud of the floor so at least a fouled cable could be rewound onto the drum. Ian
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    To average 60mph you would have to be driving at a higher speed than that. I find over a days towing, average speed (even on motorways) is nearer 40mph.
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    We are in France pretty quiet,but the kids finish today. Our ACSI does too, we will be heading north on Monday probably have a week in Normandy. Home before most English schools finish! Back over mid August when ACSII is on! Now retired not paying high prices to share campsites with hordes of kids! Yes I am a grumpy old fart! No kids no mortgage 3 pensions and loads of travel! After 20 years teaching in college, school holidays are avoided if possible!!
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    I fear that it is you, Ivan, who is in denial. For the record, the EU Commission proposes the EU Law. There are 28 Commissioners, nominated by the democratically elected EU Member Governments. The European Parliament, elected in May this year, approves the Commissioners who have been nominated. The EU Council, comprising democratically elected Ministers from each EU Member State, amends the proposed EU Law and negotiates with the European Parliament and vice versa. Once the 751 MEPs and the EU Council have reached agreement, the proposed EU Law is passed. So, at every stage of the process, democratically elected officials from the EU Member States and the various National Governments are involved with the lawmaking process. Each EU Member State also has legal representation via EU Judges who advise on the implementation of the EU Law in such a way that the Member State's own parliamentary process does not run into problems with the implementation of the EU Law in its final format. Sir David Edward, retired UK Judge from the EU Court of the First Instance and International Law Professor at Edinburgh University, has written several articles on the operation of EU Law and has given judgement in, if memory serves, hundreds of cases. It pains me to say this, but the EU Law Process is much more transparent and negotiated than the grubby practices that have emerged in Westminster since 2016. I suspect that we are on opposing sides of the EU Membership debate, so I doubt that we shall reach agreement. FWIW, I think it would be a shame to shut down this thread. I hope that it can survive as a matter of record on what we surmise is causing the stalled caravan sales and the reality when the latter is analysed and reported in the media. Steve
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    Just Doing it is the problem! After 40 years of slowly progressing integration the country needs to evolve in to something new. ......but what? When Cameron ask the question the next stage had not been considered, the vote was more about internal party politics rather than redefining a country. Some think the UK can return to the Britain that existed before we joined the EU. That country and for that matter, that world no longer exists. The UK is often quoted as the 6th or 7th biggest economy. This is based on GDP. Any developed country with a large population will have a big economy and therefore the GDP will follow. It doesn't mean we are a wealthy country, it means we spend lots supporting the population. Just to put the things into proportion, Ireland is the richest country in Europe based on the wealth owned by each member of the country. Ireland wouldn't be where it is today hadn't the EU helped. The world has become far more integrated due to the internet. Manufacturers have global supply chains, banking and food production has become worldwide. The EU has helped to stabilise Europe. The baltic states have become less aggressive to one another since the joining the EU. I could go on..... but I feel it would do no good!
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    No need to be a snowflake about it. OP was asking about caravan sales, not international commerce and business, the ‘B word’ is relevant to the UK market in the same way other economies have challenges that don’t affect the UK in the same way (the same is true for opportunities). You might not like it, you might feel uncomfortable that others don’t share your views, but others do have the view that it is a continual issue that affects the UK economy and will do for years to come whatever happens on the 31st October. You could try to be articulate and explain why it’s not affecting sales or just accept its one of many factors.
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    Someone who cant admit he was wrong!
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    And by filtering on the C&CC web site they have 905 CS's with toilets, 688 CS's with toilet/showers and 708 CS's with showers.
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    Just use the filters on the CMC website. There are 592 CLs with toilets and showers already listed there .
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    "The country has close to full employment"?? Let's face reality here, a lot of people especially those in the service sector such as restaurants, fast food chains, hotels, retail etc are on zero hour contracts. As far as employment figures are concerned, you do realise that you only have to work an hour a week to be classified as employed. With the uncertainty over Brexit and the huge numbers of employees not knowing when their next shift is going to be, is it any wonder why people are not spending their hard earned cash.
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    If you have a good van with no damp and everything working, why risk changing for a leaking monster?
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    I think this topic is so funny, people concerned about the potential fuel consumption increase. Do the same people wear coats at home in winter time in order to reduce heating costs? I've just driven from Bridgend in Wales back to Lincolnshire, 220 miles with climate control enabled keeping the cabin at 19 deg C. Fuel consumption from old fatty 42.2 mpg. I simply don't care if climate uses more fuel, I value my comfort first and foremost. I also have aircon at home, its on now and costing me on average 1.2p per hour, again I value the comfort more than the running cost. So go ahead, turn off the aircon, save that fuel and sweat it out, as long as you're happy. Incidentally, opening the windows increases drag and uses more fuel than the aircon does.
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    Where van's are too low to get a jack safely in place, or the spare out following puncture and even a wheel loss can I suggest that you use your car to haul the stricken wheel or brake drum up on a stack of blocks etc. Doing this can get the necessary clearances you need, and is a lot less hassle and can be safer using the car's power than improvised jacking.
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    Have you ever tried getting the spare out of its carrier? If it is the Alko spare wheel carrier like mine, it is an extremely bad design. It is inaccessible if the puncture is nearside without first jacking, and then you can only unbolt the spare wheel from the carrier by putting your arm through between the wheel and the chassis - it would be chopped off if the jack failed at this point, bearing in mind you could be at the roadside with dodgy ground. Even after unbolting the wheel from the carrier I found not enough room to pull it out from the carrier under the chassis member, and I would need to get right under the van to pull the wheel off the carrier in a forward direction; not something do with just a jack. Fortunately my first ever puncture was on my drive and I ended up putting the van on proper stands and then also releasing the carrier from the offside (big split pins) and dragging the whole thing out. I also found it impossible to slide the carrier back in with the weight of the spare on it, despite cleaning and greasing the slides. I now carry the spare inside the van when travelling, and the carrier is in a skip at the local council dump. My problems were exactly the same as The Caravan Nut describes in this video :- The Caravan Nut (on Youtube)
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    It’s not something that I am going to spend a nano-second worrying about. The chances of some muppet taking me out whilst I drive to and from my chosen destination is vastly higher than me be hit by lightening whilst in my caravan, and I don’t worry about that! Andy
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    I agree with that Dave - my point is that, insurance or not, for a ruling to say someone can walk into the road looking at their phone, not concentrating on the traffic, ignore the shouts and air horn of the cyclist and not be responsible, seems perverse. Sure, all road users have to be aware of the unexpected but there are limits!!
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    I f you search the forum for topics about the ALKO spare wheel holder you may well change your mind and store the spare under the bed!
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    there's an incorrect notion that somehow continental vans don't suffer with damp and/or better built, quite simply they suffer just like anything else, it seen various makes of continental caravans/motorhomes of various ages with similar issue we see in all vans, in particular that stick out, a '14 Hymer caravan that rotted in the front twice (under warranty, a really common problem of that era apparently), a £100K + late Carthago Motorhome where the whole back end in the garage rotted away, one German customer the brought a brand new Hymer caravan where he drove 4km down the road and the cupboard units fell off the wall (not the doors, the whole unit) so it shows just with a couple of examples its no different to what can happen with UK vehicles. Damp can happen on anything, at anytime, because they are essentially hand assembled which means no matter how well designed the van is, there's is always the element of human error, water ingress issues aren't certainly as frequent as they used to be, and I wouldn't say any brand is worth than another, every manufacture has its good years and bad years. I know its what not anyone wants to hear at all, but is the sad reality of the product.
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    I've probably been lulled into a false sense of security from the time spent renovating our hovel in France. At first, I used to lock everything up in the designated areas at the end of each day's work. It didn't take long for me to run out of storage space [first time when 20+ sheets of plasterboard were delivered ...] and my neighbour pointed out that there was more chance of damage from an overnight shower than there was from theft. Following morning, everything was all present and correct. My neighbour then asked me if I had seen all the cut timber in the small, privately owned coppices in the area. As he said, if the village is to survive, or thrive, everyone has to help each other and look out for your neighbours; if petty thieving starts, there will be no trust and the community will crumble, as people move away to towns. It is true, and it is rather nice. We leave house keys with our neighbours and also with the local contractors so that they can fit work in when we're back in Scotland. I get an email 'Work finished, photo attached; any problems let me know. Invoice also attached, happy to wait until you return to France in early October for payment'. Caravanning on smaller municipals has a similar atmosphere, and we were remembered at Montoire sur le Loir from last year's visit. The Wardens keep a watching brief on kit, as do the neighbouring campers, so bikes can be left unlocked, the 'cycle campers' can pitch and then shower without worrying about bike security etc and the holiday is very relaxed. Of course, one day I'll have a load of kit pinched but until then I'll enjoy being amongst people who respect the possessions of others. Steve
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    Good to hear a positive story. Here's another. A few years ago I was getting ready to leave my long term site in Spain. I trundled the half-full Aquaroll down to the tap and drain to empty out the water. After emptying, I hosed down the barrel and carried it back to the caravan, putting it on the A-frame to dry. Eventually it was packed and I left. At the end of the day, on my overnight site, I got out the barrel to get water. No handle! I looked - but felt sure I'd left it by the tap. It made water collecting difficult on the way home. Fast-forward to the following year where I was pitched on the previous plot. On my first day there a guy came along asking if I'd lost an Aquaroll handle. He went off and came back with it.
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    I left my phone in the toilet block recently. It was handed in to the wardens. Even the emergency £10 in the case was still there. If the person is on here, Thank You.
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    HGV driver's permitted hours are a sensible yardstick.
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    To be honest, mobility scooters aren't really scooters:- Definition: "1. a light two-wheeled open motor vehicle on which the driver sits over an enclosed engine with their legs together and their feet resting on a floorboard. 2. a child's toy consisting of a footboard mounted on two wheels and a long steering handle, propelled by resting one foot on the footboard and pushing the other against the ground." The mobility vehicles are really motorised wheelchairs of various different designs. FWIW it too was obvious to me what the OP was talking about too. On the subject of mobility scooters in public areas having been knocked down twice by such devices, I think they should be speed limited to less than walking pace for the safety of all. Some of them are ridiculously quick driven by incompetent and untrained individuals amongst pedestrians.
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    Tefal Ingenio teflon bowls with one detachable, shared handle to save space and make stacking easier. Also have aluminium bodies to reduce weight. Teflon is toughened by a stone appearance finish that works well against the surface scratches etc. Steve
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    You can't have a thread about the market without discussing market forces!
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    No one is blaming brexit for global changes in car sales - just the additional effects in the UK. This thread is about Caravan sales though, isn't it? It's incredible to suggest that the current uncertainty over our possible EU exit isn't influencing people, even for those who still believe in the "sunlit uplands" nonsense on the other side of the current mess!
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    If you don’t think it has an impact on consumer and industry confidence, whether that materialises or not, then I’d suggest you spend a little more time reading and researching.
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    The answer is simple - just ask your insurers. Better than forum conjecture.
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    Silicon spray is usually good on plastic stuff, but don't use WD40.
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    In order of importance, 3,2,1,5,4and6.
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    We have a U3 Valencia, had all the usual issues. Roof strap, axle failed, Alde pump replaced, dodgy grill now on it's 7th thermocouple. However, that said, it gets used by us and 3 children plus dog a lot! We use it all year in all weathers. There are issues with build quality here and there but as others have said, I believe all manufacturers are the same with none worse or better than others. I will not buy another Bailey, but that’s just my annoyance at their poorly worded letter regarding the axle, saying it was my fault but as a gesture of goodwill they would help. Would have been far better to sincerely apologise for my inconvenience and replace it in accordance with their warranty but I digress.... Just had it's 4th service and it’s dry, comfortable, tows well and is paid for. I wouldn’t upgrade it for quite some time now those initial niggles have been sorted. If you find one three years old, with the axle and roof strap replaced, you won’t go far wrong IMHO. John
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    We have the 2015 2.0TDi 150 manual Passat Estate and ours is 2070kg according to the VIN plate - the brochure had it as 2000kg but neither figure really matters as our caravan is 1300kg. Pedantry is a very unappealing trait
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    Quite simple, the compressor and motor is internal to the gas side of the system, there is no shaft seal to lubricate thats why household fridge & freezers, aircon etc rarely if ever need re gassing.
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    I wonder if you could put the friction pad back in, hold it in place with glue, silicone, chewing gum or blu-tack? Once hitched it would have nowhere to go.
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    You need to measure from the ground, through the length of the awning rail then down to the ground at the rear of the van, which I think will be 788cms. The measurement is the AA length. You then need to match that with your choice of awning make. Having reread your post, it occurs to me that what you're looking for is a porch awning - so your height is too low for most of them. An alternative could be something like this
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    I'm sorry if you have that perception of the response but you must look at it in the light of other incorrect assertions on this thread. I'm sure you can understand the importance of accuracy in the interpretation and application of legal issues and how dangerous being given the wrong information/advice could be and no true professional should ignore it.
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    I don't give a monkeys what other drivers think when I am obeying a speed limit.
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