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    If it’s anything else like the products he makes, it will over-promise and under-deliver. The battery life will collapse away to naff-all in no time too.
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    My husband and I own a Bailey Unicorn Seville 2013. A recent service by our local Bailey dealership revealed that wheel clearance below the bodywork was only 2cms on one side and 2.5cms on the other, both within the danger area. The dealership said that the only cure was to fit a replacement axle with replacement rubber suspensions at what appeared to be a horrifying cost. On researching the internet, we came across the various histories of similar problems by other caravan owners of various marques. As we were well out of warranty and were not prepared to get involved in litigious correspondence and proceedings for what we believe to be a design fault, we shopped around the country for quotations to repair the problem. During this we came across Fraser Brown, an engineering company in north Scotland which had been advising claimants, and had a long discussion with Mr. Brown. His company offer a replacement service which simply replaces the rubber suspensions with specially designed superior rubber items, without the need to replace the axle. The quoted cost was under £600. We also came across engineering companies nearer us in the south east. One of them was Western Towing with two repair locations based at Exeter Devon as well as Newton Abbot Devon. They were familiar with the problem and quoted us under £500 for the cost of the full replacement axle and revised suspensions by Al-Ko, plus VAT and an hourly fitting charge. Speaking to their engineers, we felt sufficient confidence to arrange the replacement with them and towed our caravan to their Newton Abbot workshops. Their engineer, Mike, was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. The work was carried out smoothly and successfully within a few hours and the final cost to us was less than half of the replacement costs quoted by numerous caravan dealerships. We are now happily caravanning again with a repaired van. We have no financial or social connections of any kind with the company but would highly recommend them for their cost-effectiveness and expertise. Their contact details are Western Towing, 3 Marsh Green Road North, Marsh Barton, Exeter Devon EX2 8NY telephone 01392 216336 and ask for Hayley.
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    Normally we don't mention the other Forums,but just a few words to say that Mark & Sonja have 'pulled the plug', at least for the foreseeable future, on their very friendly website. They will continue to operate a T&T Facebook site which has increased in usage. There are some of us here who were regular readers or contributors to their site over the years and it will be missed, at least for those many who won't us FB. geoff
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    Thats not my experience of Dyson products, theyre very well designed and engineered, work well and are reliable. I will be interested to see the car.
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    1) subjective but T/As look better to me 2) They’re more stable 3) Much less drama with a puncture 4) no need to wind the legs down if you need to pop inside for anything 5) better braking capacity.
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    May be retrospect it would have been better to test it before it was fitted. I would have thought that who ever you employed to fit it would have done that. Alan
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    It was mean't to be a light hearted post. i.e what do you miss? When do you decide to come back? I am really looking forward to our trip. It is odd too have received such negative comments.
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    Nearly every time a thread starts on TVs in caravans, then out come people like Ploddy above with the usual comments decrying those that watch TV. As I said before what others do in the caravan does not concern me and shouldn't concern anyone else.
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    Nice to see the supplier weighing in here & on the other thread.
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    How does the neighbour expect you to get to the waste container - perhaps you should tramp up the side of your van, pulling the pegs out as you go. Most sites do have rules or advice on how to pitch and their site licences usually have minimum spacing requirements. assuming that you've pitched in accordance with the site requirements, then go and have a word with the site owner/manager/warden if you want to avoid a confrontation with the obviously ignorant neighbour. Some people get a bit narky about the CMC pitch rules but it does tend to avoid the situation that you seem to have encountered. The CMC would expect that your car should be parked on the area that your neighbour has staked out.
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    Do you use a flushing agent/additive (pink blue green orange?) in your home toilet flush tank? If not (like me) fresh clean water does the job perfectly adequately and (apart from the water) at zero cost. No additional “stuff” to carry/store/run out of. Personal choice again innit? Andy
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    I see similar in carparks in Spain during the winter months. I find it staggering that owners are happy to spend thousands of pounds on their prides and joys - and then be content to live in them in the squalid surroundings of a carpark.
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    I am now 81 and have not bothered with the doctors certificate for some years and have found that my B+E is more than enough for me and I tow an Airstream with a Disco 4 !! Mind you at 73 I wanted to renew the ''lot'' but failed my medical on urine test and was advised to see my GP - he sent me to Guys & St Thomas Urology department for tests and it turned out to be prostate cancer BUT still in its early stages so was able to treat it and was passed fit with no cancer 3 years later, and am still clear in that department so had its benefits
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    Both sides of the Autoroute use the same service area. My picture shows the parking area in relation to the motorway. Parking for caravans is in the areas marked by the small red dots. Close by the service building there's space for about seven outfits (although they are sometimes used by HGV's as I think they are in the picture) Further down to the left, the roads are one way and parking is at the roadside. Many's the times I stopped in the bays close to the service building but it's always been in the winter when I've spent a good night. The other bays have been deserted and too quiet for my liking. Were my timings such that I arrived in late afternoon, I would hopefully stop at Camping St. Claire.
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    Caravan and Motorhome Red Pennant - it is not cheap but it’s full ‘end to end’ cover
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    And here's me sweating on 0315.
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    But if it were to come off at speed then the caravan would be flapping around behind the towcar with no way of pulling the brakes on to stop it? You make the breakaway system redundant, I don't see how that is safer
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    I find silicone spray way better than WD40
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    Maybe they thought that a forum full of helpful, experienced people would be a safer bet than a random Google search? I certainly would.
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    It is not stopping us, I have organised IDP, Green Card for Car and Caravan,Euros purchased Tunnel booked, if you hang around waiting for Brexit to be sorted, we would never get a holiday in Europe
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    AFAIK so can the 3010 - heating is usable without water in the boiler.
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    More a hobby than a business, certainly in the years I have been with them, and animosity was something I found absent amongst the few regulars....which was nice. geoff
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    Good tyres are not just about saving the skins of those in the car not having them but also saving the skins of anyone around it when it all goes wrong.
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    A caravan's mass is measured in an unconnected free standing state, it's mass is unaltered by transferring any part of its weight to another support I.e a towball , that's the way it is. The weight being towed though is usually different by its nose weight acting on the towball, assuming it is a positive value. If a person's body mass or weight is say 80kg standing on a set of scales, it does not alter to 40kg standing with one foot on the scales and the other on a house brick at the side, it's still 80kg in literal terms.
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    Give it time, it's never that simple (even when it is 😂 )
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    Wind turbines are fine if you like the countyside being turned into an industrial site, and the wind is blowing. Solar is fine as long as it is day time. There is very little further capacity for hydro-electric power in the UK. What is needed is for people to get over their phobias about nuclear power stations.
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    I too think that the payload is too low and when looking at what some folk unload from their 'vans , some are dangerously over weight. We have seen 2 electric bikes (30kg x 2 )coming out of a 'van, plus the fact that they have a motor mover (35kg ). Lots of people on here say that they don't ditch the water on board (12kg) before travelling. Some of the large awnings (18 kg)are a huge weight and they carry it in the 'van. When we see families unload all the kiddies bikes and scooters. 30+30+35+12+18= 125 and with a payload of 155 that leaves just 30 kg for the rest.
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    I was always told that there was no such animal as a digital aerial....one size fitted all. Never found out otherwise. geoff
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    Had one for 10 years, best car I ever had. geoff
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    Your method using the aquaroll and float is by far the safest way. Having a direct to van connection means that if there is a problem, the water will keep flowing into the van, and I have seen this happen on a Lunar which the occupants had gone out for the day and a pipe parted company inside the van. When I arrived water was pouring out of the door and numerous other places, like gas drops and vent holes and it was a brand new van which was then a write off as the water had soaked into all the internal woodwork and would cause it all to "blow" . If your system has a fault all that happens is the pitch gets very wet until someone turns off the tap , but your van is safe.
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    We stayed on this site from Sunday 13th to 20th of April . We would agree with everything you say in your review. Lovely site with good facilities and friendly wardens. From Sunday to Thursday the site was busy but quiet but come Easter Friday a different species of camper arrived with rules not for them, a father and daughter playing football with a heavy casey in between the caravans in front of the no ball games sign being 1 example of deteriorating behaviour for the rest of our stay , which was not corrected by the wardens. I would love to return but would only go out of holidays which we had to do because our 10 year old grandson was with us.
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    Oh dear why are we still getting these silly uneducated remarks ?? My Discovery 4 now 8 years old has only been back to the dealer for its annual service and I know many JLR drivers who have the same experience. The last vehicle that I had bits drop off in its first year was a BMW motorcycle when one footrest fell off and as any biker will tell you that is dangerous as well as a nuisance!
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    Just go to the Site staff and ask if the site's health and safety rules permits such a small separation between units. If not, let the Site staff deal with the infringement. If they don't, avoid this site in the future and tell all your caravanning friends why.
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    Hi Doosan, yes happy Easter to you to. I have a couple of pics on my tablet , not good quality. Better on my phone but it using that for this site. These are two of shore Islands one is Whale Island, the other with the smoke / steam in White Island an offshore Volcanic cone rumbles away all the time. You can take a day trip out on a charter boat and go ashore if you wish. £115.
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    Pedant mode? As far as I'm concerned - being way way north of Watford Gap - anything inside the M25 is London, and anything inside the North and South Circulars is Central London. In other words, London is worst overall, media comes from London, ergo they insist on telling us it is a national problem when in fact it isn't. If you leave London (inside M25) out of the equation the number of places getting anywhere near the limit can almost be counted on fingers and toes - and then it is generally only around the beginning and ending of the working day. D'oh!
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    The Nationwide Flexplus insurance will repatriate both car & caravan. I have this in writing.
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    Not sure, but I think if a safety chain interfered with the correct application of the caravan's brakes by the breakaway cable, there may be consequences. If the caravan became uncoupled and the breakaway cable did its job the car and caravan may well come to a halt with little or no damage, if a chain is fitted and the caravan collides with the car and causes damage to either then the insurance may decide that the fitting of the chain was material and refuse to payout. The same could be said for the car dragging a very tail wagging caravan down a road causing damage to other vehicles or property, the police could also take an interest in to why the driver thought the chain was necessary when the caravan came supplied with a suitable device to stop it.
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    On the towing test when coupling the trailer, once coupled to the vehicle you have to wind the jockey wheel down so as to lift the hitch which thereby lift's the car a little, proving it is connected properly. I do this every time I hook up my caravan.
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    Hello. Most likely there were two 230 V isolation switches on the consumer unit, one for "space heater", one for "water heater". Since the Alde 3010 Compact is a combi boiler, it does both and only needs to be wired into one switch. The installer probably wired it into "water heater", thus that switch must be on for the plug symbol to appear on the Alde control panel. The boiler won't literally need to be filled with water to work on 230 V. (The heating circuit does need to be filled with glycol fluid though, topped up to just above the Min mark in the expansion tank.)
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    I think the pertinent word in that sentence is 'yet' As I posted earlier, we have to start somewhere. This has to be a government lead project & at the moment we have no leadership on anything from the rudderless shambles supposedly running the country.
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    Range being a problem with EV's, it will be an even worse problem if you are towing. For that we really need to wait for more like the EV equivalent of an SUV, maybe when they do an estate-bodied version of this :- https://electrek.co/2019/04/24/ford-invests-rivian-electric-pickup-truck/ Incidentally, Lady Bolingbroke in her job dealt with Dyson on the phone a few times. He is not a pleasant character. I would never buy his stuff, which looks like a triumph of form over function, decorated with what I call techno-baubles. I first heard about Dyson with his Ball-Barrow, which showed straight away that his marketing was just hype. Dyson is the Apple of the domestic appliance world, selling at a high price for what some consider to be style.
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    Currently in Holland (have been for two weeks) off to The Loire on Sipjnday for three more weeks. Although I do have green cards for car and caravan they are currently NOT needed, and neither is any form of IDP. Just carry on as you have done for years. My money is on Brexit only ever half happening, and even then in name only, the politicians won’t allow anything different. Andy So what are the continentals going to do, deport you if you don’t have an IDP, Besides if it DOES happen in June it will be done as the result of a “deal” of some description rather than “crashing out” anyway. I certainly have no intention of restricting my trips across the water. And
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    OK, lets take this one step at a time. Assuming your car is fully loaded, the maximum it is allowed to tow is 1600Kg (the difference between the first two figures). Now let's look at your licence. Without a towing test, you're limited to maximum plated weights of 3500Kg. For you, this would be 1978Kg for the car, leaving a maximum of 1522Kg for the caravan. However, it's recommended that people new to towing only tow a caravan that's 85% of the kerb weight of the car. You don't quote that, but I believe it's around 1400Kg. That would give a maximum caravan weight of around 1200Kg. So a caravan with a MTPLM of around 1200Kg would be fine. Possibly a little more once you've checked the kerbweight of the car (it's often on the V5). Someone will be along to check/criticise my figures in a moment!
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    Why mask the problem? Something is clearly not right and needs fixing. Andy
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    You only have to walk around a caravan site to see why electric is going up, I've paid for it so I'm going to use it. Those of us who don't use so much pay to support others. I like the idea of meters then those who use it do actually pay for it .
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    I seem to remember the clips being sown to the curtain
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    Agree totally, have used Whale Customer Support myself in the past (including over a bank holiday weekend) and they were there on the phone and we pin-pointed the problem and as caravan under warranty required parts were sent and delivered next day. Superb service, good products, helpful support when required and they proactively seem to monitor this forum. Well done and thanks Whale. (Have found Alde v helpful too).
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    Get a low wattage one, mine is from my local caravan shop and is 900w. I also have a kettle that can be boiled on the gas that we use when travelling through France.
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    Very little time left! Never had one myself but I'll never forget the advice of a member on this forum with much experience of statics. There are 3 things to watch. Read the contract Then Read the contract. Once you've done that, finally Read the contract again. In the future the contract may be your undoing or what you will rely on.
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