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    The left hand drive vehicle will have backed in as per the brainless site instructions. Him pulling onto the pitch nose first would have sorted the problem.
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    Not quite sure of the point you trying to put across. Vehicle Excise Duty ( VED) is what you call the road fund licence. Up until 1st September motor homes have been in the curious position of enjoying a VED classification anomaly resulting in the avoidance of the £40k+ extra charge. Now that the playing field is being levelled those "wealthy" enough to afford a high cost recreational motor vehicle are calling foul play and unfair wealth tax.
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    No ! I would not buy a caravan without a full shower cubicle .
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    It's great that you enjoy caravanning the way you like - it's up to other people how they spend their time on site.
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    That's the problem, whilst you may do "the right thing" and place it in the recycling bin, it is what happens after that is the problem. It is probably shipped off to some distant place and left to rot ( only about a thousand years) there or chucked in a waterway to pollute the seas and kill many unfortunate sea dwelling animals. It is about time that reality kicked in and plastic bottles of water were banned, but hey ho, as long as certain people are getting very rich and the rest don't care about the future for our children and grandchildren it will never happen. We are killing our planet, killing wildlife for profit and will eventually kill the whole population...……..so much for Man and his quest for superiority...……...and cash !!!!! The extinction of the number of animals in my lifetime is unbelievable, and all for profit and, in some countries for "medicine" ……...what are they even thinking about,,,how on earth can hair (that's what horns are made of) cure anything ………...
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    If the ATC is an optional extra then I feel this is a retrograde step, safety should never be an optional extra. When a proved safety device is available, it should be fitted as standard, like antilock brakes on a car. My friend picked up his new van this year having never had ATC on his 10 year old van, On his way back he came across a particularly bad bit of road near the Avonmouth bridge which he swears would have resulted in a very bad snake had he been towing his old one. He became an instant convert, so am I because I have experienced the help it gives in certain situations. i would say to Coachman “build the price into the van, but don’t let them through the door without ATC!”.....Peter.
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    ...and neither would the man who wanted to buy the Van next! Geoff
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    All we take to France is enough for the first 24 hours plus teabags! Half the fun of being in another country is eating the local food especially from the small independent butchers / traiteurs and boulangeries and markets. We've just come back from a week in mid Wales and although it was very nice we did miss the French food.
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    We have a rear bathroom with proper sized sink and shower, I use all the bathroom facilities in the van for everything, shower, number 2's, having a shave, the lot. The wife uses the campsite facilities, for all except middle of the night no.1's and cleaning her teeth. So very much personal choice, but my take on it is I have my own comfortable, clean, private, warm facilities, where I don't need to worry about walking across the campsite with towel and toiletry bag , having to queue for a free cubicle, anyone else's veruca, blocked or unflushed toilets with pee on the seats, running out of toilet roll, getting dry before I freeze, or drying my feet so I can get shoes and socks back on so I can walk across the campsite again. Why on earth would I go through all that when I have my own fully functioning bathroom in the van?
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    Sorry I'm with Andy on this one. geoff
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    Sorry but no. To me it’s just an inanimate lump of metal and fibreglass. I accept that others clearly become become attached to these sorts of things and almost consider them to be a sentient being. We are all different, and long may that remain so. Andy
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    Why not just turn the car sidelights on as far as I know there isn't a law that say you can't use them during daylight
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    As said very happy with my current TomTom Camping and Caravan unit which is now 4 years old. Maybe I am lucky as after entering the dimensions for our outfit it has never taken us down an unsuitable road unless there was no choice i.e. route to a farm CL. However we do check with Earth Google before leaving home. The bonus is that we are informed of traffic issues and offered alternative suitable routes and this has saved us being parked up on a motorway for hours.
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    Yes, that does happen but if you just fill a jug and leave it to stand for a while the chlorine dissipates and the taste is gone. I have to be very careful with the fish I have at home and I have found that it does not take long for the chlorine to disperse.
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    Hope those criminals who committed this crime are actually punished. Not just given a slap on the wrist and excuses made for their crime.
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    I don't need or want further information. Besides, if I was towing a van and had the cycles suspended between the car and van a little common sense would tell me I don't need to contact BF...
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    Trailers/Caravans do not have and are not allowed Running lamps, they will have to one extent or another : Front Marker Lamps - the White ones on the front corners Rear Marker Lamps - The Red ones at the rear often called tail lamps Side Marker Lamps - The Orange ones along the side End Outline marker lamps - The White ones high up at the Front and the Red ones high up at the rear (sometimes combined) Number plate lamps. All of these must be switched on simultaneously and are controlled by the same switch in the car that controls the Sidelights. Any other lights fitted to a trailer Fog, Reverse, Indicators etc must replicate the same function as the Tow vehicle. Dedicated DRLs fitted to motor vehicles are front facing only, they should switch on with the ignition but are allowed to be manually switched off by raising the parkbrake. They can also stay extinguished until the car reaches 10km/h or has moved 100m, then they come on automatically. The circuit logic controlling these DRLs cannot be used to control any other lamp. By exception it is also possible to share the DRL function with other lamps on the vehicle, these functions may be shared with Front markers (Sidelights) or Front Fog lamps, providing they meet or adjust to the photometric requirements of both functions. For example a Sidelight used as a DRL will dim when the main Headlamp is switched on. These lamps can on some vehicles give the appearance that the rear markers are illuminated aswell as they are sharing the same circuitry, when basically it just means the Sidelights are switched on to cover the requirement for DRL . These are increasingly rare as it was given as a derogation for manufacturers as part of the transitional arrangements. With regards to additional lights there are strict rules for manufacturers regulating the Size, Position and lighting intensity for any lamp fitted, (although in the UK it seems to be rarely enforced) If you for example add rear LED lights to come on with the tail lamps these would only be legal if they met the requirements for position and luminosity. If there are too many , in the wrong position or more dangerously if the light intensity were to exceed that of say the brake lights then you have a problem.
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    Don't assume if a cleaning product is the 'latest' that it's better than what's already available. Most are just re-branded products that are no more improved than before. In our experience, you cannot beat the reliability and longevity of what's already available from companies like Fenwicks and Autoglym. Also bare in mind that what works on one persons Caravan, might not work on another, and it all depends on a variety of different factors, including the age of the Caravan, it's construction material, where it's stored, and how often it's cleaned. I'd go with the traditional brands of products in this industry, because they have things fine tuned. Many of the 'new' innovative products we see in magazines or at shows, are just versions of these, just without the provenance.
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    Good grief, I can't believe that some people are more concerned about possible damage to their towing vehicle than what could happen to someone else if their caravan/trailer became detached??? !! What if it detached and killed someone?? Where you attach the break away cable is immaterial if your caravan /trailer falls off the back. If properly attached (as per the towbar manufacturers guidelines) it will do it's job and stop the trailer. If it wreaks your vehicles bodywork then so be it.
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    Have you bought it yet? Lot's of issues with the 1.5TSi ACT across all VAG vehicles at the moment and numerous software updates have not solved the hesitation and killing power issues. The 1.5TSi gets the 7 speed dry clutch DQ200 DSG which is not really suited to towing. Also the engine torque is limited to 250NM because of the limitation of the gearbox. You would be a lot better off looking at the 2.0TSi DSG as it has far more power and torque and gets the wet clutch DSG Lee
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    ‘Cos they are losing customers wholesale due to the ever increasing subscription costs and need to find a way of screwing current customers for even more money to plug the hole! I ceased using any form of Sky many years ago, I don’t miss it in the slightest, but that’s me. Freesat does all I want AND for very little outlay I have cobbled together a travelling Freesat set up that works just fine (with NO subscription cost) Andy
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    Daftest thing I've done recently is to buy an air awning
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    I have had a moan over the years concerning CMC wardens, but this year the change has been so noticeable that I feel I have to mention it. They have been absolutely superb , so helpful and welcoming, not just at a couple of sites but all seven of them that we have visited so far this year. They have been welcoming with the dogs , taken time to explain / show things to me , not bothered us with the mower and even stopped to chat and have a laugh. Don't get me wrong , most are okay and do their jobs but there has always been the odd jobsworth . It's been so relaxing, I wonder if anyone else has noticed the change.
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    Hi folks Been a while since I've been here, don't know why, our van is our passion! I apologise if this topic has already been covered but I did try a search but didn't come up with anything. I did something stupid this summer when towing down to Cornwall and didn't properly route my 12N cable properly when I hitched up. Consequently when we got to the site the cable had dragged and gone through three of the 7 cores completely. I did a temp repair with good old chock block (always keep some in the van) and electrical tape so got home fine but I know need a permanent fix. I'm considering replacing both 12N and 12S cables to the euro 13 pin cable as it saves the hassle of using the converter lead and generally tidy's up the A frame but I was wondering if anyone else had done this? I'm planning on doing it properly and terminating the cable inside the van under the offside bunk where the cables currently come into the van but wondered how to do it, ie, what kind of JB to use, etc. Any advice would be most appreciated. Regards Gareth
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    My choice would be - Baie de Somme - Rouen, Pont L'arche, Everoux, Nonancurt, Chartre, then N154 to pick up Autoroute approx 30 miles North of Orleans. Avoid Paris and particularly Notre Dame at your peril ,, it's the noise of the Bells I hate
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    breathe Andy, breathe..... When we had a Swift some years ago we ordered the weight upgrade at the same time as ordering the 'van and didn't have to pay for the upgrade. I think that the salesman told me the same for Bailey, however as I wanted it after he put the order in, I had to pay. I didn't have a choice as I wanted peace of mind. Considering the upgrade consists of a sticker and a sheet of paper, it does seem, no it is over priced at £60. The don't have to change anything , apart from the sticker , nor do they have to make any additions or changes to the axle. Easy money I think for the caravan makers.
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    We toured Scotland this Easter (Barnsley to Edinburgh, Cairngorms, Inverness, Loch Ness, Glasgow back to Barnsley), we had great weather, sat on the beach in shorts and t-shirt in Nairn. Very nice.
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    If that is what you like it seems a fair price. I don't go away until 27th August and was last away on 27th July. My next stays at cc sites will be £26 or less for the two of us. And for me the facilities on cc sites provide what I want. We are all different and there are many who have no desire for bars and restaurant. I move every 5 days to another site using a mix of cc, CCC and private sites. I don't find the private sites generally to be as good with regard to the facilities that I actually want and generally no cheaper. If there is a cc site where I wish to be that will usually be my first choice. With age discount the CCC sites are cheaper but there are a number of factors that make them second choice. As I said earlier we are all different
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    I can't Talk about CCC wardens as I have never used their sites, however as in a lot of threads they drift a bit which in my view is quite natural and normally it will drift back on track again. The point that I was making was that the wardens customer service skills have improved dramatically and it makes for a nicer holiday when there is not a jobsworth in sight.
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    I think we understood what Ian meant.
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    For £500? Having done the job myself £500 would not cover frame replacement.
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    I would suggest you get yourself a 13 pin socket tester. This will tell you straight away if there are problems with the car, or the caravan, thus greatly reducing the trouble shooting time. I test the car now before going to storage. and collecting the van.
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    Has anyone actually tested the effectiveness of their respective cleaning regimes? And often do they repeat it? Me I use the van water system for everything I need water for.
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    Stainless steel and bleach are not a happy combination. Puriclean is probably kinder to SS. The real answer to how I clean my water containers, is generally I don’t bother. I use my nose and if it smells sweet that’s good enough for me. I don’t harm the biofilm and the biofilm doesn’t harm me.
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    We have the 7.5kg bottle so not sure why the 5kg should be considered if you are unsure between a 5 and 10kg? You can refill at most Morrisons fuel stations so no issue there.
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    All A6 Allroads are 3.0TDi where as the Passat Alltrack is 2.0TDi - if you tow something say 1600kg or under either fits the bill - if towing more then the A6 comes into its own. I think all the Allroads have a traditional auto but this may have changed in recent years where as Alltrack is DSG. If you have a big van and don’t want an SUV I’d imagine an A6 Allroad is pretty hard to beat. There is always the A4 Allroad to confuse things even further which I think can be had with 2.0 and 3.0 engines and a variety of gearboxes!
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    Example - this tyre was made around the end of September in 2009 … John
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    Good wide base with loud whistle Works on gas, anytime anyplace, and not tied to the orange umbilical
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    Shhhh! Stop giving it away!
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    Look If you don’t want it don’t download it, posting negative comments benefit no-one. SOME people might find it useful, and it’s for them I posted this. Not a lot of caravanners are going to be touring in China are they?? Andy
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    The Typhoon is a bit faster: - Depends which Typhoon and Tempest : -
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    Lutz Re your last paragraph. I am also puzzled why there should be a need for anything other than the standard EU photocard licence that we currently use. As far as I know it is a standard layout Europe wide and the police in any EU country are likely to be more familiar with the current licence than any IDP? I appreciate the UK Government has to be seen to be doing something just in case we leave the EU without a deal at the end of March but I despair the lack of joined up thought. David
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    Hobby Craft?, There's also an Emporium in Ely which has a cornucopia of stuff for modelling, trains, planes, paint scenery and stuff (no radio control stuff though). Some places do have model shops but they seem to be fading away but there must be a nearly infinite number of hobby & other related websites that can be found with a short trawl round t'interweb. Places to buy and to educate. I cannot believe how many sites there are just for the 3D printing fraternity, same with sewing, computing, electronics and I've no doubt modelling in all it's aspects. There are evn sites that show you how to modify Nerf guns, if thats your thing It's not that there's nowhere around but no one is all that interested and IMO it does start with the parents or even grandparent to motivate an interest outside sitting in front of a screen. Even schools have moved away from practical subjects, many of us were taught how to do woodwork, metal work and loads of other stuff which kindled interests outside of school.
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    Disappointing to see this on a 2016 model. .. As said report it to your dealer,.. if the under side gets wet every time it rains when stationary, the floor in time will rot. ..
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    If the pump refills the hot water tank and the pressure switch shuts the pump off when it's full then leave the pressure switch alone as it sounds like the pump is producing enough pressure to operate the switch and the switch is working OK. Having a tweak just to see what happens will mask any other problems that you may have. Check all the cabling for bad or corroded connectors, especially where the pump connects to the van. If the tank is filling then the pump is obviously managing to pump water. Are all the taps having a problem, kitchen, bathroom, shower, both hot and cold. We need a bit more info. Have you made sure that the pump is fully submersed and that you've bled all the air out of the system. Start by dunking the pump up and down in the aquarolll to dislodge any bubbles before plugging the pump into the van. Make sure the O ring on the inlet connector is in good condition and lubricated with Silicon grease, olive oil or even margerine. Dont use oil or vaseline as they'll damage the rubber. Close all the taps and shower then open the kitchen hot tap and turn the pump on to fill the hotwater tank and bleed the air out, when the water is flowing with spitting and spurting shut the hot and do the cold when that's OK do the bathroom sink and shower. If that doesn't sort it then check for limescale in the taps or any filters than may be in the system. The pumps usually either work or they don't, I've never had one that doesn't produce enough pressure unless the wiring or battery voltage is low, Have you checked your battery voltage, are you running it from the mains. See what voltage you've got at the pump connections when the pump is running, it should be well above 12 - nearer 13 if you are connected to the mains. If the voltage at the pump connections is say 0,5 of a volt or less than the voltage across the battery then I'd have a good look at the wiring & fuses.
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    I don't find all these reminiscences as daft - these are all great tips on what to look out for and not what to do!
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    The Feature below is something i've been asked to put together to try and answer some of the questions that pop up from time to time on the forum on this subject. All the advice and opinions below are through our own extensive experiences of 'Our' Paint Sealing system. We are not here to comment on other companies or products that we have no experience of. Neither will we enter into any debates with regards these products and other companies, unless we are asked directly or the question is about our own products and services. Paint sealants and the benefits One question that comes up on a regular basis is the Paint sealing debate. Are they worth applying? Whos best to apply them? Do they actually work? What am I actually paying for? Etc etc. As a trade member that offers these services along with our Restoration work, I often dread these questions coming up on a public forum. Many forums in general seem to generate more negative experiences than positive ones, after all, thats one of the reason people use forums, to vent. Lets start with why these products are worth applying to new Caravans and Motorhomes. Many dealers or sellers of these services will prioritise the ability of these products to make future cleaning easier, something thats true. We however are a business that specialises in restoring faded Caravan and Motorhome panels. So we feel the UV stabilisers in some of these products are far more important. These products if looked after correctly, will help stop the sun from destroying and weathering panels. (This is even more critical on newer full GRP constructions) Many Caravan owners are well aware or have personally experienced faded front panels initially, then faded sides after a longer period of time, depending which side is in direct sunlight for long periods. Rear panels rarely fade in our experience. This is mainly because the rear is normally sheltered from the sun in either a storage site or against a house. This is obviously the opposite way round for those that store their Caravan forwards on a drive for security reasons. The first picture is of a 2008 Freedom Caravan that had been stored in such a way, that the sides and the rear had been exposed. This Caravan had never been sealed with anything, just kept nice and clean as per most Caravans or Motorhomes. You can clearly see just how faded the panel has become, when you see where the Enka decal was. Plus the lack of any reflection on the full panel. This is exactly how most Caravan front panels look after as little as 18 months sat in the sun. This is where our Restoration work puts things right. However, if this was sealed with a form of paint sealant, then the fading should of never occurred in the first place. Why not just use a wax and do it yourself? This is of course a perfectly viable solution and one weve often recommended. We often ask a customer that initially enquires about our Tourershield paint sealant, if they are able to wax their own Caravan or Motorhome at least twice a year. The reason regular waxing is advised is because a wax will naturally break down after a short period of time. Where as most Paint sealants are designed to cure and harden, thus lasting and not naturally breaking down. This eliminates the need for constant waxing to protect your investment. Most people would sooner opt for a more permeant solution and spend less time waxing, giving more time to actually relax on holidays. Why do people think these products fail? Simple reason being aftercare advice, or lack of it. Weve all been there and asked the questions, only to have been fobbed off with a leaflet explaining things. This is sometimes the case with these services. Dealers are there to sell these products to the public, thats their job. However, rarely do these services get done by any dealers. They are carried out by professionals from outside companies. The customer doesn't get to speak to the company applying the product. They just collect their new purchase with the peace of mind that their vehicle is protected for several years and thats it. Wrong. These products will only last as long as you follow some important rules. Some providers will ask you to apply certain products to keep things Topped up. Others will say they need to inspect every year or so. Different companies have different rules. One thing that most of them will all agree with is the incorrect use of harsh chemicals. One of the biggest issues in the Paint Sealing industry, is the use of TFR (Traffic Film Removers) These products are widely used by Valeters, Dealers, Road side wash gangs, and even the public if they buy the wrong products. TFR will remove most PaintSealants in one wash if strong enough. This then exposes the unprotected panels below. The product has then vanished, and the user eventually thinks its failed! Hence why you read some negative comments across the internet. How do we personally know these products work? Because we spent over a year testing our product on a work vehicle. This vehicle was washed several times a week with what we now recommend. We never used any harsh chemicals or TFR, and we simulated simple methods that all Caravan and Motorhome owners could follow and replicate with ease. The test vehicle was then sent for some warranty work on a gearbox. This was subsequently washed by the dealer with a TFR product, which removed all traces of our sealer in one wash. "Thanks for that!" The same product has now been on our other work vehicle for over three years. The above picture was taken an hour ago in the rain. It clearly illustrates the protective properties still after all this time by the way the water beads on the paintwork. Again, the van has only ever been washed with the products we recommend afterwards. To sum up, these products do work and weve proved that. We also have many customers that will happily confirm this on several different forums, including this one if you type our name in the search box above. We are not the only business providing these services, so the choice is vast on companies to use. Our advice is to use the internet and look around. Its not always down to price and whos the cheapest. Its about confidence in the company providing these services. They can also be done on your driveway if you wish. Giving you the piece of mind that you can monitor if the products are applied correctly, if at all, in some stories weve read about. The last picture is of a finished sealed 2014 Swift that should look just as good in several years, as it does here. This not only maintains the maximum resale value, but also holds a lot of pride on the site for years to come. At the end of the day, we are the people who rectify the damage caused when Paint sealants have not been applied. I can assure most people that a visit from us to rectify a worst case scenario, will cost far more than the cost of these prevention services in the beginning. ! The choice is yours. Anyone that needs any extra help or advice can PM me though here if they wish.
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