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    Best gadget for ‘camping in the rain’ is a caravan. So we are sorted. .... John
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    When I see the houses for sale in Frigiliana, I always wonder how the removal men manage. And thank you - my best wishes for the New Year to you both also.
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    Nice to hear you are home safe see you next winter at ep kot pigs
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    Glad you got on board safely after your journey. Thanks again for all the info you have given us - interesting and useful for our future trips.
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    High John. It was very nice to meet you at El Pino. we arrived home this morning at 1:30 safe &sound . I look forward to seeing you next winter. Stay safe. kot pigsfly
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    Just thought I’d say I enjoy the blog, keep travelling and posting!😀
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    Safe journey. Thanks for rekindling my interest in the area you stayed in - reckon we be back there sometime soon.
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    Keep safe and thanks again for all your interesting reads agin this trip
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    Thanks again for your picture tour of your recent holiday in Spain. Interesting, informative and full of nostalgia for my navigator and myself. Safe journey home, just in time for the arrival of Spring.
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    Transported form cold wet dismal Merseyside to sunny Spain once again, thanks Jon, stay safe and travel well on your journey home
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    Very interesting day out JD, fabulous photos, weather looks great, and glad that you are enjoying yourself, have a safe trip home
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    AS usual, informed and informative. Thank you again and hope you have a safe trip home. All best wishes, Adrian.
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    John's blogs are always interesting and every ti me we learn something new. Thank you and have an uneventful trip home.
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    Eva Braun & Adolf Hitler - you follow in the footsteps of such impressive people Jon 😳😳😳
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    Another fascinating blog. Thank you, keep them coming.
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    It's a few years since we were in that area, your brilliantly pics and info are making us think it's time we went back. Thanks Jon.
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    Another gem of a post, well done JD, I feel the same as LTC, envious
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    John also writes about his trips in the UK. Often brings back happy memories for us or inspires me to try somewhere new.
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    That means we’ll have to wait a whole ten months before we can read your marvellous journals! Keep safe Jon.
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    AS always an informed and informative read! Thank you, again!
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    Thanks John for yet again another interesting read. We're going back to Andalucia in 4 weeks time and looking forward to the almond blossom and wild flowers. We were there over Xmas for 2.1/2 weeks and saw clouds on only 2 days. The night sky is to die for as it is so clear of light pollution.
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    Great Piccies and commentary again JD, looks like you are having a great time, we must try and get away earlier in the year than May and travel further South as the weather here is dreadful, yesterday we had very heavy rain/sleet all day, so we do envy you with that lovely sunshine, keep on enjoying yourself and stay safe.
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    May I add my Happy birthday sentiments to those of your visitors!
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    Thanks again for some great pictures. I have 3 grandchildren about an hours drive from you at Tabernas in the desert. On King's Day the town put on a carnival parade and then an artificial snow storm using foam. The boys had great fun.
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    Very best wishes for New Year John, May the ink in your pen never run dry!
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    Thanks for this report. It brought back many happy memories of a package holiday in Nerja about 8 years or so ago. We arrived on New Year’s Eve and had lovely weather for our week’s stay. We took the local bus up to Frigiliana - it was so picturesque, but I did wonder how people coped with all the steps! We also went to Les Balcon to witness the parade of the 3 Kings on the 6th January, which s highly celebrated in Spain. Happy New John - and very best wishes for 2019. Glen.
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    Great photos so thanks John. We were an hour or so drive east of you at Tabernas where we had 20 days of cloudless skies and clear nights over Christmas. Visited the zoo at Oasis Mini Hollywood on Dec 15th and I nearly got heat stroke! Great climate and we're back in late Feb due to flights as low as £8.99 one way.
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    It was a very enjoyable day. Everyone contributes some food, but brings their own drinks. Good weather, good food and drinks, and good company.
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    How I envy you guys out there, maybe one day when I finally hang up my car keys.
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    Brilliant! How talented he is. Love the photos.
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    Rumour has it that the figure flatters Martin. I couldn't possibly comment.
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    What a brilliant idea, keep the piccies coming JD, hope you are having a great time
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    Jon, the lake is populated with thousands of flamingoes from early February through to early April, they build their nests on piles of mud high above the water level as in the heat of early spring the waters evaporate and predators can paddle out on the lake beds and take the young chicks. The sight of thousands of flami goes from a distance is a wonder to behold, when the flock takes flight as one body the air is filled with a pink mass.
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    Safe travel Jon, looking forward to your blogs as always
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    Fantastic JD, stay safe, keep 'em coming
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    I have always enjoyed your blogs, I am glad you are on you way again. Today brittany ferries took the rest of our fare for our crossing after christmas so we might make it to Torrox yet, and after the help you gave me earlier it would be nice to buy you a beer. kot pigs
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    New knee done and Fred informs us that they are expected on the 25 of November Safe journey.
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    Are you going to visit the Valley of the Fallen this time? By the way I have an appointment to have my hip replacement on 11th December arranged by the NHS at the local private hospital. I am so glad the car prevented us from going to Spain this year or I would have missed it.
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    Looking forward to reading your blog again Jaydug - so interesting and informative. Have a safe journey. Bergamo
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    Have a great, safe trip Jaydug.
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    Enjoy your trip . Your a example to others your never to old to enjoy caravanning . Myself and OH always follow your blogs for interesting places to visit and information . Dave
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