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    Best gadget for ‘camping in the rain’ is a caravan. So we are sorted. .... John
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    When I see the houses for sale in Frigiliana, I always wonder how the removal men manage. And thank you - my best wishes for the New Year to you both also.
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    We live close by. You are brave to tow to St Annes chapel during the school holidays. The roads can be grid locked when the sun shines, its best to do the journey early in the day. Its a beautiful area and you had a good time ; always like reading your adventures John.
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    Very impressed. In fact very very impressed. John
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    Well done John. What a great job.
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    Spot on JD. A very professional looking finish; I hope it lasts you many years. I hope you remembered to fill in the old drain hole in case of unwanted and unpredictable aerodynamic effects under the van.
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    Wow! Fantastic job Jaydug. John
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    Very professional job and you were very brave to take it on. Our tray started collapsing round the plughole in 2016 and after much deliberation I forked out £365 to get a Caravan Medic to repair it using the SPEEDCOAT process, because we use the shower a lot. I was extremely pleased with the result. I just wished I had your skills and confidence to DIY.
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    Well done! Nice job and patience.
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    Setting up always used to be a stressful time until we sat down and worked out what the problems were. The first thing we realised was that we were both tired after a long journey especially after driving down into France, leaving at 4:30 am for the train then A further 8-9 hours the other side, so, we now make it the rule that on arrival after such a trip we do a minimum of unpacking, sort out the water, hook up and loo,get something to eat locally with a bottle of wine or a few beers and get an early night. This means we can then get set up in the cool of the morning. Secondly the awning was always a source of tension until I allowed myself to be educated how to put it up correctly. Setting up the awning is now a pleasure, we work as a team and its up with all the furniture and ambiance in about an hour or so, clothes and food packed away and relaxing or walking the dogs. We now plan our holidays planning the routes and limiting daily driving to 250-300 miles max. We prefer to arrive at an overnight stop in the early afternoon and give the dogs a walk then chill out for the rest of the day rather than trying to get it all done in one huge rush in a single day. We found it actually enhances the holiday.
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    Well done! I would have done the same. Of course there will be those that will say that you must be a registered Gas Safe engineer to work on gas appliances. Not everyone is competent to undertake such tasks.
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    Well done John, I repaired our fridge which is 7 years old and was told it needed replacing and cost me £50 for that bit of bad advice, after posting on Caravantalk I found it was the thermostat so easy to replace which has worked from January.
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    Love reading your blog again. It’s so interesting and a good insight to southern Spain where we haven’t visited. Hope the weather here as made you smile!
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    Nice to hear you are home safe see you next winter at ep kot pigs
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    High John. It was very nice to meet you at El Pino. we arrived home this morning at 1:30 safe &sound . I look forward to seeing you next winter. Stay safe. kot pigsfly
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    Thanks again for your picture tour of your recent holiday in Spain. Interesting, informative and full of nostalgia for my navigator and myself. Safe journey home, just in time for the arrival of Spring.
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    John's blogs are always interesting and every ti me we learn something new. Thank you and have an uneventful trip home.
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    I have always enjoyed your blogs, I am glad you are on you way again. Today brittany ferries took the rest of our fare for our crossing after christmas so we might make it to Torrox yet, and after the help you gave me earlier it would be nice to buy you a beer. kot pigs
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    Interesting as usual. Like Odd Days I didn't fancy the chance of being parked outside on deck when we booked a ferry to Spain but I would have liked the cheaper fare especially as we prefer the self service eating rather than fine dining.
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    Looks like an awful lot of money parked out there on an open deck. Don’t think I would fancy that if a big wave came over caravan/motorhome are not the most waterproof at the best of times. They only have the plastic windows. Glad you’re there ok.
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    Sorry to see that you have been poorly John and so glad that your fall wasn't any worse.
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    Interesting story about Malaga's cathederal. Hope your recovery continues.
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    Good Luck in your search, seems a good choice, spent many years at Saundersfoot in the 1950's where my parents had a static, now living about 30 miles from Tenby so know the area very well
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    Excellent blog, looking forward to the next installment, safe journey and have a great time
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    Great write up and pics, winter in Spain is something we want to do so I'll be following this with interest.
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    Hey! Safe travelling and thanks again for your super blog! Essential reading and as has been pointed out previously, a great reference! Thank you!
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    I am visiting the grandchildren just north of Almeria. Full moon tonight and today from breakfast to supper, it was warm enough for just a short sleeved shirt. A thin pullover for the evening. So you will enjoy nice warm weather as I'm sure you know. We are here till 13th and then back in early Dec for another 2 week stay. Perhaps we can meet up if you are nearby. We will read your blog with interest.
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    John - I cannot believe another year has passed and here you are on another winter jaunt to Spain. Your blog always makes for interesting reading. Have a safe trip and hopefully the weather will be kind to you. Steve
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    From the pics I'd imagine the whole side would have been replaced, new door and frame, probably two blokes 2 or 3 days, see how it adds up.
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    We too have enjoyed all your exploits and it is had given us lots of things to think about for when we do the same in a few years time. Thank you. Shirley and John.
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    Read the instructions?? Most of the time they are printed in Spain or China, with wrong words, or words missing!
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    I tend to take on all the responsibility of caravan stuff. I read all the instructions and I know exactly what to do when the need arises. My husband then helps me achieve the desired goal and steps in to help work things out when it all stalls. We make a good team - you'd think . ..... what happens in reality is . .... I order him about and tell him what to do because I've bothered to read the instructions ! He then gets annoyed because he doesn't like being ordered about. He goes off in a strop ! I end up doing it all myself and then have to ask him kindly to help me when I need it !!! It seems to work . ... just ! ;-)
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    Good and interesting blog. Very nice photos too which makes all the difference to a blog. Well done. You know, you could write a book with the experiences you have had. Pete
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    Thanks Toots. It's an Alfa rubber band driven machine. H.
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    I'm sure you've tried this already Honk, but some older machines will reverse stitch just by turning the wheel (Far right of pic) anti-clockwise - it will only be any good for a few stitches, but that would be enough to secure the start of a piece of sewing x
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    Looking good H. I should be very careful, too much info showing your prowess might lead to a life outside trucking. I bet there are loads of vans on CT that could make use your new skills! :)
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    If buying a machine be careful to get one that will cope with all thicknesses. Not all do, and soft furnishings tend to be quite thick.
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    And a Happy Christmas to you. We will also be with two of our grandchildren on the day. One, Jake, had his 4th birthday yesterday. What a day and grand children make it so special. I do hope your van is dry come the spring or the leak is easily sealable.
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    Wow shows what can be done. I am going to show your blog to my wife and prove to her that girls can use tools!
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    Good wee article there. It's the one thing I have planned for our caravan. I have had led bulbs in my motorbike and they were direct replacements no modifications needed. I had toyed with led strip ( the multi led ones) to replace the small spots in the corners . Will use an equivelent bulb above kitchen and replace the classic mace / fishbowl main light with a full led version. Need to do a bit more reading on it and decide what too buy
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