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    Just what planet are you from? What an arrogant and self centred attitude. So money is more important to you than peoples lives? Talk about Me, Me, Me and sod the rest of you!!! Admin, Please remove this post if I have overstepped the mark, but this character has really made my blood boil. Goforitt
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    Well, I had hoped the new tax would reduce the number of motor homes as too many are free loaders, not paying for sites and emptying waste down ordinary drains! I could go on but I won’t! Sorry, but that is the way I feel!
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    The government will be held to account when we have the next general election. At the moment we have an elected government trying very hard to deal witha a nightmare Pandemiic. We have the experts we have, and they are not politicians. For goodness sake everyone please do your duty by following instructions. Stop getting hysterical. The armchair experts and nay sayers on here are a pain.
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    Your point about the disabled is very valid. Your opinion that this country is run by a dictatorship is absolute rubbish and therefore demeans your point about the disabled.
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    I'm looking for some information so that I can make an informed decision. Is that okay?
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    Why on forums when somebody asks a simple question do people feel the need to point out they think the question is unnecessary and 'they know better'. It seems particularly prevalent on here.
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    I am in the same situation at 63 but I have a lot to live for, so will do everything I can to keep myself and my family and friends safe from this indiscriminate killer. So let me put things in to perspective for you, like everyone else on the forum you are entitled to your opinion. What you are not entitled to do, is in the clear light that others are not interested in them is to persistently peddle them. Fair warning they will get deleted if you persist, the Admins and Mods are under instruction to keep the forum as positive as possible in what are very unprecedented times, and those that break the T&C's by posting overly negative views will be held to account.
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    I’ve been a mountain rescue volunteer for nearly 20 years. In that time I’ve never known anyone set out for a walk or bike ride expecting to need to be rescued. But accidents happen. And in the Peak District alone, teams are typically called out over 300 times a year. Mountain Rescue teams are all volunteers, with families to consider. We are NOT equipped to deal with casualties in the same way as the NHS, any rescue involving a stretcher carry is going to expose a minimum of 12 people to a potentially infectious patient. We do not get paid for this, we do it because we’re good people. We have measures in place, but they are not even close to those that the ambulance can take, nor the fire service that I work for. I’m normally dead keen to get stuck into callouts for both services, but for the next few months, I’m hoping we have none at all. Show some consideration for others and STAY AT HOME. Anything else is extremely selfish😡😡.
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    Unbelievable! You muppet. And you had the nerve to have a pop at me about my trip abroad in February. I answered your post very fully, pity you didn’t have the decency to respond! I will stop now because, the way I feel about your attitude I will almost certainly post something that will get me banned from this forum for ever. Please be good enough to answer this simple question..... If YOU contract this virus will you still expect the NHS to do all they can for you? If so please justify why they should (if you can) You sir are a total (word deleted by the poster before it was typed, but please everyone, feel free to insert YOUR word of choice) Andy Bad language removed by Admin
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    The guidance is very clear indeed. It strikes me that far too many people, including a tiny minority here , are simply trying to find excuses to do things they want to do. No excuses. Follow the guidance, stay at home, maintain social distance and self isolate if you are particularly vulnerable or suspect you have symptoms,however minor they appear to be. To do otherwise is selfishly irresponsible...criminal actually.
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    Does anyone agree with me that the football industry should never ever be given a penny of public money from the govt?
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    I dont think it's unique to Scotland, the Welsh, Irish and English do it as well.
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    Sadly Andy, though that solution, including concrete wellies, and such as being rolled down a hill in a barrel full of nails, as a local knight used to use, is, in your eyes, my eyes and those of many others, a correct and apt punishment. But we now live in the snowflake world, where it is everyone else's fault other than the perpetrator. They will have a brief, paid obliquely by the poor sod who is the sufferer, who will coax the magistrate or judge that poor Johnnie only committed the crime because his mum wouldn't buy him the Beano when he was 9 . He's a good lad really, because he goes round to his grans possibly every 6 months and makes her some toast. The sad thing is that the judiciary are swayed and give poor downtrodden Johnnie a community service order, that he will never complete. The stocks, in their day were a wonderful punishment for minor crimes, being locked in them every market day, being humiliated by all the locals, knowing who they were and having the rotten produce thrown at them trumped community service order . Publicly humiliating these little s**** can be far more effect than a community service order or a swift kicking. Dey don't like being dissed .
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    In the mean time, the media, current and ex-politician , lesser know experts coming out of the woodwork should keep their gob shut, stop the criticising, stop saying the Government should do this, should do that and so on until it is all over.
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    Admin comment: Keeping things in perspective. Caravan Talk forum is neither pro or anti religion, pro or anti evolution, pro or anti the environment. As an organisation we were simply set up to provide a platform for discussion of our joint hobby of caravanning and all that leads from that. Now that activity is something that none of us can take part in at present so we felt that as the forum is here, we should do our bit to give our members a place to discuss that which is uppermost in most of our minds at this time. We are trying to help rather than hinder peoples experience at this difficult time. We completely understand that none of us wants to be cooped up at home when we look out of our windows at the spring sunshine - but for the safety of the whole population we have to deny ourselves the privilege of venturing out just now. Our Admins and Mods have a difficult task, trying to maintain control of the forum with members holding many diverse views - but we are doing our best and our thanks go to the majority of members who respect this.
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    I agree and we are expecting a rise in taxes so some one has to pay for keeping the country safe so we should not really be objecting. I would rather pay extra tax than be dead.
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    Get off your Pulpit
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    If you tripped or fell (it's called an accident) you could need all of the above, but if you see only what you want to see then you will never see the bigger picture - its called selfishness.
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    Applying a bit of logic to the whole scenario MY thoughts are that the “Essential journey only” advice/rule/request, along with the “please stay indoors” one is aimed primarily at large conurbations where there is effective, and frequent public transport that is used by a large proportion of the population (such as London and other big cities) Cramming everyone into buses and tube trains makes then in effective large mobile Petri dishes! The situation is similar in busy streets where there are large numbers of pedestrians. Going out in a private car is, to my view, very similar to staying in your house, you are in your own micro environment and separated from others. HOWEVER it’s totally impractical to issue advice/request/directions that are environmentally specific. For example do you say these “rules” only apply if you live in a large town or city? How do you then define a “large” town. What if, like me, you live right on the very edge of any town? Even if you live in the middle of nowhere it’s probably that you will, at some stage, go to a supermarket to get your supplies and then if “social distancing” isn’t practiced you are in the same situation as the bus/tube passenger. So, to my view, these are a “catch all” set of rules. Think of them like speed limits, they are in place to control everyone. The majority of people will drive at a sensible speed for the conditions so don’t NEED to have a limit imposed on them, but SOME won’t, so you have legislation to control the many because of the few! We can all think of roads where, during the day, 30 is sensible, but at 2am it’s inappropriate, but you cannot legislate for different limits at differing times. Same with social distancing, you have to have “one rule for all” to remove ant “wriggle room” otherwise you will get the “Well my town only has a population of xxxxx which is 100 below the definition of a “large” town, so I don’t have to comply with the social distancing rule” We ALL know that sort of person exists don’t we? Me? I am going to comply for the simple reason I understand the NEED. To anyone one who thinks these rules are not necessary I would say. 1. Look at Spain, ice rinks being used as morgues! 2. Look at the preparations at Excel, four THOUSANDS beds, NO-ONE is going to put that sort of extra capacity in place if they don’t think it’s going to be needed 3. TWO morgues attached to Excel 4. Look at the HUNDREDS of billions of pounds the Govt is pledging to keep people financially stable. That’s an eyewateringly COLOSSAL sum of money. Again someone with access to far more information than me thinks is NECESSARY, Stay safe everyone and do YOUR bit to safeguard others please. Andy
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    Let’s Talk some GOOD NEWS, shall we? 💥 China has closed down its last coronavirus hospital. Not enough new cases to support them. 💥 Doctors in India have been successful in treating Coronavirus. Combination of drugs used: Lopinavir, Retonovir, Oseltamivir along with Chlorphenamine. They are going to suggest same medicine, globally. 💥 Researchers of the Erasmus Medical Center claim to have found an antibody against coronavirus. 💥 A 103-year-old Chinese grandmother has made a full recovery from COVID-19 after being treated for 6 days in Wuhan, China. 💥 Apple reopens all 42 china stores, 💥 Cleveland Clinic developed a COVID-19 test that gives results in hours, not days. 💥 Good news from South Korea, where the number of new cases is declining. 💥 Italy is hit hard, experts say, only because they have the oldest population in Europe. 💥 Scientists in Israel likely to announce the development of a coronavirus vaccine. 💥 3 Maryland coronavirus patients fully recovered; able to return to everyday life. 💥 A network of Canadian scientists are making excellent progress in Covid-19 research. 💥 A San Diego biotech company is developing a Covid-19 vaccine in collaboration with Duke University and National University of Singapore. 💥 Tulsa County's first positive COVID-19 case has recovered. This individual has had two negative tests, which is the indicator of recovery. 💥 All 7 patients who were getting treated for at Safdarjung hospital in New Delhi have recovered. 💥 Plasma from newly recovered patients from Covid -19 can treat others infected by Covid-19. So it's not ALL bad news. Let's care for each other and stay focused on safety of those most vulnerable. Let stay positive people!!
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    AND possibly using scarce hospital resources so that locals have limited access. Obviously these "well stocked" motorhomers will be some of the ones who have raided the supermarkets and selfishly denied those in need from getting food and other products. Sad - really sad. Me,Me, Me !
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    Are we over reacting? I understand the official precautions being taken. I believe that many individuals are panicking by displaying greed and selfishness.
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    Thought you were one of the better guys on here Andy but your Bully Boy Key Board Warrior replies which are getting more frequent in my view are unacceptable. The Theory behind reducing travel is fairly obvious but if it also prevents even one accident tying up Emergency Services that are required else where under very stressful times it can only be a good thing and not as ludicrous as you suggest .... CT is a very informative Forum for friendly debate relating to our favourite past time not a platform for you to have a bite at senior citizens some who I like to think as Cyber Buddies.... Disappointed... GAS ...
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    Is it nice in your world of doom and gloom?? Come ON people, let’s try and keep things a little upbeat shall we?, this is going to be a very long haul until we come out the other end so being SO pessimistic now doesn’t bode well for the upcoming months does it?? Time to SMILE a little Andy
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    I say again this virus can not be mistaken as a cold or influenza as you will experience one of your most scariest moments as you struggle to stay alive . You will experience fevers as your body is on fire . During your illness you may very well have undergone one of your most scariest moments, which I don't dispute, however, since you have confirmed, in past posts, that you were neither tested for, or diagnosed with this virus at any time, please stop attributing your illness to the virus, I therefore question the veracity of your supposition, which is misleading to say the least. I don't doubt that you and your wife had a bad time of it, however, due to both your serious underlying health problems and the type of problems you have, an aggressive cold virus, but moreover an aggressive flue virus, other than this one, could produce the same effect, as mentioned. I am also amazed, and extremely dismayed, as I have previously stated that due to your ages, chronic state going rapidly to acute in such a short timescale, at this stage of knowledge of the virus, which would put you both at the most vulnerable, that your surgery ignored all the warning signs and failed to apply the simple sampling procedure at your home, for their knowledge and to potentially protect all, medical or otherwise, who may have to come into contact with you should your symptoms get worse. You also fail to grasp the known facts that the disease affects people in many various ways, due to many factors, persons infection with Covid-19, may be no more problematic, uncomfortable or symptomatic than the common cold, through to the same symptoms as acute pneumonia. Simply tarring every Covid infection by only stating that " When you get Covid-19 you will feel like your body is on fire and you are drowning. " without differentiating between that noted above, is pandering to scaremongering and striking fear into the susceptible, neither of which are needed.
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    Thats a pretty negative attitude In my view if your house is on fire do you really care whether the fire appliance that attends and puts it out is a shiny bright new one or a Green Goddess from the 2nd world war. The same with stuff in hospitals, there's no way they could have fully geared up for all of this in the timescales, just be thankful that some of this outdated stuff hadn't been dumped or destroyed. I don't think I'd be bothered if the respirator that's keeping me alive had a shiny new digital display or had an electric motor from the Titanic if it was doing the job. Likewise stuff that has a date on it isn't necessarily unsafe or unusable but it's easy to make a point or capital out of it especially if you've got your own agenda. And dont forget that whilst people are trying to defend or explain their decisions they really cant get on with the job they are supposed to be doing, which is hopefully trying to save lives - we'll all be a lot wiser after the event
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    While we were out on the front step last night, joining in the applause for the heroic NHS, we chatted with our next door neighbour. (at a safe distance of course). We rarely see them, as they both work, while we are both retired. She told us that her partner was currently in the local hospital, (Royal Gwent), having had a cancer operation and treatment. He is now in isolation as he had picked up a virus while in hospital. It is suspected to be Covid and he has had the test, they are just waiting for the results, hopefully today or tomorrow. She hasn't seen him for around two weeks now, (no visitors for obvious reasons). She told us that NHS staff are "dropping like flies" and that her partner was being attended to by staff in full protective kit, (lucky they can get it!!) Our neighbour on the other side is a Doctor of Psychiatry, (not a REAL doctor, her own words). She has self isolated due to an unexplained cough. She's now working from home, "seeing" patients via Skype. She is expecting a recall to ward duties if the staff carry on falling ill. She HASN'T been tested so she doesn't know whether she's had the virus or not. Both of my neighbours probably contracted the virus, (or not), because of people who decided that they "knew better" than the "dictatorship". By the way, I live in a terraced property on the edge of the city of Newport. I am regularly walking the "slum streets" for exercise, and find it quite pleasant even though there are no green lanes. I'm 70, and following a heart bypass last year, I'm doubly at risk. After last years operation, I'm also "not afraid of death", but I'd rather postpone it for a while. Have a very nice "lockdown", but please spend it at home. YOU might just be the one who spreads the virus into the hospitals and infects the hero's we were applauding last night.
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    Have you given any real thought into this anti Government rant? The rest of the EU need all the ones they can get their hands on! I seriously doubt that the existing ventilator suppliers are being frozen out of the contract for additional equipment, in fact I bet they are working flat out 24/7 BUT they, on their own, can only produce a finite number per day. There is a need for an enormous number ventilators in addition to those being produced by the “normal” supplier(s) so Dyson and JCB are providing those EXTRA production facilities that are clearly needed, so we can have as many ventilators as possible in existence BEFORE they are all needed. Andy
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    Your talking absolute mince mate . Your a Troll as far as I'm concerned your hatred and constant bullying on your Prince and The Actress Thread was somewhat bizarre and actually quite concerning and that's why I have come to this conclusion. You also are the only Member on CT who calI's it the Wuhan Virus again I find concerning . ! shall put you on the my CT Ignore List and will see no more of your Post's.....
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    Devils Advocate time: If a couple have a motorhome parked on their drive which they usually use for trips away. (Let us assume it is full of fuel) They have a fuel range of about 500 miles. They load said MH with provisions for three days from their normal stock at home...provisions they would otherwise be using at home over the same three days They have dutifully sat at home for a week and are bored with their surroundings. They drive in the MH to a more remote and scenic area and spend three nights 'wild camping', They sit out in the fresh air enjoying the scenery. They go for a short walk carefully avoiding anyone else they see. After three days, they pack up and drive home them empty their waste at home and their cassette into the toilet. Who have they harmed? What law have they broken? (Criminal one person commented above) They have not been panic buying They have not supported the local community where they have been but have taken nothing from that community nor left anything behind. There is just occasionally a 'holier than thou' attitude creeping into comments I have noticed. I will add that I am at home and have stayed at home except for brief exursions to do essential shopping. I was prevented from panic buying on Friday afternoon when I tried to buy eight bottles of beer to last me a week and save two trips to the Aldi store and was politely told I could only have four. (Curiously, had I picked up four Black Sheep and four other beers I could have had eight) It was too busy to go back round and buy four of another brand! I got back on my cycle with half empty panniers and cycled home. I have no plans to go away in the MH at the moment but just felt a little perspective was needed
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    You don't know if you are carrying the disease and are infectious until the symptoms materialise. That can take up to 14 days. So having become a "carrier" you then travel in your "sealed" car to a quiet site for a few days where you fall ill. You and those with you then have to enter 14 days total isolation and in accordance with all the advice cannot venture outside at all, not even to get water or empty the toilet cassette. If you become so ill that you have to be hospitalised you place an extra and significant burden on that area's NHS and leave your caravan companion(s) stranded in isolation with no support. If they then fall ill that extends the isolation period. This isn't demonising anyone. These are unprecedented times which require unprecedented measures and sacrifices. The expert advice about travel and staying at home is based on the lessons learnt in all those countries we hear about on the news every day. If you think you know better then I look forward to seeing you standing alongside Boris and his other experts at next week's daily briefings. I wish you well.
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    So are you saying that it’s the Government that is to blame for people being greedy and taking all they can and sod the rest, rather than the individuals doing so?? There does seem to be an attitude these days that things are never the fault of individuals and it’s always someone else’s fault, be that panic buying, tripping over a high paving stone, burning yourself because the coffee you have just purchased is hot and you were careless opening the top, slipping on a wet patch in a supermarket etc etc. I think It’s a sad migration of attitude from the USA who are madly litigious. No-one seems to accept any responsibility for their own actions nowadays. Andy
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    I am going to Southport and the caravan motorhome club statemant about travel as at 1700hrs today is pasted below Travelling to campsites Current government advice on essential travel refers to the use of public transport and travel to work, and for certain age groups, as part of its social distancing guidance. There are currently no restrictions on the use of private motor vehicles. Information is available here. Thank you for your continued support. Please do everything you can to support us with these new measures on sites which are for the benefit of everybody and will enable you to continue to enjoy your passion for the great outdoors.
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    Said by someone who regularly drives a car on a road where there are other cars that COULD crash into him causing serious injury or death if he doesn’t take SENSIBLE action such as brake and/or steer his car Andy Is it me or do SOME people simply HAVE to find something negative in almost everything??
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    Spot on sir!! It REALLY grips me when, when stationary at traffic lights or similar, at night, in the rain, my retina’s get burnt by the brake lights of the car in front (especially on some SUV’s because they are at eye level) because the driver is too bone idle to set the handbrake and take their foot OFF the brake pedal. On MOST automatics there is a safety feature whereby you have to leave them in P in order to get the engine to shut down and you cannot get it out of P unless the engine is running AND your foot is on the brake. Personally I wouldn’t even consider any car now unless it was an automatic, SO much better/easier/more relaxed for towing Andy
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    Were you actually tested, and medically confirmed as having Corona, or is it a “self diagnosis” on your (or possibly even your GP’s) part? I accept that you were both clearly unwell but it’s important that others, who are looking at the various symptoms you describe, know the answer to that VERY specific question so please provide us all with a totally unequivocal response. Were you tested for, and provided a positive result for, Corona? Thanks Andy
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    Being devil's advocate for a moment - I grew up knowing not only the name of my local bobby, but knowing also that he knew me - but more importantly, he knew my parents. It was instilled in me at a very early age that there's a price to pay if I break "the rules". Of course there must have been crimes committed but I am also certain that the vast majority of people locally were basically honest and would have "shopped" anyone stepping out of line. Times have certainly changed, and not all for the better. I cannot remember the last time I saw a real policeman actually walking through town. Sure I see and hear police cars rushing to the latest incident, often at break neck speed over the speed humps outside our local school. I also see the same cars returning at a more sedate speed towards the police station often just minutes later. Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-police but I do feel that it would be nice to see "the law" represented in a more low key and friendly manner by officers being visible on foot - and maybe actually talking casually to passers by. I understand that a limited budget has effectively dictated the way the police force operate but I do often wonder if this is actually a false economy, and society is paying for this in other ways. But I digress, and have drifted well away from the original topic of keyless entry so I'll stop now.
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    It shows the poster has used the Search facility or actually looked for a topic covering their enquiry, and it is preferable to having 2 topics on the exact same subject!
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    Hi all, hope all caravantalkers are coping as best as possible during these very challenging times we find ourselves in right now As like many of you we have had to cancel our bookings, earliest of which was the Easter weekend at Battle East Sussex we also had to cancel a fortnight booked starting the first week in May (car only) touring the French Alps then heading into Italy we do have a week in the New Forrest booked in July which we do not hold out much hope for. So what with all my work drying up over night ( construction) and nowhere to go we decided to fully set the caravan up on the drive, awning included Had the tape measure out trying to work out exactly where to position the caravan, needed to leave access beside the house,also need access to get in and around the garage, lots of head scratching huffing and puffing but it worked out a treat So we are now in holiday mode, red wine is flowing nicely, may even break into an early Easter egg stay safe everybody
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    A lot of the people now stranded were caught out by the very rapid change in various countries attitudes. And if course some were just plain stupid because they travelled out knowing what things were probably going to go wotsits up. Put yourself in the shoes of the first group. They are away on holiday or visiting friends=family. The are staying in hotels. They budgeted for a certain number of days. That period of time has now passed. The travellers have run out of money. The hotels cannot feed them for free. So where are these people going to sleep, or feed? Many countries have shut all of the hotels! The Govt are throwing truly vast sums of money at this crisis. The cost of a setting up some “rescue” flights is a mere drop in that vast ocean. HOWEVER many countries (such as Peru) have closed their borders completely so it’s simply not possible to send a plane to collect them. I for one am VERY pleased it’s not me that’s marooned, and I have a lot of sympathy for those who are. As for “The answer” I haven’t got any idea, have you? That’s the wider “you” not Samd. Andy
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    Here’s my predictions. 1. As early as today a few thoughtless people ARE going to get issued with fines for unnecessary travel. 2. The fact that those fines have been issued will be heavily reported on in the National media. 3. The reason for that is to “Send a message” 4. The fines won’t be issued to punish the offenders rather to discourage anyone else from doing the same. The rules are VERY clear The rules have been publicised extensively The rules are in place for a very good reason There will ALWAYS be some who think they know better, and it’s they who will (hopefully) get fined! We are off for our daily exercise shortly, I have the route planned out, it avoids as many areas I suspect might be busy as possible. Most importantly we will be on foot. The car hasn’t now moved for 6 days. And
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    It’s a criminal offence to “cause unnecessary suffering” to any animal, yet Dr’s must try to maintain a human life regardless of the pain they are suffering. If a vet did that they could be prosecuted. Wrong isn’t it? Andy
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    Well I never realised what an inconsiderate bunch of people there are posting on here. Government advice......essential travel only, recommended. Selfish people here still going out in their 'vans'. Probably the same people who are stripping the shelves in the shops so no one else can get anything. The NHS in Devon and Cornwall ( as it is all over the country) is under increasing pressure. People travelling here for holidays will, if they become ill, put extra pressure on our health service, thus reducing the pressure where they come from. Great idea. If you truly want to isolate when in your van, try wild camping for a few months, not going to happen though is it, you need all the luxuries and still determine to potentially spread the virus. Shopping is essential, but due to selfishness and greed there are people who can not get essentials,. Yes you could get the virus when shopping but people need to shop. What happens when the government stops all travel? SWMBO and I were due to go away today but in light of the advice given we cancelled, as have many other people. Thank you in advance for helping to put more pressure on all the services down here, including essential food and goods chain. Sorry for the rant but selfish people like this are behaving abominably.
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    I’ve just read all these arguments for and against “ go or stay” I think you need to read the SAGE report on this. it’s not about “our right to travel” it’s about our responsibility to others. remember if no one had left China then the rest of the world would be clear of the virus. there is NO argument excessive travel spreads the virus. yes you can catch it in the supermarket, but that’s something we need to do. In the report 8% of the over 80’s that get the virus could die. I work in the food industry and still going to work everyday, trying to fulfil this unprecedented demand ( don’t panic there is enough to go around) and will continue to go every day, but that’s something I and otherS not only in the food industry, but also the emergency services, supermarket workers, drivers etc have to do. we happily except the advise of our doctors to take this pill or that pill, well bloody listen to them now when they ALL say, DON’T TRAVEL !!!!!
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    In view of the fairly well publicised information/advice that’s been flying around fir a fair while now I have to ask. What possessed you to even THINK of going to anywhere? ESPECIALLY a camp site Andy
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    Don't know if you seen the Nurse on the News this morning posting a video on social media. She had just completed a 14 hr shift and was unable to purchase fruit or veg due to the Greedy People in the world leaving empty shelves. Pleading with them to stop it. Poor girl was in tears obviously getting very close to the edge... Honest to God brought a tear to my eye this morning ... Heartbreaking... GAS ...
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    And your evidence (as opposed to your wild supposition) for that, frankly bizarre, statement is what exactly please?? Andy
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    Wipe it with a bacterial wipe? I didn’t add that because I thought it to be blindingly obvious. Oh how I mourn the death of common sense. Andy
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    I sometimes use a bungy, that works as well
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    Yes. Contact us by email chuffed with your CRiS, boiler serial number and link to this thread. We'll raise a returns authorisation for you and we'll do what we can to repair that control panel for you. It has to be worth a try, rather than disposing and buying new. info at alde dot co dot uk
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