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    I take your point but as the whole van was regularly well polished, a couple of minutes with a hose pipe soon had the mud swilled off and the van sparkling again. Each to his/her own and I have nothing against anybody paying for a towing cover, it's just that I prefer to spend my money on other things.
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    Don't bother with them. Turn off at the gas bottle.
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    Look at the engine torque figures (the ones in Nm or Ibs/ft) they're the more important figures than BHP. Petrol engines often have more power (BHP) than equivalent sized Diesel engines but also less torque. Also look at the RPM (engine speed) in relationship to the max torque figure. The highest torque at the lowest engine speed will give you best towing experience.
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    IMHO, better to spend your money on a TPMS such as TyrePal than on Tyrons.
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    The manufacturers all seem to be as bad as each other. I had high hopes for Bailey, when they broke away from traditional methods and invested serious money in alutech. But they seem determined to undermine themselves - leaky front lockers, then leaky showers, then leaky roofs and collapsing axles. As a Chartered Engineer, I supported the move to have the battery and gas over the axle - but as I've found out to my cost, they've cut too many corners and Unicorn 3s (and some 4s) seem to have collapsed axles on a regular basis. As said above, I'd intended to buy a motorhome on my retirement. But I'm no longer prepared to put any more money into this cottage industry and its pathetic standards.
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    For goodness sake. Doors being opened and closed has been happening since the advent of caravans. There is an even worse noise and that's the sound of awning zips being opened/closed while the occupant trails over to the toilet block then return again. What is needed is for people to understand that we all use different accommodation and to be tolerant of any small noise that our neighbours make.. Except of course the sound of barking and howling dogs.
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    The electrician should put in a permanent feed to pin 9 and a switched feed to pin 10, each with its own earth. The split between battery charging and fridge will be done by relays inside the caravan, so that you do not flatten your leisure battery whenever you stop your engine. Any auto electrician should know this, but not all do. Any competent towbar specialist will know this.
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    Some do, some don’t, I do. I like to arrive on site with a clean n tidy front end. I clean the side of the van before I pop the awning on and usually clean the other side and the rear the following morning. Using Showroom Shine it’s a matter of minutes. I cannot bear having a dirty van at any time. Car gets a clean too. Before having a towing cover I used to have the yellow rail protectors fitted en route. They do deflect the dirt a little. We lost one on the way down to the Dordogne. That is when we bought our first towing cover. Won’t travel without one now.
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    I fit one after twice having damage from road debris to the front of the van. Now that I use it I am impressed with the ease of fit (but not all of them are), and the cleanliness on arrival. John
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    In the absence of clear statements about warranties on pre-liquidation vans or spares availability your pal has good reason to be worried! It would take a very big financial incentive to get me to buy one.
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    My hubby is deaf and very heavy handed. The number of times I have told him not to slam our caravan door is beyond counting. It would do him, and people like him, a world of good for a neighbour to ask politely for him to be a bit quieter as he might take it a bit more seriously and realise that I am not making a fuss over nothing. I honestly think people do not know that they are noisy.
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    Just shows how technology has advanced and how you have to move with the times when giving advice.
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    If they're anything like our 2015 Lunar Quasar with it's damp problems, rusty window screws and broken bed slats, they will be rubbish.
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    Why have a go at people for not being young? If you want to criticise people for being selfish that's fair enough. There are plenty of them and mostly not so old.
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    Silicone Spray before setting off?
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    Yes, twice, and your claim on impossible service and repair has not at all mirrored my experience over the 17 years we have had our first and second Hymers. The selling agent has never failed to service them, nor have local independents. All the serviceable items and the equipment fitted, is just the same as UK built vans. Here we don't make our own chassis and appliances, we source exactly the same brands as do the continental makers. So the parts and the expertise needed by the technician is no different. In respect to the only product unique item I can recall ever needing, a front window, getting that shipped to me was expediently exemplary. UK van unique parts, are these readily available? Now with the value of our GBP so sick continental van's are expensive relative to what they were in 2002 and 2008 when we purchased. Plus, you are not comparing like with like in quality, thus purchase prices are going to reflect this. In our two cases the adoption of a heavier duty chassis yielding circa 300 kg payload being one example, so with build costing more it is inevitable so will be the retail price. What continental van have you purchased where getting it serviced and repaired here has proved "impossible" by the supplying dealer?
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    If I was going to spend money on anything in this line it would most likely be TPMS!
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    I would remove them one by one and get a wire brush on them, preferably one fitted in a drill.
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    The description is too vague as it doesn't suggest what seat is provided nor a length of thread or shank. Have you asked your Swift dealer?
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    Am I missing something? Take out a years insurance with the new insurer on the X-Trail from now and then ring up on Friday and tell them you’ve bought the XC60 and you want it swapping over
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    Then my new friends, 'What are we the Caravanning Public' going to do about it?' I'm writing to JDPower, the BBC and Topgear - why not? Keep on publishing on here too and the club sites. Twitter is good for getting it out there too. If we act and tell our stories who knows who's listening??? Hit them hard ' in the purse where it hurts' and they'll eventually respond. With Social media at our fingertips we have the tools to get something done. Who's up for it? Oh - and let's see what happens when the people who are the controllers of this site realise what we are doing. Surely, they too - who ever you are must have a stance. Let's hear from you too???? P.S am no left wing trotsky or right wing facist either. Have no vested interests except my Caravan which ought to be so much better than it is. I have no political affiliations or associations. I am a recently retired Primary Head, son of a Coal Miner who spent a fair chunk of his retirement lump sum on what can only be described as a mediocre tourer. Surely the British Caravan Manufacturers can do better - they will too if we the purchasing public don't let them get away with it.
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    What not at all? Have you checked the car's wiring? Maybe the supply cable isn't heavy enough.
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    Because you don't want to start a thread on 2020 caravans does not mean I can't, does it?. I am aware that there are many different designs to suit all tastes I always look at all models/manufacturers before deciding on a purchase. It is nice to get natural light in through a window in the shower room instead of two very small skylights not even a Heki. I presume you have sighted these two caravans, you opinion of the caravans might be of some worth.
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    Have tried Bridlington, but prefer Provence.
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    Well like many of us my caravan is stood at home most of the time and handbrake is on as it is on a slope.
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    Very interesting range of comments. It was the capital investment thing I couldn't get my head round----70K for rapidly depreciating assets????? Like many of you, we don't go abroad as much as we used to simply because we can't stand this performance at airports. Our idea of freedom is considerably dented these days due to having to book sites in advance----not like the good old days when you just pulled in on reaching a nice place or got fed up driving. Now a touchy subject for many of you---another freedom in caravanning for us is that we both smoke and really enjoy it. AS YET, there are few restrictions on smoking in car or van. We never smoke when kids are in car or van, and always keep windows well open. Never drop doupies on site. It's really grand to sit and enjoy a smoke especially after a meal.
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    If you worked out how much every trip you went on don't think a lot of us would go away so much. ... Site fees, diesel/petrol, eating out, trips while away. Love caravanning, but its an expensive hobby. ... 😉
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    My Alko did this for a while, I suspect it just needs to 'bed in' for a while.
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    Our Pro-Tec towing cover is able to be unzipped in the centre and each side folded back so you could do this during your break,it only takes seconds,then you could see your tow car. If you look on the Pro-Tec site you will get the idea. Ian
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    Glad yours is all sorted ..hopefully that’s what they’ll do to mine . I’m quite looking forward to a silent van now ...it’ll be strange not to hear it scream at every junction 😂
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    I refer you to my earlier comments. For your own situation diesel may be the correct choice. For me and my current situation diesel is the correct choice. But that should not determine the advice that is given to others who may have a wider choice of options.
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    It depends on where you want it sited. As many holiday parks have limits on where ‘vans for their sites can be bought from the important thing is to decide on the park you want to be on and establish what their policy is. I’m assuming that is the sort of park you want to be on when your referring to a “holiday static caravan”.
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    Camping being the hobby it is can lead to being pitched in some TV-wise remote areas so getting viable terrestrial signals a challenge too far. With that in mind, I would recommend you seek a TV with a built in satellite decoder. Here in the UK only a small dish is adequate, and if opting for a free standing one you can move around your pitch, then there will be few other than very wooded sites where you can't get a signal.
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    What is there to “match up” to? All towhitches are 50mm diameter and are machined to a pretty tight tolerance (and yes there are a very few exceptions before someone feels the need to point that out) and Alko hitches are manufactured to fit those hitches! So where is the need to match them up! In addition the friction pads wear down over time (there is a visual gauge on the tow hitch which shows the wear) yet nowhere do Alko say you have to “adjust” anything to compensate for that wear, just replace them when they get worn down beyond the limit. Surely pad wear must be far greater than any slight variance in the tow ball machining ? Andy
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    Usually the end of season up to close to season starting again! Similar to car prices, often drop before new reg comes out.
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    I don’t think you’ve helped your cause by damaging it. Your dealer had it booked in for repair and you chose to try and use it despite knowing there was a fault with the brakes. Which has lead to you causing the body damage. As an aside, why would you want to use a caravan with known defective brakes? It sounds as if the dealer was intending to sort your brake issue, and probably still can do. But I don’t see them stumping up to repair the body damage in a hurry. Why should they?
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    Digital Uk Coverage Checker gives me better results than Wolfbane. John
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    Sounds about right. I was recently looking online for Swift Challenger 580's for sale, and I kept coming across Swift Fairways & Swift Chatsorths etc which I initially discarded, as I wasn't sure what layout they were etc. But after visiting dealers I ended up buying a brand new Swift Aventura dealer special, which a few weeks ago I would have ignored.
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    Resurfacing won't cure tramlines for long - it's the foundations that need to be deeper - diificult to close motorways for that long - many UK motorways run at several times their design capacity so are overloaded to start with.
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    Just one thing that totally destroys that theory................... Car brakes are silent in operation aren't they?? Andy
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    Try warming the old sticker with a hair drier. I've removed originals and carefully saved them in case next owner wants the lighter plate.
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    I would suggest you do a bit of research into the “real world” fuel consumption figures for the XC90. They are known to be thirsty beasts! Andy Son has just bought a V90 (4wd Ocean Sailing model) far more economical and a really lovely bit of kit.
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    Thetford should stick to Fridge's , the door hasn't come of on mine yet ! But the nearside front one did when we were away for 3 months and I fixed it "somehow" forget what I did will have look? Its still working OK.
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    'War! uh, what is it good for?" Absolutely nothing, say it again! I've experienced real War more than once, I don't understand why people would want to dress up and play war for the weekend. It takes all sorts I suppose.
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    I would suggest windows need adjusting and towcar type totally irrevelant.
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    Probably one of the daftest things I have done was back in 2001 when I agreed to help moderate a new venture called "Caravanning Online"; later to become "Caravan Talk". Even dafter was agreeing to become an administrator FOC. BUT I wouldn't have it any other way as the vast majority of folks here are great and it's a pleasure to be able to help, especially those who are taking up caravanning for the first time. Gordon
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    I would be inclined to go out and buy a 2nd hand dry van. Some older vans are quite cheap. All the above carries quite a risk of distortion.
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    Hi all. The winter season is upon us so it's time to get your van ready. Most, if not all insurance policies will have dates when you need to drain down the van between visits. These are usually October to March. If your season ends in October then just a main winter drain down, central heating antifreeze check will be suffice. If however, your season is longer, (mine closes in January) then you need to be well versed in draining down between visits. I do my own drain down but last year got caught out with a little water that was left in the boiler valve, resulting in a small leak on a visit over the Christmas period. Luckily, I could replace the part myself and the onsite plumber got me the part the next day. So please make sure that you carry this out, or get someone to do it for you, before the big freeze hits. Stay safe and enjoy your yourselves. H.
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    One factor that hasn't been mentioned so far is dogs . .. looking around a site we always estimate at least one in three have a dog. So that's one of the reasons why we, and many others choose to go caravanning, as holidaying otherwise would be tricky, or even more expensive if kennelling was added to the costs. Perhaps that's the reasons your site-neighbour goes caravanning, Blondchaser, rather than staying in posh hotels. John
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