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    Am I missing something (probably!)? Every CMC and CCC site we have been on involves arriving, paying and THEN chosing your pitch.
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    All good advice, especially the yellow button. I see people getting dressed up as if they work in an abbatoir - absolutely no need. As long as you're careful all you need to do is wash your hands afterwards. And I've used some fairly dodgy disposal points in the past...... Another tip is to empty it before it gets full. Much easier to handle.
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    Be careful to put the screw cap a long way away from the emptying point, one careless moment and it can disappear down the drain never to be seen again! Not done it meself, but I have witnessed someone else do it. Andy
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    Hi Eric Currie, Please send me the best number to get you on in a private message and I will get one of our team to give you a call back. Alternatively, at your own convenience, contact our Customer Support Team who will do all they can to assist you. Contact details below. Tel: 0345 9090 911 Email: info@whalepumps.com Kind regards, Rachel
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    Well I am seriously shocked by your attitude Ian. I really would have expected better from you.
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    Why debate and go into the minutiae of the law? Towing mirrors are relatively cheap to buy and easy to fit,
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    I don’t feel comfortable without towing mirrors. It would be like driving without my seat belt on-
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    Just in case any newby reads this in the future, the original poster has not returned to the forum since posting their problem. As always, this very active forum and its members have given many comprehensive answers but the original poster has not returned nor posted. We do like people to come back with results and how the problem was overcome. That is what forums do and the advice is the lifeblood of what we do. So come back and tell us the final outcome and a little thank you will always be appreciated by our members!
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    Must be me then as I have yet to meet an unfriendly cc warden. Mind you I have only been caravanning for 38 years so I suppose there is time yet!
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    Many dealers do this and for no valid reason. Go to any plumbers merchants that deal with LPG and buy as much or little as you want. The only thing to be aware of is the possibility of loss of pressure over a longer length and ensure you use the gas in the pipe when finished, and of course make sure the pipe is protected from tripping and other things that may damage it .
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    Personally I couldn’t be xx*£& to do all of that! I just drag the waste hog to the emptying point as and when needed, after all I’m holiday so never in any sort of a rush. Andy Clever idea though!
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    How good it is to know that at least one of the companies doing business with us is respectful of our needs. Environmentally good news too. Well done Alde.
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    Some years ago I was involved in a big car smash in Italy. Our car ended up in a ditch requiring us to force the doors open to get out. When we were discharged from hospital a taxi (courtesy of Red Pennant) first took us to the car in a wreckers compound to recover the caravan keys. The ‘in use’ set were missing from the usual door pocket but I had a spare set buried in the central cubby hole. After a few days recovering and waiting for a replacement tow car (also courtesy of Red Pennant) I took a drive to familiarise myself with the replacement, different vehicle. I went along the same route as the accident to the crash site. Leaving the wife in the car parked up I walked back to the crash position. All the chalk marks on the road and the debris in the ditch enabled me to work out the exact resting position of our car. Standing in the ditch I simulated the drivers door being yanked open beside me, reached down into the long grass and mud....and pulled out the caravan keys. I swaggered back to the car smiling smugly ....the wife shaking her head in disbelief at my insatiable Yorkshire drive to save money. “Them keys cost some brass tha’ knows!’
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    We often use the CMC sites but not at peak times as the prices are exorbitant. They say they need to put up the prices over school holidays to make sure they get a good return on investment, We have now got to the stage where the prices are much higher than independent sites and where this is the case, you cannot blame people for voting with their feet. Some sites are well over £30 a night for 2 people which is a lot of money for a bit of electricity and a shower. maybe it’s time the club revised their pricing structure? Peter
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    Can’t speak for anyone else, Gavin, but I just turn it off at the bottle. But I completely disconnect during the 3 winter months when the van’s laid up. John
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    You asked the CT members for their thoughts which they have shared with you, you now seem to be doing a lot of explaining and justifying what you want to do and how you would do it. As fellow caravanners who wash and clean their own caravans, many of the CT members are fully aware of how to do it without the need for you to explain, and to be honest you seem to be rambling on. Perhaps it is now the time to take your venture to the next step and do something proactively, such as trying to get some business in your area and getting the project off the ground.
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    My 2 local dealers both have all their caravans and motorhomes unlooked and you can just go in and sit in them all day if you want. They just say ‘give me a shout if you need any help’ and they leave you to it.
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    DVLA. Not fit for purpose. I worry everytime I have to contact them.
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    No it is not. Why do folks quote that? Against the advice of the various caravan organisations but NOT illegal.
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    Can't match that but we've had our Bailey Pageant Vendée from new in 2005 so 14 years and counting. We occasionally look at newer vans but the Pageant does everything we want, has exactly the right layout, and is still going strong. So we will hopefully catch you up in the next few years! BTW why do you say it's too big? One thing we've never fancied is the cushion tango before turning in. The fixed bed and comfortable lounge in our van mean we can relax in the evening with a good book, a relaxing CD and a glass or two of wine before gracefully decamping to the ready-made up bed.
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    I would just like to point out that my intention at starting this thread was more than a little “Tongue in cheek” as I am very well aware the subject has been pretty much done to death in the past. Regardless of how the wording of the law might be interpreted by the high court should it ever get there common sense says it’s madness NOT to have mirrors in which you can see the rear corners of your caravan because, one day, there WILL be something there that’s not visible in the standard mirrors. Andy
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    I don’t see what the issue is with a bit of splashback. Given a choice I’d sooner avoid it, but if a few drops get on me, so what? It’s only our own waste. I can always have a wash. And I can’t see how it’s any worse than cleaning up a baby, and probably better than picking up after a dog, which loads of us do. There’s plenty of people who spend their working lives dealing with other people’s pee and poo without any fuss.
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    As in all similar cases, including speed cameras, my response is. “If you are doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear” and that is very difficult to argue against (but doubtless some now will!) Andy
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    Red Pennant and damn the cost. Geoff
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    Towed Mrs Chief across Carnon Downs site whilst moving pitches once as she was watching TV. She said it was terrifying due to the rattles and creaks over the bumps. It'd be like trying to sleep on a roller coaster I'd imagine. Its bad enough trying to use the toilet when in a lay by with truck bow waves hitting the van.
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    As you may be aware, Alde and our user base (possibly you amongst them) have been keen for UK caravan manufacturers to fill with a 5-year heating fluid as standard, for many years. We're very pleased to announce that for 2020 MY onwards all UK caravan* manufacturers will fill with the same spec 5-year heating fluid. To facilitate this change in industry practice, Alde UK carefully vetted a range of heating fluid products, each conforming to VW TL-774-J specification (more commonly known by the product code G13). This process created a list of Alde-approved heating fluid products, shown below. Alde Premium G13 Antifreeze [Pre-mixed/ready to use] Comma Xstream GG40 [Concentrate] Fuchs Maintain Fricofin V [Concentrate] VW Branded G13 Coolant [Pre-mixed/ready to use] For end users, this should remove any confusion about what to top up with. i.e., Any of the above. All Alde-approved heating fluid products are magenta in colour, protect down to -35 degrees Celsius when properly mixed, and provide 5-year corrosion protection. Alde then partnered with Fuchs Lubricants UK to produce and supply an exclusive product to UK caravan manufactuers and dealers. Fuchs Maintain Fricofin V 50, a ready to use variant of their concentrated product, pre-mixed 50:50 with deionised water. This initiative will have huge comparative benefits for our end users and the environment. Environment The Alde-approved heating fluid is delivered to UK caravan manufacturers in Intermediate Bulk Containers, that are collected and reused when empty, reducing plastic waste where drums were used previously. Alde-approved heating fluid uses 20% glycerin in its base, reducing the amount of monoethylene glycol required to produce and dispose of. Over 7 years of ownership, Alde-approved heating fluid's longer life immediately cuts the amount disposed of by 66% compared to the blue 2-year fluid preferred by the industry in the past. End User Not only does Alde-approved heating fluid meet strict criteria for performance and quality, with direct supply to UK caravan manufacturers and dealers, mixing takes place in dedicated, quality controlled facilities. Less chance of problems down the line. Each new Alde system will be filled with Alde-approved heating fluid, so top up with Alde-approved heating fluid. It's all magenta in colour. Less chance of confusion. Over 7 years of ownership, Alde-approved heating fluid's longer life equates to only one fluid change, rather than three for the blue 2-year fluid preferred by the industry in the past. Much less cost! Alde thanks you CaravanTalkers who have shared your opinion on this subject over the years. It's an out-and-out improvement that we hope everyone can get behind. Note: Travelling abroad? Perhaps you're in Australasia with an imported UK caravan, and are wondering where to buy Alde-approved heating fluid? Visit any car dealership in the Volkswagen Group, they should have their VW Branded G13 Coolant on stock. (If ever you wanted an excuse to walk into your local Lamboghini dealer!) *Also includes UK motorhome manufacturers.
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    As one who attended the scene of, and dealt with, a large number of crashes (over 30 years) including rather a lot of fatal’s there is no way on the planet I would EVER not use a seat belt. I have an unconscious routine. I get in the car, I shut the door, I plant my foot on the brake pedal, I press the start button and, as the engine is starting, I buckle my seat belt. It’s totally automatic (I even do it when I jump in to reverse up and couple the caravan!! ) I was on Traffic both before and after the compulsory wearing of seat belts was brought in. Since the compulsory use was brought in the level of both serious injury and deaths plummeted! My only comment about them is “They work!” Add in both airbags and the very clever engineering involved with crumple zones and a modern car is simply brilliant at protecting its occupants in the event of a serious collision. I have seen people literally walking away from crashes which, had they happened a few years previously, would have almost certainly resulted in their death. I dished out many “vouchers” to people not wearing seat belts. Almost inevitably they would say “Oh I just forgot it this time” My response was always the same “The only reason you forgot it is because you are clearly not in the habit of usually wearing it. Here’s a reminder for next time!” All those dorks that fail to wear a seatbelt and get injured are taking NHS resources away from those people with health conditions that are NOT related to their own stupidity. Personally I would charge any such injured unbelted car occupants the full cost of their NHS treatment. Yes I do know that taxi drivers are exempt, in law, from wearing a seat belt. That doesn’t meant they are prevented from wearing one though! Andy
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    Once my gas bottles in the locker it stays connected until it’s empty.
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    I can to some extent understand people's reluctance to drink the water in a caravan, even to not use the inbuilt shower but not to use the water at all - to me that's just bizarre Every piece of equipment in our caravans has to earn its place or it's likely to be discarded. So we've always used the oven, all of the cooker rings, the shower etc., and never had any concerns over drinking the onboard water. We're all different I guess . . . While accepting that the volume of the water containers is not an issue when travelling, their weight may be of concern for outfits with restricted caravan payload.
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    You get what you pay for, Tourershine has been trading for a number of year, they did the front of my caravan and restored a dull and faded front panel to new, you don't get that with a bucket of water and a sponge. Washing and cleaning is completely different to the detailed restoration work Tourershine does, I hope you can carve out a niche in your market like they have in theirs, through a belief in what they do and the dedication, hard work, skill and hours of elbow grease.
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    You take the aquaroll and wastemaster out of the caravan as soon as you get to site so doesnt actually take up your accommodation space. When travelling ours sits in the toilet area and is the first thing to come out when we get to site.
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    You want try posting a response on a phone with small keys when your fingers are like sausages........ I'm just thankful mine make sense, let alone feature correct spelling and grammar.
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    I don’t doubt your knowledge and experience, shame you don’t have the same respect for others that have knowledge and experience in other fields.
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    All sorted, I took it to bits and the spring had somehow come out of its place. Many thanks for the help everybody.
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    Thanks for all the replies I finally got round to investigating the problem 5hrs chasing wires back pulling fridges out generally dismantling the caravan and I found the fault a rotten wire underneath the toilet (what a pain in the bum) Battery is on its last legs also but everything now running ok of off the charger/transformer
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    Ah yes, but some people wouldn’t be see dead in a caravan or car that’s more than three years old (like my pal for one) or using last year’s model of mobile phone. Appearances old chap, appearances! If it does what what you want then it makes sense to hang onto it. That’s certainly my plan having just bought new. After a few years of very carefully looking at all layouts we decided on a fore and aft island bed setup. We are great fan of fixed bed layouts. I know others reckon it’s “wasted space” during the day but we have a decent sized lounge and a decent sized (air) awning so we are happy, and we are the only two that need to be! Andy
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    I think the dealer is talking out of his...........bottom.
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    It’s more about putting a 1475kg caravan on an axle rated at 1500kg, no room for error, why would they not sit it on an axle rated at 2000kg? Answer is cost, getting away with the bare minimum, that is why according to long term Bailey owners the quality since the Senator 5 has gone down hill.
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    Don't assume if a cleaning product is the 'latest' that it's better than what's already available. Most are just re-branded products that are no more improved than before. In our experience, you cannot beat the reliability and longevity of what's already available from companies like Fenwicks and Autoglym. Also bare in mind that what works on one persons Caravan, might not work on another, and it all depends on a variety of different factors, including the age of the Caravan, it's construction material, where it's stored, and how often it's cleaned. I'd go with the traditional brands of products in this industry, because they have things fine tuned. Many of the 'new' innovative products we see in magazines or at shows, are just versions of these, just without the provenance.
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    No, coz when my one is stowed it sits close to the fairing which pushes the back out so it points towards the offside.
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    There isn't a hard and fast wind strength - it depends on direction and terrain as well as outfit stability and driver competence/confidence. If the highway authority is banning high-sided vehicles on bridges, then that's a good clue not to tow in that area
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    If the ATC IDC was having its power switched on and off we would be leaving huge black marks on the road surface and needing new tyres every trip because when it first powers up it applies the brakes as part of its test routine. I remember somebody on here had a problem with his applying the brakes whilst towing but can’t remember the outcome. Ian
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    I have quickly made a clip of a journey on the A8, just outside Roquebrune. The banging noises are the cooker lid which is right next to the camera, but the van really is quite smooth generally. https://www.dropbox.com/s/aysdk19ck4x70f1/towing_01.mp4?dl=0
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    Hello and welcome. In order to live on a residential park, you will need to purchase an already sited residential park home, either directly from the park owners or from the existing owners. You will not find a licensed residential park that will allow bring-ons. If you want to look at residential sites, then the website parkhome-living.co.uk has information and lists of licensed residential sites, it also has a forum for residential park home owners. There are some holiday sites which allow bring-ons, but you will not be able to live there, regardless of what some people may say - there are numerous reports of people who tried and then either the site management changed, or the local council started enforcing the site licence, and people ended up losing prettymuch everything. There are lots of places around the mainland that would fit the criteria you ask for, so your best bet will be to research whereabouts you want to live, then look at all properties for sale (not just park homes) but sadly it seems that your holiday static may have to be sold. Good luck.
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    There are some dimwits around. Few weeks back on the A30 in Cornwall we are bowling along nicely at 60 with the cruise on, starting up a moderate incline and I notice an outfit starting to overtake. Gets to the rear of our van and realises with a queue behind him that his car does not have the power to complete the manoeuvre, so falls back. Little later I slowly catch up with another 4 outfits but match their speed as passing that lot doesn't seem a good idea. Not so our intrepid overtaker! It takes him about 2 miles to do this, with of course a colossal queue behind again. And then a few miles on I spot him taking a break in a lay-by...an object lesson in how to make caravanners unpopular..
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    Depending where the hole is and it's size why not think about putting a self adhesive reflector over it, having first filled the hole with silicon to prevent water ingress. Also consider fitting one on the opposite side to match.
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    My honest and frank caravan dealer friend admits that the touring caravan industry is still stuck in the 70's, just like the car industry of that era sending our poor quality products to polite and timid customers. Until we kick up a fuss and refuse to accept poor quality construction, failure by dealers to carry out a PDI, and indifference in dealing with faults, nothing will change. I run a 400 unit storage caravan facility. I am fed up handing back expensive, poorly built and ill prepared products to dealers who lose interest once the owner has paid. I see brand new caravans with a complete absence of bulkhead bolts and screws, causing them to creak and come loose off the chassis, as well as countless water ingress issues, and brittle interiors and fitments. I speak with caravan owners and service engineers who find "faulty" water systems totally dry, meaning they have never been filled, commissioned or tested before delivery....Shameful!!! I myself I have owned two `German tourers [not faultless but built with some care] and would never hand money to British manufacturers who continue to take the mickey out of its customers! Remember what happened to British car makers who took their buyers for granted??? .... Bust!
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    Moscoils - pyrethrum or citronella in the Moscoil burner and lit fairly early in the day has kept our awning free of the little lighters for years. When the midges have been bad, we can see a grey "cloud" out side the awning door but inside it's clear. Living in the Scottish Highlands we have learned how to deal with them. For personal protection we use Avon's Skin So Soft, definitely effective and if it's good enough for the SAS who am I to argue. Plus the fact it does not contain any of the nasty chemicals other preparations contain.
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    Have you lost your sense of humour wispman - it's good to have a laugh occasionally. I don't have an issue with moderating on this forum but please please don't strangle it or people will be frightened of posting anything that could be considered mildly off topic.
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