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    Saying ' Things have to get back to some kind of normal for the sake of the economy or everyone will suffer'. Does not mean to hell with those who may die. It means getting the country functioning as well as possible with precautions. Initially it was a case of only 'essential workers' and those working from home. The truth is that, in the greater scheme of things, all workers are essential. They are essential to the general economy. For many that are currently not working and without a savings reserve it is essential to their and their families personal economy. I am quite content to stay mainly within the curtilage of my property with pensions coming in and savings set aside. The whole country cannot do so.
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    Thought this topic was about Caravan Sites Reopening?
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    You must write to them (signed for post) referring to your phone call and stated intention to reject the goods within 30 days for being not as described, unfit for it’s intended purpose and not of satisfactory quality for a full refund in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act 2015. You should remind them that under the legislation they are not permitted to deduct any costs from the amount paid and that the full refund must be made within a reasonable time which you consider to be no more than 10 working days from the date of your correspondence. You should also advise them what arrangements you wish to make for them to collect the caravan (there is no obligation in the legislation for you to take the caravan back to them). You should also report it to your local trading standards officer at the local authority. You can do that via Citizens Advice. Details on their website. https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/get-more-help/report-to-trading-standards/
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    Oh dear, how tragic - A Victorian school sounds quite good. I really do find it difficult to have a great deal of sympathy when there are thousands out there with significantly more onerous and stressful jobs and who aren't whinging but getting on with it. what about all those who been working their socks off in hospitals or other places - 10-12 hours or more a day, compared to those others stacking supermarket shelves till midnight or later so you can get your food and shopping etc.. I'm not suggesting that looking after a bunch of other people's kids is a walk in the park (I've got two daughters who have been doing that during the whole period of restrictions) but i do get a little cheesed with people feeling sorry for themselves when there are lots more who are significantly worse off . Just my opinion you understand and not intended to cause any offence
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    Very well put and to the point. Sadly there has been far too much bending over backwards to ' enable ' many folk of all walks of life, religions, cultures, colours, disabilities, sexuality and so on to the extent that we now have the ' entitled folk ', many with chips on their shoulder, who when brought up for say some misdemeanour, or can't get what they want, bring out the race, colour, religion, disability, sexuality card and what has been done can not be undone. The effect of this card showing is that people, including the police, authorities of all descriptions and the man in the street are frightened of telling the truth and saying how it is, for fear of being called a racist, bigot etc, so what needed to be said was brushed under the carpet, disregarding the consequences of not taking action. Consequently we have the paedophiles, gang problems, knife problems, murders and so on, people complaining about the stop and search for knives and other weapons only targeting one or two types because of their colour, no it wasn't it was because these one or two types are the most prominent in committing and being arrested for these crimes !
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    Here is a stark reality of the current situation from my perspective as a resident and business owner that happens to have a postcode with the letters LE at the beginning, and anyone sitting on their high horses pointing fingers from a distance pay heed. Regardless if you did the right thing for the last few months, regardless if you own a business that almost folded because you did the right thing, regardless if you actually live in an area that is outside the boarder of infections. When this localised lockdown comes to your postcode and there is a high chance it will. Not just your nearest city, the whole area that has the same letters as the effected city, which in many cases can be miles away from the effected areas. You might find yourself in a slightly unfair situation that your business that's only just got back on it's feet again, is tarnished with the same brush as the rest of your postcode and customers start cancelling again, and your emails stop pretty much overnight. You might find you're not welcome outside your postcode, even if the infections happen to be further away from you, than the next county boarder. You might find any bookings you've made to actually go on holiday or visit a restaurant in your favourite town outside your postcode are cancelled either by private email (the correct way) or publicly on social media (the incorrect way) All a reality of the current situation. Don't then start bleating across Facebook or other social media outlets of the injustices, because it won't matter. The brush has already crossed your path and you are now part of the problem that others can Talk about, assuming you personally were the one having parties in the streets, protesting in your thousands, licking trolly handles, standing 3" away from the person next to you in the street, and generally being the lowest of the low because you happen to live in that postcode. Those that have preceded to behave this way across the media and internet will soon realise that Leicester is only the first, and it might be coming to a postcode near you, and all the measures you've personally put in over the last few months, all the sacrifices you've personally made, won't mean squat once this comes to your postcode letters.
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    Nicola Sturgeon(First minister of Scotland) has suggested the 5 mile travel restrictions may be lifted around the 3rd of July, so despite your previous disregard for the present restrictions you will likely be eligible to travel South at that time. We are Scottish and have Children and Grandchildren in and around Lincolnshire who we have not seen since new year,however unlike yourselves we would not and will not travel to visit them until it is permitted to do so,not because we particularly wish to be subservient and follow the rules to the letter of the law but more we have no desire to jeopardise our families health or that of anyone else’s.
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    Very strange my car insurer only knows the car has a towball on he has no idea what I tow.
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    Spot on Ern!! These days it seems to be all about “Me, me, me” all the time with no thought for “you, you, you” I for one would baulk at having to constantly clean a campsite toilet block! Covid 19 has, so far, killed well over forty THOUSAND souls, yet there are so many screaming for all the restrictions in place because THEY want to do something, and the restrictions errr, restrict them If you don’t like the idea of sites not having all the facilities open there is a very simple answer! It’s a bit like people who complain about TV programmes, don’t know about you but my set has a brilliant device, it’s called an off switch! Andy
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    Err no! What was actually said was that if we get away with less than 20,000 deaths that would be a good result. The expectation was clearly that there were going to be huge numbers of infections that would require hospitalisation, hence the phenomenal speed of construction for the Nightingale hospitals. At the outset everyone was, to a great extent, totally in the dark as to how exactly it would all pan out. It’s very easy to be critical now with the benefit of hindsight. I have no doubt whatsoever that there were some things not done that should have been and some things that were done didn’t need to be. I for one feel the Govt did the best they could with the information they had at the time. They moved very swiftly to preserve as many jobs as was reasonably possible and made it clear from the start they couldn’t protect every job. What has become pretty clear is how woefully useless Public Health England has been since the outset, they have made the poor decisions and left Boris & Hancock to stand up in front of the media and take all of the flak. Andy Note: Disguised bad language removed by Admin
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    Absolutely agree. We have virtually stopped watching and listening to the (so called) news. There is so much political correctness as well as political bias that it has become unfit for purpose. There are some serious social issues to discuss which most people I know are simply afraid to mention, and hope it will get sorted out one day. Most people are not right wing or left wing cranks, not racist, not criminals and not (the law forbids me from saying what they are not). We are being treated as a minority but havent got any minority rights. We cannot discuss these things. We can't have a good laugh about each other for fear of causing offence. Remember all the Paddy jokes? and whatever happened to Chalky White? Will that name be deleted from this post?
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    3 or 4 on here thrive on it.
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    Why spend his money on an unnecessary report? The caravan was purchased 2 weeks ago. The aim is to get shot of it for a full refund ASAP, not hang on to it for an engineer to turn up. A report may only be needed if the dealer tries holding their ground and disputes the condition in which case trading standards can pursue it and get a report if needed.
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    In my opinion it's pathetic (apart from Guardian readers that is). There is so much in the way of guidance out there, both from Government and I'd suggest trade organisations - the CMC and C&CC seem to know what they are about so what is the problem with these other companies or even individuals. The Landmark trust have also got plans as do the National Trust, English heritage and a host of other organisations - what makes Centre Parks so different that they need their noses wiping as well It's not hard to see what is going on and plan for what might happen taking into account all the data & guidance that's flying about (plan for the worst and hope for the best). Why do people seem to need to be led by the hand (or nose), even to the extent of how to wash your hands properly. It seems to me that again, it's anther excuse to blame someone else (preferably the government) for their own shortcoming of lack of common sense. Just because the words dont specifically include an item or facility it;s surely imcumbent on those who are running them to sort out their own rules and make sure that they are applied - if they can't do that then they shouldn't be running a raffle let alone a cravan or holiday park
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    Ah yes, common sense I remember it well, although I do seem to recall reading it’s obituary a few years ago Andy
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    Competition laws help to protect businesses and the economy. Profiteering, or price gouging, left uncontrolled can have a devastating effect on inflation especially during times of emergency. If you really want to queue at the local shop to buy a loaf of bread with a wheelbarrow full bank notes then go ahead and pay the grossly inflated prices!
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    Hi Miggs, just come off the phone to our granddaughter in Northampton who we would love to visit but, as its a near 300 miles each way and the rules clearly say you must spend the night at home its not possible. If you travel and get stopped then you do not appear to have a acceptable reason unless you can satisfy them you are returning home. My take for most of the time since we had restrictions placed on us is that the 'rules' are quite clear-its when we try to make them 'fit' our own desires that things become vague.
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    So easy to criticise Boris with the benefit of hindsight. Fact was it was a total unknown with falsehoods and denials coming out of China so all the thinking and decisions had to be made ‘on the fly’ . Will it be different next time? I think so.
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    Let’s hope that these spikes register with those who would appear to have been to thick to grasp the principle behind social distancing the first time around eh? I feel immensely sorry for all of the inhabitants of Leicester who DID follow the guidelines but are now having to pay the penalty for the idiots who thought they knew better. Head, wall, bang? Andy
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    Well, I won't be popular, but it is *largely* the BAME communities that have been ignoring the advice. Just yesterday, after the lockdown was announced for Leicester, there was a gathering of people watching a cricket match being played in a public park right in the middle of the spiked area of Leicester.
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    So we are happy to drink water that "could" have been contaminated by anything and been through any number of kidneys, lead pipes, rivers etc But an aquaroll? no thanks. We have been drinking from aquarolls (dutifully cleaned) and motorhome freshwater tanks for years without a single problem!
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    We always use a large bottle of water filled from the site tap for our tea and coffee. would not use aquaroll water even though the system has been cleaned
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    A little tip I have used on a number of caravans is to screw a small metal plate under the caravan parallel to the floor and a couple of inches immediately below the hot water tank drain hole - additional plate(s) may be needed for drain and overflow pipes on an onboard tank. If water is then running from the pipe(s), it hits the plate(s) and you can clearly hear it from inside the caravan. Thus an audible warning of escaping water is provided at virtually no cost. Useful as a reminder if trying to fill a water tank and you've inadvertently left the drain tap open
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    Quite frankly I don't think that one should pass the buck on to the dealer. Everybody should be held responsible for their own actions and it is their very own duty to inform themselves before embarking on a caravanning career.
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    Fingers crossed. You can keep your communal toilet blocks, pubs and restaurants, I'll be content to sit in the awning and watch the sun go down with a bottle of wine! Or watch the rain bounce off the roof...……..
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    Jim Lots of people have given you advice now, but Legal Eagle is the one you need to pay attention too. He knows his stuff (it is his job after all) follow his advice to the letter and act quickly. Andy
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    After deep consideration we feel it would be wrong in this current situation to travel 500 miles through the country to an unknown and changing situation.So we have cancelled and might try again next year
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    Have 41,000 people died in car accidents in the last six months?
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    CMC has stated that they have been unable to train sufficient numbers of wardens/assistans to handle everything. They have some wardens/assistants who are unable to work. I suspect that there is more to it than simply that though. If you were a warden would you want to deep clean toilets all day? I can imagine both clubs having a variety of problems with staff, just like a lot of employers. CMC and C&CC have chosen different ways to handle the issue of toilets/showers and some people from both clubs as well as no clubs are moaning about it. There are many people who have been fortunate enough not to have been ill with the virus, and now they want to complain because the clubs cant give them 100% normality or a discount. If we get through this year with our lives we will celebrate and remember the poor ***** who didnt.
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    Andy, Under "normal circumstances" I would totally agree with you, and expect the price to reflect the level of services available to me BUT the situation we currently have affecting our planet is far from normal. If my paying the normal price for a pitch where facilities have been temporarily reduced through no fault of the site owners can mean that business continues to operate into the future, then I am willing to act in a charitable way and make a contribution to help. Gordon.
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    That's fine - don't. But I will.
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    You'll be fine, it's a nice little light weight combination. You will not go racing around, but none of us should be when towing a caravan and you'll have enough grunt to keep up with traffic though you might have to drop down a gear most of the time. There are some people who think that all caravans must be pulled by a Range Rover or X5 but that's poppycock. That said the match between car and caravan is close, so you will need to load it sensibly. It's not difficult. Assuming there are only two of you, as it's a 2 berth caravan then place the heaviest items in the car with you. I would load the fridge with what needs keeping cool. Lighter food items like bread, breakfast cereal etc in the van but heavier items like drinks, tinned items, potatoes etc put in a shopping bag in the boot of the car. Make sure that your noseweight is correct and you will be fine. In the UK we use the theoretical maximum weight of the caravan versus the theoretical minimum weight of the van to generate a ratio of van to car, which for inexperienced people is suggested not to exceed 85%. On the continent they would usee actual laden weight, which if you think about it is much more realistic. On that basis your ratio will be fine as long as you keep those heavy items in the car rather than the van. IMHO having the awning in the car on arrival is far more sensible than having to drag it out of the van. You can have a cuppa or whatever without it being in your way then get it out of the car at your leisure.
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    I love going out to the pub a couple of times a week but I feel uneasy to at the moment, problem is the majority don't do sensible drinking in this country, I bet the casualty staff are dreading Saturday night.
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    I'm going to have to stop reading this thread. I can understand and agree with most points made by both sides, and I'm starting to feel like a pendulum. This is a horrible virus - it is not just a type of influenza - and people who are afraid of it are right to be afraid. But people who are afraid of being jobless, of not getting treatment for other illnesses, are also right to be afraid. It is impossible to know what will happen when things start to open up, but unless things do start to open up, nobody will ever know. Somebody has to go forth and test the waters, and whether or not we agree with their reasons or attitude, we should wish them luck in finding out.
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    When people purposefully climb on trains and get electrocuted, walk on the tracks and get killed, go through red lights and get killed, cross a road without looking and get killed, swim in reservoirs and get killed, gamble all their money away, drink themselves to death, do drugs till it kills them, smoke till they get cancer, there are words to describe their actions, idiotic, stupid, are some of them. As these words describe an act, then anyone performing one of these acts is an idiot, or stupid etc. ..........................when you obviously don't know them. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words, I don't need to know them to determine if they are an idiot or not, if they purposefully do any of the above, they are idiots, end of, the only saving grace is that in most cases they only kill themselves. However, the idiots around the UK who purposefully and wilfully break the covid rules, as we are seeing in Leicester and possibly elsewhere are not only playing with their own lives, which doesn't matter, sadly they are potentially playing with the lives and livelihood of many others without a care in the world, if this isn't stupid or the act of an idiot, I don't know what is.
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    None of this news is of any surprise to anyone that lives in Leicester or the surrounding areas. Thankfully my own village is outside the effected area and I personally avoid Leicester as much as possible anyway, but for those of us that followed the government advice to the letter it's no shock that Leicester is the first place to be headline news and it's shameful. Any other resident of Leicestershire with an ounce of common sense that saw what this city was like during lockdown will say exactly the same. Very frustrating, very shameful and very disappointing, but the latest measures will not change this behaviour at all. That I pretty much guarantee.
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    Problem being Gary that yes, folk in some sections of the BAME community, but not all, can be more susceptible to covid, as are many in the non BAME community, due to many factors But this.............. Since the lockdown first started they reported that the majority were ignoring it and in complete ignorance of social distancing so this hasn't come as a surprise................ is a big part of the problem , the effect on them was noted and publicised in the media relatively early, it only came to light when stats were being studied more closely. Will the penny drop, it hasn't up to now, no excuse saying they didn't know about it, every man and his dog, cat, parrot and tortoise know about it, it has been publicised in every language used in the UK, constantly so no excuses, buy as always, it will be the Governments fault for some reason or other. What else can be done to get folk to understand and comply with, the quite simple rules ? The only thing I can think of is tattooing the word social on one cornea and distancing on the other. Even then it wouldn't click with some folk.
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    David, the answer to your question is simply because some of us DO follow the rules and guidelines. Just because some choose to do their own thing, just think how much worse it could be if nobody followed the guidance! I have no sympathy with those who deliberately head to predictably crowded areas. I value my life and that of others so will take the responsible action of either staying at home, or if venturing out, will only go to places where if at all possible I can avoid crowds. I am fortunate in that I am retired and so I'm not obliged to travel to work, and despite how stupid it feels or whether I agree with wearing one, I will wear a mask if I have no choice but to enter a building or use public transport etc.
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    So why is there all the outcry about “We haven’t been given any guidance” These businesses will have a very good idea about what they might have to do when they are permitted to open. Surely then they can make reasonable preparations in advance? I agree with you about ordering perishable stock etc, but that’s not the be all and end all. Maybe these business owners are incapable of thinking rationally for themselves and need “someone” to hold their hand and tell them every minute detail of what reopening will entail? That way if it doesn’t all go wonderfully well they can blame someone else. Just another example of the modern attitude that if something goes wrong in a persons life, such as scalding themselves because no one told them the coffee they have just bought is hot, it must be someone else’s fault rather than taking responsibility for their own actions. Perhaps the expression should be modified somewhat to “We haven’t been given a date” ?? Most campsites appear to be looking at 4 July as an opening date so they have clearly been making sensible preparations which indicates it can be done Andy
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    Some people like the doom and gloom
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    You have to quarantine for two weeks but are there any ferries? What do you mean by "how strict"? You can, if you wish, completely ignore all the restrictions the French authorities put in place. They are only there to save lives, after all.
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    I always puzzle why folk are so reluctant to fit towing mirrors. The simple fact is if the police stop you you could be fined up to £1,000 and 3 penalty points on your licence. On top of that if you were involved in an accident and you didn't have towing mirrors your insurance may not pay out, why give them an excuse? Pay the £50 for a decent set, fit them when your towing, better safe than sorry and get on with life.
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    The toilet issue needs to be taken in the context that at the moment 1 in 1700 people are infected and reducing by a third every week. So in a months time when we go caravanning maybe 1 in 3000? On a site with maybe 250 people, half of whom are the other sex so don't use the same toilets. On top of that say cleaning twice a day, just what are the odds of infection if you wash your hands properly after a visit? Way past my maths capability but must be very slim?
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    These will be the same folk who leave the ablutions on club sites in a disgusting state, and no doubt will continue to do so after they re-open.
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    Bunree CMC site has a traffic light system that works very well on the narrow long approach to the site. Perhaps this may be a way to certainly overcome the congestion.
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    No! No! No! Two wrongs do not make a right, Rutlandwarrior. 😡 The unsung heroes of this pandemic are the thousands of us who have stayed in our homes for the past 3 months (many like me going into their own lockdowns a fortnight before it was compulsory) … and are not going to venture out until the all-clear siren goes off. Without the likes of these selfless people the R rate would probably be in double figures by now ! Okay, I’ve missed out on a sunny day at Durdle Door, but at least I’m still alive, and just as importantly I haven’t killed anyone by passing on the virus. John
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    Same here, we had to cancel a couple of sites during May and I told them to retain the deposits - OK its wasn't a kings ransom, but if it contributes to their survival for next year then that's got to be better than them closing. Both were actually very appreciative and actually retained the deposit for my next visit (which will probably be next year) but I'm sure that their keeping the money at this time has help their cash flow better than giving it all back in one go.
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    IMHO they should all open with full facilities perhaps with extra cleaning regime in place (twice per day instead of once per day) It would be for individuals to decide if they wanted to use the facilities. Yes, apparently you can catch it from virus left on solid surfaces...but if you use basic hand hygene you can reduce the risk to almost nil. I don't think you can catch it from the toilet seat (just like certain other disieases!) just by sitting on it. and again basic hand hygene reduces any risk. Showers - you are washing and using soap (not favoured by viruses) and if you finish with basic hand hygene before leaving again the risk is minimal. A lot of the risks can be greatly reduced by simple common sense.
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    Another ill thought out scheme. The country is in recession, paying out billions to keep people off work. And now the government have decided it can afford millions more to encourage drivers to scrap perfectly good cars for electric, when the infrastructure is nowhere near ready to support them. I wonder if they have sufficient charging points at Castle Bernard.
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    The most expensive mistake an old friend of mine made was buying a caravan way to heavy for his tow car. So do your homework or it can be a nightmare
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