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    We have this week sold our caravan and I decided to share my opinions on the experience with members. Now we have been thinking of selling for around a year so I had monitored prices - particularly on eBay - knowing full well that I cannot achieve dealers prices so looked only at private sales. From that I determined a price that I would be happy with. I had to bear in mind that storage costs (of £540) were due in 1st week of March and that CAMC insurance was due 2nd February. I wanted ideally to get to newbies and others wanting to change early in the year rather than late Autumn - I'm guessing April would be the ideal time but by then, I would have paid storage and insurance. The storage company said I could pay for just 3 months and CAMC would reimburse the insurance premium for the unused period subject to a fixed fee being applied. I decided initially to use eBay and Facebook Sell & Seek. I am a regular eBay user and seller with over 2,000 feedback so I know the scams and tyrekickers will come out in force. The caravan went on eBay 3 days ago and today it was paid for in cash and collected. Both the buyer and myself are really happy with the sale. My price that I set was a price I was happy with and I decided not to be too greedy as it would take weeks or months to sell. Most of the eBay interest was genuine though most wanted to know my 'best price' - which was £250 less than the Classified price shown. I told anyone who asked what my 'best price' was and kept it at the same amount so that I didn't have to keep a note of what I had said to different people. My listing had the full allowance of 12 photos - 2 outside and 10 inside. The description was full, detailed and easily readable rather than the standard default eBay text size and colour. I think I came away as an honest seller. It was nearly sold within 24 hours to a dealer in Blackpool who pulled out because there was not enough margin for him. It was sold to a private buyer who had had the identical model and year but had changed it for a twin axle which for him was a big mistake. This morning he drove 3 hours down from Northumberland, paid cash and was happy with the agreed price with no last minute price haggling. Facebook Sell & Seek was a different kettle of fish. It was the local one for my town and every single enquiry in those three days - 12 in total - were chancers. Not one single person on FB asked for details of the van, whether they could view it or anything. All dropped up to £2,000 off the price and said they would pay cash straight away. I think they had done a search for a similar price and wanted to make a quick buck. Noyone queried layout or any of the questions we as users of CT would want to ask. So - in my opinion - Sell & Seek was a waste of time and eBay was the best solution. I had planned on also using CT and Gumtree but didn't have time at the end of it to put it up there for sale. Three days and we avoid all the extra costs due in the next 4 weeks so we are very happy. My eBay selling costs were £10.50. One final thing that may be of interest to members is the depreciation. We bought a 4 berth Pageant that was 3 years old and sold it after using it for 7 years. We were not at all interested in buying it to sell - we bought it to use it so never thought of the depreciation costs. We all know that if we look at caravanning costs in too much detail we may not take up this great hobby! Our depreciation cost £650 per year over the 7 years and that surprised me as I thought it would be more. A new van could depreciate by £5,000 in the first year so we are well pleased with our caravanning time over the last 13 years. It has now come to an end as we will be visiting grandchildren in Spain more and my SIL has built us a sort of 3 bedroomed villa there. We will also explore cottages, statics or even AirBnB as we look to the future. We have had a great time caravanning, met some lovely people and seen more of this country caravanning than we had in our whole previous life. But in our seventies we wanted a change. I would like to thank all members of CT as I think it is a great forum that provides superb user advice to anyone entering caravanning - sometimes even too much advice! I am not leaving CT but will stand back more and watch from the sidelines as long as Admin don't mind me not owning a caravan anymore. Do continue to provide advice and thoughts to other members - this is a great forum that I think is only softly moderated - mind you, I am biased there! Thank you all.
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    With white smoke and black smoke, you don't think the OP's car is trying to vote in a new Pope?
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    Using the mover to reverse the van will not activate the brake reverse mechanism. When you park the van as long as it is on level ground, or slightly downhill forward, the brake will activate normally when you apply the handbrake. If the ground is sloping downhill backwards, then the van will roll back after you apply the handbrake until the reverse mechanism kicks in.
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    We've regularly used hotels for short 'city breaks' but not for a full holiday. You hear all kinds of horror stories and general grumbling about hotels. The beauty of our caravan holidays is that there is very little to grumble about ( you wouldn't believe that to listen to some folk - they wouldn't be happy in Heaven! ). We cannot grumble about the accommodation - it's ours and we chose it! We cannot grumble about the food - we prepare our own meals! We cannot grumble about the location - we chose it and can move if we want! John.
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    From the very existence and persistence of the thread you can tell it is largely the closed season for most campers, with so many with "cabin fever" not getting out in their caravans and so left with not a clue how to get through the day.
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    We have met people who will not accept that they are camping because they use a motor caravan (or Camper, or Camping Car as they are known on the Continent). The original British version of these van conversions were called Caravanettes. People usually refer to their motor caravans as motorhomes. They often park their motor caravans on pitches on campsites but also Aires, sea fronts, car parks, rough ground just outside the entrance to camp sites etc. At no time do they believe they are camping. In my opinion its all "Blarney" because we are all campers, camping, on campsites.
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    It would appear, reading between the lines on this topic, that the propensity for a cars windows to freeze in winter may be indirectly related to the owners employment status. Those in full time employment suffer much more from the rigours of iceing. Those having retired from such a humdrum existance much less so. Could this be a result of the calming mental waves emitted by retired folk as they lay back with the first cuppa of the day contemplating the day ahead (and in some casese being thankful for having woken again). Apparently these mental waves create a slightly warmer micro climate around their cars. Those in work however suffer the consequent stresses of deadlines, workload and such like, creating negative (cold) energy which surrounds them extending as far as their car. .. Just a thought
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    I while ago now a bit of “discussion” took place about Baileys claim to be using one piece chassis. I disagreed at the time (pretty strongly!!) WELL I WAS WRONG Having just picked up my new Phoenix Platinum I had a look underneath (just to confirm what I said) and lo and behold what did I see??? A ONE PEICE chassis So to whoever it was that raised the issue, I apologise unreservedly, you WERE right and I was wrong. Andy (If anyone wants me you can find me hiding under a stone)
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    From your previous posts you have a 2018 Bucaneer? This is positioned as the UK’s most luxurious caravan. Surely you should be able to trust the shower it should be sealed obviously after use then you need to ventilate to remove condensate. Whether or not you want to use your shower is upto you as you can see by the responses some use them some don’t. But not using shower because you are worried it will cause damage seems to me a bit like having a Ferrari and never getting out of 3rd gear.
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    I retired March 31st 1994! Car iced up? Put another log on the woodburning stove and get the latest book out😀 The End Ian Kershaw
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    On our CASSOA site you have to prove you have insurance . I don't think a CASSOA site would pay out for the losses of a third party.
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    After waiting for over 4 months since we put our deposit down on our new 2019 Buccaneer Aruba, the day was set for delivery, February 1st 2019. We were really looking forward to it. Mrs CD decided it would be a great idea to book a site local to the dealer for two nights. The Friday and Saturday. That would give us a great opportunity to fully test the caravan and get to grips with everything in close proximity to the dealer. Just in case. Great idea. Booked. Key facts. This was our FIRST caravan. EVER. I had only towed ONCE before. Two weeks ago at the Manchester Caravan show for 20 minutes dragging a small van with a Volvo around the Trafford Centre. Literally to try to get a feel for it. No issues. All good. Still never hitched a caravan up though. Never used E&P levelling. Never used Motor Movers. Nothing. Arrived at the dealers on Friday at about 12pm. Car packed with everything we needed for the weekend. The plan was to have a detailed handover, get the van set up at the site and then Mrs CD would drive the 70-odd miles back to West Yorkshire to collect the 14 year old Daughter, after she returned home from school, and the Dog and drive back to the site for our two night adventure. In the week leading up to the Friday we watched the forecasts VERY closely and the snow that had been forecast on and off for a number of days, looked like it had hit the South and the North of England looked clear and would miss out on the white stuff for the weekend. Wrong. It started snowing quite heavily during the handover process at Catterick, but wasn’t lying so didn’t seem too bad. After a few more hours, around 2:30pm we decided that we would pospone until another weekend and left the dealership after 90% of the handover was completed. We decided to take the 10 minute detour to the campsite on our way home to see what it was like . Scar Close in Hudswell. Nice little CL. Great spot hardly any snow. Perfect. Sod it we thought let’s go and get the van. Called the dealer and said “get everything ready” we ARE taking it this afternoon. We literally rushed through the final bits, paid the balance on the Caravan and hooked up and left the dealership at 4pm. We knew we had to get to the site in 15-20 minutes to give ourselves 40 minutes of final day light to get it all set up. Remember, we’ve never done this before. First time. Driving with the MASSIVE van for the first time. How was that? Good. All good. It felt fine. I was very focused and careful but I was okay with it. Taking it easy. As we came into the centre of Richmond Sat Nav was trying to take us down a road we didn’t like the look of. I drove past to get to the next option, but in the confusion Sat Nav had re-routed to take us around a loop and back down the original road. I turned right up a hill to follow the re-route. BIG mistake. As we climbed higher and higher, We had to stop to take stock. The next right hand turn was way too tight and steep to attempt. We couldn’t turn right. We couldn’t go back. No room to turn around. The only option was straight on. In a hope to find a turning point. After another 5-10 minutes of climbing on what was now a narrow country lane and in at least 4-5 inches of snow covering the entire road, narrowly missing a rogue Pheasant running across the snow covered road, we had to stop again. We let a car past us and asked if there was anywhere further up that could enable us to turn this massive rig around. “Yes, follow me” said this chap, “There’s a t-junction half a mile further up this road”. Great, Tried to set off, no chance, even the Range Rover Sport was having none of it. Spinning out and even in Snow and Gravel mode; No chance. Every time I tried to get going the car was sliding and the caravan was starting to drag us back down the lane. Job was knackered. Snow was now coming down VERY heavy and it was starting to get dusk. It was about 4:30pm. Mrs CD had a great idea. Unhook it, and turn it on the Motor Movers. Then get the car past and hook it back up. Go back down the lane and find our way. Great idea Mrs CD! That's what we did. My very first time of unhitching and using the motor movers was in the dusk, in heavy show and on a hill covered in snow. What a baptism of fire. I mean really? At this point the adrenaline had kicked and I went into survival mode, or Bear Grylls mode. The motor movers were FANTASTIC. I mean they really saved us that night. The drama continued quite a while as I was assisted by a few very kind locals in getting the caravan turned and re-hitched. We made it back down and through Richmond and by the time we got to the site, the snow was VERY heavy and we had about 6 inches on the ground. Enough to cover your foot when you walked in it. Oh and by this time it was pitch black outside. We arrived on site at 5:20pm. After leaving the dealer at 4pm 10 miles away! By 7pm everything was up and running. First time. I set off to do the journey back to West Yorkshire to collect the Daughter and Dog. Arrived back to the site at 11pm (delayed slightly after the A1 was shut due to an accident!) and opening the wine. Mrs CD had set up all the new bedding, put all of the cutlery and crockery away and made our new home 100% ready. You couldn’t write it. But we did it. What an introduction. WE LOVE IT. We love our new found adventure. We love our new caravan. Although it was dropped back at the dealers on Sunday to get some snagging sorted and we collect it again next weekend. The CD’s.
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    Could you not take a seat further away from the dashboard?
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    Our vacuum cleaner is brilliant, I lift my feet up on command and the next time I look its spotless
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    If you define Camping as to make camp, then if the basis of the camp is a caravan, it could still be classed as camping. If the basis of the camp is a tent, then it is tent camping as opposed to caravan camping.
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    And in the real world who is going to tell the insurance company that they were doing it for payment? I have helped other people out on forums before and taken payment for moving their stuff, i wont make a special journey just for them but if i am already heading in the general direction it works out well for everyone. I get my fuel costs covered and they get cheap transport. When i have done it though i have made it explicitly clear that anything i am moving is not insured by me and if it goes missing or gets damaged thats there problem. In this instance the owners insurance should cover it being moved by another person, i know mine allows friends and family to use my caravan and will pay out if they damage towing it. So if anyone asks you are just good friends helping each other out. in the un-likely event of an accident It is of no ones benefit to try and shaft the other as all that means is no one will be insured and all loose out.
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    Are we talking about Axle? if so Bailey is using the same tactic " overloaded or pothole damage" to avoid paying on warranty claim.
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    Take care, there’s some dodgy old drivers around there! 🤪
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    😁 Surely you must realise no one is interested in "facts" these days.
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    This is what I do after seeing a van run away downhill It may not be what the OP asked, however, it is the safest way to do it, in my limited experience.
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    JTQ You have obviously forgotten that the NCC is an organisation paid for, and who’s prime purpose is to represent, the leisure vehicle TRADE and their interests, not the consumer. I wonder just how many caravans that have been purchased over the last, say five years, left the dealerships WITHOUT a leisure battery! I bet it’s a VERY small percentage but STILL the NCC “choose” to leave the weight of an LB out of the MIRO. ANDY
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    It's the only civilised way - unless a butler is affordable
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    The problem is that those who bang on about not wanting showers and full ovens etc. , don’t buy the caravans when a manufacturer responds to that wish. Swift tried it a handful of years ago, but sales were very poor indeed, so. ...........
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    It never occurred to me to do anything else. I have, however discovered an even simpler way. I wait until the Alde control panel starts to flash; at which point I know the bottle is empty. I then go out and transfer the adaptor from one bottle to the other; at which point I know the bottle is full
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    That's a hell of a TV aerial on the back!!!

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