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    I would like to wish all members of this forum a Happy Christmas and a Brilliant Caravanning 2020, also I would like to thank everyone on here for making Caravan Talk the best forum for our hobby, The Caravan and Camping Club claim they are the "Friendly Club" Caravan Talk is definitley the Friendly Caravan Forum.
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    There was me thinking I’m getting pretty good at this hitching up lark!!.. Just been to get the monster from storage, absolutely no problems, got onto the motorway and thought ‘that’s a bit more wobbly than usual’ tends to be a bit lively when it’s empty. Luckily only have to do 3 miles on the motorway and no wind and nothing bigger than a transit passed me. Got home, on the drive and found had not put the big lever down!! At least it proves the stabiliser pads work..👍 Morale of the story, no matter how competent you are, check, check again and if your not sure check again, dont get complacent like this incompetant😂 i was lucky and hopefully not not an error I will make again, hopefully🤔
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    The only attacks on diesels are from owners that think the government will attack diesels.
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    I'm confident that my diesel Tiguan will sell well, and at the same time I'm confident my next car will be diesel, only diesel engines suit SUV cars of my size. The claims of doom for diesel does not hold up when you look at the petrol driven SUV which return about 10mpg less than a equivalent diesel .
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    I've never met a Grumpy warden on any campsite. I'm sure much of the reported confrontations come from campers who think that the site rules apply only to other people and not to themselves. I always have respect for Wardens who apply the rules firmly and fairly,,,, that way the site is a pleasant place for all.
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    Being a rampant 3-wheeler fanatic back in the day, ('67 to '81) I feel duty-bound to correct you on some 3-wheeler 'folk law'. The ground-breaking Bond 875 (one of the earliest cars to be fitted with radial tyres) was made by Bond (of previous put-put 3 wheeler fame) in Preston, whereas the 'Bond Bug' was actually a Reliant (made in Tamworth) based on the Reliant Regal chassis & running gear & had no Bond components. Reliant, so the story goes, with their inferior product bought-up Bond as they couldn't stand the competition & the Bug was their first try at copying Bond's press-moulding of bodies in two sections (top & bottom with no chassis) from a dough mix (as apposed to expensive hand lay-up of GF). Not having the confidence of Bond (or perhaps they were somewhat ashamed of 'stealing' the technology) they still used a full chassis & hid behind the Bond name. It cost MORE to buy than a standard Reliant (or the previous Bond 875, or a Mini) at the time, & still handled like the gutless & unstable Reliant it actually was. Whereas the Bond 875 was something of a wolf in sheep's clothing & (despite de-tuning) was more powerful, & exceptionally stable, in comparison with most 'family' cars of the day (late 60's to early 70's). 90+mph was standard! Oh the memories......I fitted a starting handle, rear anti-roll bar & a heater matrix (off the Imp) to mine (very worthwhile items!), The front mounted fuel tank (underneath the spare wheel) being more like a potential nightmare than a pleasant memory LOL. Doesn't reminiscing about cars give you a warm glow! I could go on for hours, but I'll spare you all LOL. Sufficient to say it is a much-missed car.
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    I have had a "strange body problem for the past 70 years +
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    From long watching of caravan forums, most first-timers modify their needs/wants after a year or two's caravanning so I'm with AlwynMike as well.
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    I wouldn’t! I’b buy the best you can afford after spending time looking around, that’s what we did and no regrets. If I had bought some of the older vans we looked at for £3-5k I think Mrs FB would have called a halt to caravan holidays a long time ago! Given the brief, I’d be looking at the best 2-berth Bailey Orion (I think it’s the same as the Pursuit, the 400/2).
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    So the device that’s fitted to just about every single new caravan sold serves no useful purpose?? Cant imagine every manufacturer paying out to fit one if it’s a useless item. Next someone will claim that ATC is a con trick! Me?? I am very grateful for any device that might improve safety. Andy
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    Not so much "lucky" as not unlucky! An outfit should be adequately stable without a stabiliser, with the stabiliser improving the towing and adding an extra margin of safety should something unexpected happen.
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    I don't mind if the motorway maximum speed is raised to 80 mph I don't see that as increased danger.. What make the motorway extremely dangerous is the stupid idea of making the emergency hard shoulder into a running lane.
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    Been making a few GIF's this last few days, quite pleased. Here's one I made earlier! Made several, this is my favourite
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    You can do the sums based on what you know / can measure. https://www.12voltplanet.co.uk/cable-sizing-selection.html has a calculator. 13pin cable should be 2.5 sq mm cross section and 4 metres would drop 0.55 V @ 10 Amps 5 metre of the same csa within the van would drop 0.68 V. 3 sq mm in the towcar - say 5m length? - would drop 0.57 V. A total of 1.8V - so in theory an alternator output of 13.8V shold give 12V at the fridge. But this ignores other connections, relay contacts and fuse volt drops. But even so, I'd look to improving the cables first... and at least finding where the volt drop is happening. It's likely cheaper than the DC-DC module, albeit much more time-consuming to install extra (or replacement) wires.
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    Thanks all - it seemed to do exactly as Kiaboy said - started after 30 minutes, and then finished 30 minutes after the oven was turned off. I could feel a slight ‘breeze’ issuing from above the grill and below the control knobs when the fan was running. John PS the turkey and roasties cooked a treat 😋
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    I disagree - in part at least. Mains and DC input powers are frequently virtually the same on many fridges so if the vehicle was run long enough it could cool the fridge quite happily. e.g Dometic 5330: Rated input power (AC) 125 W Rated input power (DC) 120 W Dometic RM8400: Rated input power (AC) 135 W Rated input power (DC) 130 W The failing of DC on tow is invariably down to voltage loss in the cables (inadequately specced). 10V at the connections will be down to that. Improving the cables in towcar and in caravan could assist in reducing that volt drop. Some caravan fridges will fault/alarm at that low volts and even refuse to work, perhaps? NB measuring fridge volts need the vehicle on a fast idle. My Thetford fridges would flash red/spanner fault until the engine was revved a bit.
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    The OP should do a bit of homework first to ensure what his vehicle can tow/handle in terms of pulling power etc, and what his driving licence permits him (or any other family member) to tow. That may hold sway on his choice of van.
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    I don't think the necessity will appear for personal transport, not in big enough numbers. Range increases model on model and charge times continue to fall. For HGV then swap-able battery packs maybe a reality , it's been done on heavy mining transportation for decades.
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    We bought our first caravan which we thought was the best layout for us. After two seasons we had learned a lot , we then knew exactly what we wanted. Our second caravan we have now had for seven years, it's the perfect layout for us. Alan
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    Xplore 302 or 304 or 402. All small and light. Nanamel
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    Probably a Lunar Ariva as the best to live in caravan of that size. The T@B might be a bit basic but is well made as is the Sport & Fun. If you are lucky you might find a good Eriba which is great for build quality although a bit of an individual taste.
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    I had a wurst car - it was used for carrying sausages.
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    Global warming has been fact for millions of years so nothing new. Climate change has been around for millions of years. The question is of course how much mankind is contributing towards it as do not forget we have many active volcanoes around the world which are actively causing climate change due to pollution and noxious gases. However back on track how many of us can afford to buy a new EV and would you be willing to buy a 5 year old second hand EV knowing that within the next 5 years you are going to have a massive outlay or a worthless car?
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    You seriously think large SUV will die out, i don't think so.
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    I'd say don't panic-there will be another scare soon!
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    Most of the CMC site plans that are available on line or generally given out when booking in usually show that a van can be pitched reversed in with the offside rear corner to the peg, or pitched front end in with the nearside front end to the peg.
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    Simple is it? So lets have a look at your solution, pollution level is above the limit vehicles are now banned. What about:- 1) Businesses have deliveries? 2) What about Emergency vehicles 3) What about refuse collection 4) What about heavy goods vehicles collecting finished items from manufacturing 5) What about diesel electric trains passing through How are you going to address this with your blanket ban? How are the businesses going to survive?
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    Nobody? I think the sales figures suggest that might be a little bit of a generalisation
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    For anyone who is interested , this is what is allowed on the statutory plate. (You can increase the size and add other junk but it must be clearly separated) SP.pdf And this is what a Certificate of Conformity looks like COC2.pdf COC1.pdf You know there have to be limits Andy, 34/100 micrograms = good day, 35/100 micrograms = Whole lot of pain
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    All these friction based "stabilisers" can and do offer is to damp the activities, they don't increase the safety, just the comfort of towing from the multitude of minor distrubances our vans inevitably meet towing.. Therefore, your mistake was not potentially critical, just lead to being a bit more uncomfortable and thus unnerving than it should have been.
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    What is making the whole Diesel question foremost in people's mind, is the underhand disgusting addition of emission test cheat software to beat the true emission reading. No wonder the country concerned is having huge problems with their economy. Nobody trusts that country or it's products any more. Thee is a simple solution to UK's perceived pollution problem and that is to ban all fossil fueled vehicles from large cities and large towns where the pollution is above a certain level.. Do we need to ban Fossil fueled vehicles from rural areas ... Definitely Not. It just needs a bit of joined up thinking and the application of some intellectual decisions.
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    Why are you whinging about the C&CC when this thread is about the CMC - just asking
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    The whole aspect of car ownership is going to have to be addressed soon, even as a lifelong user even I am beginning to accept traffic is just reaching ridiculous levels let alone what under the bonnet. The solution is probably a complete change from tax on fuel to road pricing or to put it another way pricing it so high we all think about whether the journey is really worthwhile!
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    FWIW ..... The longer term future is clearly now under some Political & lobbyist high moral ground threat. I am at a loss though given the dirty emmissions of some Countries, continuing building of dirty coal power stations and dirty World Industries (Shipping & Livestock etc) as to how me or you going hybrid or EV will start to resolve the greater issues. I realise sadly nobody doing nothing won't sort things. I run a Euro 6 SUV (2013 W166 MB ML250 bluetec) with a 2.1D 4 pot on adblue. I run on Shell V Power, keep up to servicing etc and last MOT emmisions were Zero reading. Returns 28 - 30 towing / town & 40 + solo. 8 k per annum. I run a VW Aye Up! around town - 3 cyl petrol - 40 mpg - but mainly for its size for parking etc. I generally keep my cars 5 to 8 years plus. There is some issue to be had with the old technology dirty thirsty diesels smoking around but I think the MOT test (if properly correctly done), higher VED & Fuel Duty costs will slowly sort them out. Steps off soap box .... Await critic ... M
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    WE must have been lucky-every site we visit seems to have lovely pleasant helpful wardens who we love to chat to and learn from. We use both clubs, and commercial sites so we get the best possible coverage of the country!
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    It's much more about wanting rather than needing, our lives are full of 'stuff' that we want but I'd guess we don't need 90% of it. I have big SUV because I want a big SUV, cost is irrelevant to me.
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    The variable speed cameras can be set, remotely, to whatever speed is in force AT THE TIME. It MAY be the case that they are only “live” when a lower (than 70) limit is in operation but it’s a brave (or stupid) driver that assumes that to be the case at all times. In the early days the cameras relied on wet film so the threshold tended to be set fairy high in order to conserve film and limit the number of offenders caught. However now that they are (nearly) all digital there is nothing to conserve! These days there is little point in speeding, you only get to the back of the next queue that little bit sooner! Andy
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    Whaaaaaat?? Thats worse than disgraceful for ANY manufacturer let alone a supposedly “premium” one. Andy
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    Looking at the various reliability issues that SOME (but certainly not all) people seem to have with LR’s all I can say is your a braver (or richer) man than me!! Andy
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    That won't work on some motorways where the majority of vehicles are HGVs -the outside lane ban on motorways with 3 or more lanes would work for car drivers if their lane discipline was better and moved out of the outside lane once the overtake was complete.
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    60’s enough for a wobbly box!
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    2007 Range Rover Sport .. 3.6 TDV8 on Supermarket Fuel Spreadsheet Overall .. 22.31 Solo .. 24.27 Towing .. 20.65 Long Run mostly motorway .. By dashboard reading Solo up to 29 Towing up to 26
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    Quick answer, we loved the Xplore we viewed. Long answer, We own a 3 year old Coachman Pastiche 575, bought new. It's a long single axle caravan, it's on a seasonal pitch but we tow it twice a year, and it's a real pain in the bum, my car can handle it no issue, but even so, hate it, and I'm a lorry driver nowadays. So we considered selling up, storing it locally and in Cornwall, or changing it for a smaller one, thinking being on smaller easier to set up, tow, handle, store at home etc. I'm not interested in keeping up with the Jones's, a caravan has so many parameters to it that simply buying the biggest isnt the answer so many an issue can be raised, so for me small was better and the Elddis range was without doubt the most eye appealing. We wanted our own shower so the micro caravans were ruled out, but having said that we saw a pear/tear drop one last year being towed by a Fiat 500 that once set up with a very large awning looked amazing, it almost tempted me! But as it turned out we are sticking with the Coachman for another year, on the seasonal pitch, we love our time in the caravan so 2020 caravaning is sorted, at least for another year!
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    Camping International Le Lac Bleu, right on the Lake at Doussard
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    use a silicon spray in the awning rail , it will make it easier for you to pull the awning through
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    You still have to brake. Every country I know of that requires winter tyres on the car also requires them on the caravan and I rather not be issued with a very expensive fine and possibly stopped from going any further. The perfect time would be now when we pick up the new caravan and I can sell the tyres that are on it. We will be doing several long tows during this winter through countries that require winter tyres in winter conditions
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    Why inconvenient? It would seem to me to be the opposite, cold weather arrives, swap the wheels over, off on a trip put one of the four spares in the car. Obviously not as convenient as having a proper spare in a well but no solution would be under the circumstances.
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    My advice is always Talk to owners on site when you buy a holiday static caravan to get a true picture of costs and condition of your contract . Dave
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