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    We keep ours in storage primarily as we think they look unsightly stuck in front of a lot of houses and can usually affect a neighbours outlook. Some that I have seen stored in front of houses particulary with small frontages must affect the natural light reaching the owners house and maybe that of the neighbours next door? As it would impact on one of our neighbours view from their dining room, I would not inflict the sight of our caravan upon them and would hope that they (if they had one) would not inflict theirs upon us.
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    I can't see any advantage to leaving it at home. If you take it, could you leave it in the car? Then, if you have the time and inclination to experiment with erecting it, you can. If it's at home, you can't
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    The bonus of parking my caravan like this is that the caravans door lines up perfectly with my rear gate, so we load the caravan completely out of sight of prying eyes.
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    Is it my imagination or have there been far fewer questions on here this year about going abroad? Do you think people have been put off going especially for a first time with all the uncertainty about what will be needed?
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    Also, very often the TV aerial booster doesn’t turn off with the master switch, and is usually hidden away in a cupboard so you don’t spot it’s blue light - my mates battery was flattened this way. John
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    This time of year, many seasoned caravanners (except those with dogs!), leave their awnings at home! Too cold to use and difficult to dry.
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    After all the grief you've had I would avoid any more. It sounds like you have now sorted it out. Take the service guy off your Christmas list and forget him and get on with your caravanning. Use the NCC web site to find your next mobile workshop AWS fitter. they work "before your very eyes" on your drive or a storage place.
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    The insurance company is more interested it performance mods and mods that may make the car more attractive to steal, other mods that don't fall into either bracket are not of any real interest to them but I think general advise is to tell them as a precaution. A tow bar can if hit cause chassis damage. Making a modification to the policy part way through often costs and so I wait until renewal time to make/declare them. Unfortunately on one of my cars the list of mods is long and falls into both performance and more attractive to steal categories, not that I think anyone now a days would steel it. Don't know if they were ever on anyone's radar to steal. macafee2
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    I was just in the process of insuring my new Van and looking at the policy wording on the cmc site. The use of the word discretionary on claim is somewhat alarming. I phoned a chap at there HQ who said devitt underwrite it but any claim is agreed or not by the executive committee . Pricer wise its there or there about although it does not repatriate a van from abroad although my Volvo assist does so good there. Is this a new thing for CMC
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    I would like to hear people’s experiences of owning Swift vans with the Smart HT construction ie totally timber free body shell and floor. Obviously there is a major advantage regarding damp issues, or lack of, but is the floor standing up to the test of time. I have come across an opinion that the floor may not be strong enough to withstand long term use without compressing. I hope no one has real experience of this as I have a van on order which has this construction. Brian
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    Pitches on campsites in southern Europe tend to be quite small but motorhomes seem to be getting bigger all the time. While I had little difficulty in setting up pitch on the site in Spain where we are on now (despite an overall length of almost 8m and thanks to a motor mover), I have seen several larger motorhomes having big problems in getting on to their pitch. One had to manoeuvre within an inch or two of my car to do so. That raised the question in my mind whether anyone has ever come across a campsite where motorhomes are not accepted or whether there would be a case for segregating the two? Just a thought.
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    The reason why I won't have a caravan without an inboard tank! Even during the season, the first thing I do when setting up the water, even if on a serviced pitch, is fill up the inboard tank.
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    Hi. We live in Muasdale and run the village shop. The site has just changed hands and is closed at the moment but is reopening for next season.
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    Back to the OP, one tip from my days in the 70/80s caravaning on seaside sites in Italy with their soft sand pitches-always carry a towrope with you that way you can have the car on solid ground and pull the caravan free. Make sure you have someone to help guide the caravan.
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    Thanks! I hope you enjoy your first trip and you, too, have a great many more! Was vaguely aware but hadn’t really thought about it. However, I’m here now!
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    Wouldn’t bother myself for all of the reasons already given. Andy
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    I would not use a awning this weather unless your prepared to dry it out when you get home usually they need laying out in a garage to dry as they go mildewy if packed away . Just concentrate on setting up the caravan the first time and enjoy it . Bonded to inform the site if you don't put up a awning . Dave
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    Personally I wouldn't take an awning at this time of the year. As a first timer, I recommend you leave it behind this trip and concentrate your efforts on getting the basics just right. Enjoy your trip. Someone earlier suggested you take a small notebook but I disagree. You need to take a big one!
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    The last thing you want with a new caravan is the prospect of having a wet awning to take down coming home. I'd have to be convinced the weather would be good before using any awning this time of year.
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    You will have enough to do with getting organised with your new caravan. Leave the awning at home and take a couple of bottles of wine so you can celebrate when you gave set up the caravan. Enjoy!
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    A little notebook to write down the things you forgot, so you won’t forget them next time! John (speaking from experience 🙂)
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    perhaps because people did not know how to use the hyperlink method is a reason its not used and apart from one post above, other contributors have not explained how to do it. look at the posts above, only one person has explained how to use it. macafee2 John, well done for explaining how its done, better to explain then criticize. Thank you... no sarcasm meant macafee2
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    Re Fans. Some manufacturers have installations that require the fans to extract excess heat from the rear of the cooker. That may fool people into thinking they are Fan Ovens. We have a simple £5 Oven thermometer. Ignore the markings on the knob they are a guess at best and use the thermometer. It will show you, as has been said, the difference between the top and bottom can be massive. But then us oldies grew up in a time when all ovens were like that and we learned to take advantage of it. i.e. Want it hotter = higher shelf. Too hot = Lower shelf.
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    I thought I'd post this just for info. We have a Truma mover, replaced under warranty 2 years ago. We have just had a problem with the handset - now fixed. The handset appeared to stop communicating with the control box, this had happened for 2 or 3 seconds over the last couple of months but each time started working again. This time it was more serious as the handset wouldnt beep or the light flash. The obvious answer was to change the batteries but that didnt make much difference. Sometimes the handset would beep a few times, sometimes only once or twice and sometimes not at all. On the basis that it couldnt be anything other than the handset and on removing and replacing the batteries a few times, I noticed that the springs in the handset either end of the batteries looked very compressed and hardly extended when I removed the batteries. So having pulled out the springs by 1 or 2mm everything is now working. So, if you have a problem and think its down to the batteries also check the springs.
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    Very wise Beebs. Just like caravan covers you have to pay a little extra for good quality and that's what the Tow Pro Elites are.
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    There's nothing quite as "British" as being offended on other peoples behalf, worrying about whether others don't approve of what you're doing whereas 99.9% of them really don't give a monkey's and the remaining 0.1% are probably jealous. If you want to store it at home or away from home really is down to personal preference and whether you wish to abide by any legal restrictions. Mine is at home and I don't have any problems with those that choose not to. It doesn't make any of us right or wrong.
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    Even so, I feel the advantages of a cover far outweigh all disadvantages. Whats a bit of dullness compared to more severe damage that can occur by not covering? You ask "Why are they still still being sold? Because people will still buy them of course?" Is that because there is an advantage to covering a caravan? I wonder. However, at the end of the day its the choice of the owner. My choice is obvious. Please excuse me now, I am off to buy a 10 inch pizza.
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    The question to ask is what material the cover was made of and, was it correctly installed. The cheap covers will cause rubbing damage in even moderate winds on paintwork and windows. I have used covers for years and have never experienced rubbing damage. I tend to think that he had one bad experience with a cheap cover and with incorrect installation and is now condemning all covers. Lets face it, why are covers still being sold if they cause damage?
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    First thing anyone should do before keeping a caravan or motorhome at home is check for covenants in their house deeds which prohibit it, or restrict it to being behind the building line. Some covenants are planning related, which put in place by the Local Council, and where these exist, the Councils usually enforce them. Most covenants are Builders covenants, which they put in place on new building sites so that prospective buyers later in the development are not put off by caravans in view. Usually, when sites are completed, Builders would not then have any interest in wasting money taking people to Court over it, but a neighbour could do so if they felt strongly enough about it and had the resources to do so. In these cases, a word with those neighbours affected would be advisable, although just because they have no objection today doesn't mean that they, or a subsequent new owner, wouldn't object in the future.
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    Was originally but now we have bought it and are quite settled as you can see.
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    Ours is at the half down the side and half on the front. If folks don't like it they should look elsewhere. I don't ask for their approval on the colour of my car/pattern of our curtains/choice of bedding plants so I certainly don't want their opinions on a plain white vehicle parked on my property. We are all different but I see a caravan as no different to a large white van. Providing it isn't blocking someone's view/access it really is nothing to do with them.
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    When we moved recently, we asked our new neighbours about parking our motorhome out at the front and nobody was in the least bothered. However while there is a parking space for it which is out of the way for us, it advertises when we go away, so its kept in storage.
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    This 15 year old topic indicates the required ventilation area https://www.practicalcaravan.com/forum/general/1203-floor-vents BS/EN721/1999 as ammended 2004,(Leisure Accommodation Vehicles Safety Ventilation Requirements), states; minimum low level ventilation for vans in this case with 5 to 10 square metres of floor space is 1500sq mm or in real terms an opening of 100x15mm which is but a fraction of the standard door vents capacity. High level ventilation requires more and in this case it is 10,000sq mm which should be taken care of by the permanent ventilation of one closed rooflight which is of the order of 12000mm square even with the blind shut.
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    Try telling the “snowflakes” about the ice, they will not believe you. I certainly remember it. I recall getting out of bed to get dressed in front of the open fire in the lounge as well. My how times have changed haven't they? Andy
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    Here are the two under my fridge They are just cut into the floor and covered with plastic mesh
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    Options are limited for transverse applications due to the limited space available for the gearbox. With longitudinal layouts it isn't too much of an issue. It does mean that you should be careful remapping or buying a car that has been remapped.
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    If you've never done it you won't understand... It does give you a much better understanding of tyre/road interaction which, when most rode bikes before they had cars, improved people's overall driving capability
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    A V8 burbling away is music to the ears so very refined!
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    Isabella Thor with optional footrests every time. Accept no substitutes.
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    We got the Isabella recliners with foot rest that comes separate so you use it as a chair or a full recliner/lounger type thing. Can’t remember the actual model name but have seen them in a few stores for about 90 quid each. We find them very comfortable. they are a bit clumsy to store, we stand them beside our island bed and use a couple of cushions as packing.
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    I've just come back from a business trip down to Niedervisse in France. I didn't take the caravan, it's been years since I've driven in Europe, what a revelation it was. The ferry was amazingly civilised way to get to Europe, Hull being one hour away from my home. Boarded the ferry at 16:30 for the overnight sail to Zeebrugge, the Ferry (Pride of Brugge) was superb, entertainment laid on, lovely meal in the Brasserie, off to my cabin for a good nights sleep. Despite it blowing a force 7 outside the ferry was very stable, quiet and comfortable. Next morning have breakfast whilst cruising into Zeebrugge finally off-boarding at 08:45, refreshed and ready for the 400 miles ahead. The Belgium and French roads, wow, departing Zeebrugge within 2 miles we could have engaged cruise control and left it on for the whole journey except for a slight delay around Brussels. Used iPhone with google maps for navigation, couldn't fault it, not a single wrong turn. This was the job! The return journey was pretty much the same, I have no hesitation in recommending P&O ferries from Hull, absolutely superb. AJG
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    Its a lot of work to dry a wet awning, you need a big undercover space. They will get damp at night even if there is no rain. Awnings are known as "divorce in a bag"!!
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    Will prices come down? Only in your dreams I am afraid. They will now have a total monopoly! For details of how well BF treat their regular customers view my post about their pricing compared to what you can get from CMC Here Andy
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    The downside will be the price (£60K I think) but they do look nice.
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    Yes, you are right Susan. I can reverse quiet good but not the good...lol
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    Just an observation but many people on this thread have mentioned the high centre of gravity of a caravan. I’ve no scientific evidence but I don’t believe that the centre of gravity would be that high. The shell is basically lightweight with all of the mass (chassis, fridge, cooker, seats, toilet, etc etc) concentrated low down. Would doubt if the centre of gravity is any higher than the level of the seats. About the same as a car or load of blocks on a flat bed trailer. Fully appreciate that this is nothing to do with the very large wind load that affects caravans.
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    I think ill have to ring round , cant see why ALKO is so much more than the milenco equivalent especially when your only buying the lozenge and they want getting on for £300 each!!
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    Not used the Southern area myself but word has it that the washing and showering facilities put most bathrooms to shame, must take a look when I am next there. Good view of the runway between N & S which the owner uses to take off in his private aircraft.
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    Try loosing around 7% of your annual income to mr fluffy red fox and you might change your tune, but you don't so you wont
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