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    I wouldn't bother with either. Get yourself a tyre pressure monitor kit for the van.
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    If the Transport Minister resigns from the Cabinet blaming Brexit, we'll know the real reason! 😂
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    Go to you tube, search Halal slaughter, make your own mind up. In my opinion its vile and animal welfare has been given no thought whatsoever. BE WARNED ITS NOT NICE.
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    If you examine the wheel bolt's counter [the bit machined under the head] you will find it is either a cone or a sphere. These counters are there to centre the hole in the wheel to the bolt. One has to of course hope the wheel is made with the wheels countersinks [the bit the counters register into] true to the wheel's circumference. The spigots are as suggested there for a totally different reason, to support the wheel near enough centre so the bolt counters can start off into the countersinks, enabling them to centre the wheel, not miss fitting into their countersink completely. This of course means the weight of the wheel does not have to be supported physically by the fitter whilst the bolts are entered, it rests on the spigot, a tad off centre at that moment, really no more no less. The "clearances" that have to be allowed to do this, even place the wheel onto the spigot and to ever get it off, are way off the required interference that would be needed if they were designed to take the cyclic loadings as the wheel rotates doing its job of carrying the vehicle weight etc. You could of course get the really dumb fitter in the pack that does one bolt up first so tight the rest can't be seated, or possibly not fitted at all but if he gets two more or less right the other three and the wheel will be centred, despite any spigot or lack of it.
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    But how long is a journey? For example if you were doing 200 miles would you stop after 100 miles and torque up again? If it was 400 miles stop 3 times journey? I'm not being critical of you but this situation is ridiculous. Why on earth have you got to keep checking the torque on wheelnuts, it doesn't happen on cars, lorries, buses and vans etc why on caravans? Caravans for years didn't shed their wheels until Bailey a few years ago started losing wheels, what changed? It seems to me that the wheel / hub is completely unfit for purpose if wheels keep falling off without this constantly tightening routine, there is also a danger of wear and tear slackening and re tightening the wheel studs every trip.
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    I've had the email too, I think their prices are too expensive as it is, lots of commercial sites out there a lot cheaper than the the CC club sites
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    My point is even if they do fall into the well what are the consequences? Tyron seem to suggest that disaster is inevitable. My own experience is that it isn't. Maybe the bands do provide some benefit under very specific conditions that didn't apply when my caravan had a blowout, but Tyron have never come forth with any comparative data with and without bands under otherwise identical conditions that would support their claim. Without such information I think it is legitmate to question their usefulness.
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    The problem is that these minority groups now rule our lives as politicians give into them to garner an extra vote!
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    Other than checking torques after a few miles following a wheel change, I've never checked torques in over 50 years of motoring and 30 years of caravanning and I'd be peeved if any manufacturer, whether car or caravan, would expect me to have to do more.
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    It reminds me when the animal activist or whoever they were targeted mink farms and released them into the wild, they're actions have caused the death and destruction of an unimaginable amount of wildlife over the years and its ongoing
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    Time to ban awning heaters We’ve seen people on sites who put a heater in the awning when they arrive and never turn it off until they leave. Probably the “I’ve paid for it, I’ll use it “mentality.
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    OR The choice is Yours
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    Hi All, Just a quick update to say have replaced the switch and have running water again now. Thanks all for your help, much appreciated. Kevin
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    We had our very first experience with the missus in Snowdonia. I have to say that we fell in love with our caravan amd the whole caravaning thing is just the best way to roam around. We already booked some breaks for next year and thinking about a european tour.
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    PETA are in fact doing just that, but of course most of what they do is largely ignored by the rest of us until some rag of a newspaper needs a story in order to get their bristling moustachioed readership all wound up. Have a look at the PETA website.
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    Pure cruelty I cannot understand why it allowed in this country.
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    For me and a single axle I would go Tyrons and TPMS. Twin axle just the TPMS.
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    Really ? Is your life really being ruled by “these minority groups “. Somehow I dont think so. I suppose it makes good stories to get people all agitated about things that havent really happened, and dont actually matter that much.
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    A TPMS will help to identify a reduction in caravan tyre pressure long before things get to the point where a Tyron band MAY assist. Surely it’s is always better to indentify a problem early rather than having to deal with the consequences? I have a TPMS fitted to car/caravan. The capital cost represents roughly the cost of a single new tyre on my car. Money well spent in my view ESPECIALLY as just about caravan “falling over” incident I attended (with a damaged/shredded tyre) there was clear evidence of severe overheating of the damaged tyre. And that’s caused by?? Running them seriously under inflated (which TPMS will give warning of) Andy
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    Had a new shape Tiguan before this X 5 and it always felt a bit bouncy on B roads partly down to firm suspension and a relatively short wheelbase so deceived to change for the X5 so far an excellent tow car more power than you would ever need and having a longer wheelbase remains very stable under all conditions, lovely smooth 8speed auto, it’s very wide so with towing mirrors on it’s a bit of a beast. Manage to get 24 to 26 mpg while towing which I’m very pleased with, had with the MSport+ pack that includes a head up display thought it was a bit of a gimmick to start but now don’t know how I managed before. Top Car.
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    The general consensus when this subject arises is that it's the clamping force generated by the studs/bolts holding the wheel to the hub that carries the load and the centre bore plays no part. If the centre bore was supporting a load it would be expected that fretting would be evident on the mating faces. Many after-market wheels are sold with oversized centre bores and use plastic spigot rings to achieve the correct bore diameter. These plastic rings are not designed to accept a load and act only as an aid for installing the wheel studs/bolts.
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    I have never used filter water or anything but tap water in all our years of caravanning. Still alive and still enjoying our cups of tea. We do the same at home.
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    The premium was based on the insured value so the layout will be! Is the £350 worth losing sleep over, when all the people survived and the offer covers what you thought the van was worth
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    Too late, already covered by others, and guess what ? Few people really care, they just want to see lights.
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    Some of the white pegs move very easily. ...........
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