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    Look If you don’t want it don’t download it, posting negative comments benefit no-one. SOME people might find it useful, and it’s for them I posted this. Not a lot of caravanners are going to be touring in China are they?? Andy
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    I believe that too many manufacturers still expect us to use what I call "caravan water" - this water has a special property in that it can defy gravity if the shower tray design requires it!
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    Oh dear, sad to see real knowledgeable people falling out on here, I think possibly a couple of points being missed. If the dealer advertises the caravan in good condition etc and doesn't mention its been a CAT C he hasn't broken any laws or codes. If the buyer asks if it's been a write off or sustained serious damage in the past and the dealer doesn't disclose that in fact it was a CAT C then the law has been broken if I understand Legal Eagle correctly. Without knowledge of the damage we cant assume that it's not fit for purpose / unroadworthy nor does it seem theres any requirement for an engineers report etc. It could for example suffered minor fire damage sufficient for the insurers to write it off, maybe the original owner had new for old insurance? A final point maybe the repaired caravan is better than the original having been hand repaired by craftsmen who just may have put it together with greater skills and care than the chimps on the production lines. Legal Eagle and Andy, thank you for your expert advice and disclosing your experience background, GPS it must be a nightmare not being able to disclose your employment, so many forms need it - insurance, passport, income tax etc, you have my sympathy. AJG
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    When moderators and/or this forum are criticised over the way things are run you quite rightly get angry on the basis that you all do this in your own time for free and deserve some respect. Well, I'm given the benefit of my legal knowledge and experience to the members of this forum in my own time for free when ordinarily hourly rates can be charged in 3 figures so I think I deserve a little respect too. I do not understand your apparent desire to undermine my advice, perhaps even thinking you had triumphed when, in your excitement, you misquoted the law from another country. This Court will now adjourn to consider a verdict on giving any future free advice and in the meantime leave it to the "experts".
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    Oh for heavens sake Durbanite get a grip on reality will you?? How many subscribers to this forum are likely to be touring Russia/China/Uzbekistan or any number of other countries!!! Nothing is perfect in life. This system DOES of course have disadvantages, BUT it does have a number of good points that might just prove useful. I have little doubt that there are further disadvantages, but I don’t see any point in you sitting there, wracking your brains trying to think of more downsides to post. Be POSITIVE man!! Andy
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    Well, picked up the new van this morning and feel such a stupid numpty....I never realised that there was a 13pin to 7 pin adaptor in place, The salesman saw it, gave it a turn and off it came revealing the 13 pin socket!!!
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    the arch is 2.8 wide. If your mirrors fit, the van will.
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    I'm sorry this is a long submission, but there was a lot I wanted to say! Grab a cup of coffee and a biscuit and settle down to a good read! Speaking as a "Registered Electrician" in the UK, I would warn you to be careful what you do with your Caravan electrics. You are surrounded by a "conductive" shell... OK many modern caravans are Fibreglass, so not so bad, but anyway just consider that the "earth" that is supposed to protect you against faults - may not - it comes on the end of a long cable plugged into the van - and on many European sites - it could come from 2 or maybe even 3 long cables (Things like "regulations" don't seem to apply in other European countries!) It is "against" UK regulations to have an Caravan hook-up cable different in length to 25m +/- 2m ! - Never mind joining them (like we all do!). I would also be concerned about the earth anyway, seeing some Euro site electrics. INFORMATION: I Stay on CHEAP sites on holiday - not 5***** ! So my point is, unless you are "Electrically Competent" and can ensure that any work you do complies with UK BS7671 (our regulations may be "OTT" - but they are the safest in Europe) I would leave well alone. I'm not aware of any box that can do what you want - but you could easily make one. Just buy an empty "fusebox" and and a selection of MCB's (Circuit breakers), wire them all in Parallel and only turn on ONE to match at the next step BELOW the site supply. However, for safety all these breakers MUST be DOUBLE Pole - NOT the cheaper SINGLE pole we in in domestic installations. But for this to work property several things must be "correct": 1. Only ONE breaker should be on at any one time, ALL others should be OFF. 2. You need to know actual rating of the site breaker - NOT what the site say it is - I have found this to differ more than once in Europe. 3. You MUST know the characteristics of the SITE Breaker - at any rate - yours MUST be faster - they are not accurately rated - or at least they can have have differing characteristics - example a "trip" will may blow faster and at a lower overload than a Fuse - or it MAY not! - It depends on the Characteristics of the Fuse and the Characteristics of the Breaker. 4. The "Fused" supply from the Campsite box must NOT be SHARED with your Neighbour (both on the same breaker) (I've seen this done a few times!). 5. Anything else that may occur to me later! If you do use "Domestic" Single Pole Breakers ALWAYS Check the Polarity of the supply. EU often don't bother with such niceties of "Polarity" (Live = LIVE, Neutral = NEUTRAL), so always check polarity when you hook up and carry a "Reversal" lead. BTW - There is (to me) a lot of fuss about this reversal issue. It is "Only Dangerous. Should a FAULT occur) - A single Pole breaker would only break one supply line - and if reversed this would be the Neutral. However, Modern UK Caravans with mains installed to BS7671 always have DUAL Pole Breakers - so they will always break safely, so this is not really an issue. (Unless you made a cheap version of that box above!) - Check your breakers - if just a single switch - Single, if two switches, but joined together - Double. What I always do is: 1. Try to find out the site supply (to me). If not make certain assumptions based on the general "impression" of the site. 2. Try to use "electricity" sensibly. By this, I mean I know from "Calculation" (or table see below) what power I am drawing and try to keep below it by not having too many high power devices on at once. Current vs Watts. As a guide, every 1000W (1KW) = 4A (Amperes). So look at the labels on your electrical items (where accessible). Domestic Kettle 2200W - 9A Camping Kettle 800W - 3.5A Electrolux Fridge (100W?) - 0.5A Microwave Oven (900W heating power) - 1300W - 4.25A Hairdryer (500 - 2000W) (2 - 8A) Truma Hot Water (700W) 2.5A Truma Heater (500W, 1000W, 2000W) - Depending on Model. Caravan 12V lighting - add up each bulbs wattage (Allow 13W per fluorescent tube). It might be 12v, but the Wattage is the same..... Radio - 25W (12v Car type often fitted - notice how hot they get ? TV (50W - unless you can find a figure) Laptop (25W??) Phone Charger - 5W Electric Hotplate (2500) - 10A I wasn't aware of those "Smart" readouts available on Ebay - and at first I thought "That's a good idea" - then I thought NO it's NOT - They will NOT work with the sensor around the main Caravan Hookup lead (or internal wiring). They HAVE to fit around the LIVE wire only. (or the Neutral wire only). They work using the magnetic field around the cable. If you clamp around Live and Neutral they magnetic field will cancel out. So you will HAVE to modify your Caravan INTERNAL wiring between the socket and your Caravan Fuse box - so that you can split out the Live cable to be clamped. You MUST ensure all cables are "Double Insulated" (BS7671) - The best way to do this a large plastic box to take the cable split and the clamp. This box should require a "tool" to open it (BS7671). Or something Similar outside the van (IP66 rated!). 220v Europe vs 240V UK. For the above figures, you will use slightly less Amps in Europe (8%). Don't be confused by the Euro-babble about 230V. Europe is 220v, UK is 240V. To stop us arguing, "they" decided to call ALL of the Europe 230v. + 10%, -15% - See we are ALL "Compliant" now with a "Nominal 230V supply" - and NOBODY had to change! Reality is that the Kettle takes 8% longer to heat up, the mains lights are 8% dimmer. the 12v is not affected, the regulator in the 12V supply takes care of the problem. So - my advice - try to find out the Site supply, use my table above and use electricity sensibly... Oh and always carry one of those "meter box keys" (available from Wilkinsons ) for £2-3. Other suppliers are available! You might not always be able to get into the box - but sometimes is better than never! BTW: Screwfix sell a simple mains socket tester for £7.99 - LAP MS6860D Socket Tester(91596). This will show polarity and some "earth" problems. Or you could buy a "Professional Electricians tester" - like I have to use for my customers - they are around £500 each! Plus Calibration every 12 months! In my caravan I just check with simple "neon" plug tester (plugs into the socket), I bought 20 years ago for around £2!
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    Thank you so much! I am generally grateful for the work put in by forum moderators but I find your interventions on this topic quite unpleasant, even immoderate.
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    Other opinions are available - I've always reversed up the leveling ramp, then apply handbrake - when properly adjusted, forward motion has no slack.
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    Admin comment: We try to keep this forum friendly while allowing a little friendly humour. As you joined Caravan Talk less than two days ago, please respect others who have been here longer and refrain from throwing insults at existing members of the forum. I suggest you take your own advice. Gordon.
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    It's been a while since my original post but I thought i'd best provide an update for anyone interested.... In short - i'm no longer a Volvo owner! After 9 months of 'investigations' and me pushing back on numerous occasions after being told by the dealer, Volvo UK and Volvo Sweden there was no problem with either my vehicle or the towbar, Volvo finally admitted that their retractable towbar does not comply with EU regulations when fitted to a V90 with self leveling suspension, and is effectively an illegal part... They are apparently now designing & testing a new towball for self-levelling V90's (and I suspect many other air suspension cars in the range, as the XC90 courtesy car i had was exactly the same!) but i was not prepared to wait over a year from first reporting the issue for them to rectify it. I have asked Volvo numerous times what they will do for the thousands(?) of cars with illegal towbars already fitted, but have not received a straight answer... If you have a Volvo towbar fitted to an SPA car with air suspension I'd urge you to check your vehicle and if it is affected, make sure you report it to your dealer!! So I've now had a full refund and gone and bought a replacement vehicle from another manufacturer - there are aspects of the V90 i'll miss but the towing experience is certainly not one of them!!
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    Well bully for you! Me, on the other hand, having paid out a hefty wodge for my travel insurance for my winter stay in Spain got heartily sick of seeing people on social media trying to organise crowdfund collections to bring their sick and injured relatives home from far away places because they were too tight-fisted or they thought it would never happen to them.
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    Then what was the purpose in starting this thread?
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    It is not unknown for the pipes to fall off the connectors. It is also not unknown for the air pipes to be connected to the wrong outlets on the heater. Sometimes there are two outlets, one intended for the front vents, and the other intended for the rear vents with a higher flow pressure.
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    Dear Members, A big hello from Bangalore, India. I recently received my Swift Sprite Major 6 (2018) van here in India. My plan is to introduce caravan culture to my country. I hope to enlist your help from time to time where technical know-how & maintenance matters are concerned. Thank you. Bharat Chugh
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    Ok, I'm on a PC now with a real keyboard - and real software! I have reduced the size and orientation of the photo - This is what I did... (see my previous posting about the method). It works fine now.... The "shims" take up the slop with no apparent side effects. The grease smooths the operation. The wood is just taking the strain from the springs whilst the Epoxy sets... I cut the shims from a handy piece of steel with some tin snips, flattened with a hammer to ensure good seating (always bends when you cut with snips), I keyed the steel and the plastic with a stanley knife to help the epoxy. I used JB-Weld (fast) and then I put it under my Kitchen gas grill (under the pan so it didn't burn) to bake it off (not too hot!) (My wife was out, so she was not there to complain!) The "purple" background is the top of my "outdoor workbench"... Does anyone else find these flat top wheely bins really useful for outdoor work ? I use mine all the time ! I should try to fit one in my caravan to help with "running repairs"
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    There's' no such thing as an ex-motorcyclist, only a motorcyclist without a bike at the moment
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    Wouldn't be a British van without carpets!
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    I think I should confiscate the spade to prevent the hole that has already been dug, getting any deeper Andy
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    No you are not my servant, but you ARE putting yourself forward as an expert in the field. I will now leave it to others to make their own minds up on just who, between yourself and Legal Eagle, is more likely to be the “expert” in these matters. Andy
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    Got my IDP this week for France - immediate issue and £5.50 for 3 year validity. The Post Office cashier did indeed start the process with the 'Which countries will you be visiting?' question and then spent about 5 minutes explaining what information I had to write at the head of the IDP 'because it's in French ...' and stamping the document with the categories of vehicle for which my UK licence is valid. I will need a second IDP for our Autumn trip to Spain {2 year validity, I believe?] and a 3rd IDP which will be valid for only 12 months if we go mad and push on to Portugal. I also have my 2 Green Cards for car & caravan so am just about ready for 'Le Grand Depart' - all this extra process, paperwork& fees doesn't feel like 'taking back control' but, hey ho. Steve
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    Well said sir!!! None as deaf/blind as those who will not hear/see??? I for one appreciate your EXPERT advice and would have much greater faith in it than that from someone with no training/experience in the subject. Andy
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    Am I The on,y person on here who is simply staggered by the number of people, who have NO knowledge and experience of the law, and how it operates, yet continually argue and disagree with someone who IS an expert on the subject??? Legal Eagle you have MY sympathy, I fully understand your posts and, more importantly, am very sure that you know EXACTLY what you are talking about, others clearly know better though. Andy
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    Are you sure that the jockey wheel is wound down enough to clear the anti-rotate slots in the outer tube?
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    I haven't noticed folk having difficulty griping on these pages Steven! Sorry mate, couldn't resist. John.
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    I'm currently going through the same exercise with my parents (73 and 85), the only other bits over & above what's already been said are: Changing from an Alko to a Winterhoff hitch stabiliser - easier to use/less effort to push the handle down. Lock & Level air-bag instead of using a leveling ramp/chock. Slowing down! My step-father has always been a "do it at 100 miles an hour" person, rushing to get everything done & set up within ten minutes, they now break things down, after unhitching the caravan they go for a walk, come back, get the water etc plumbed in then sit down with a coffee, after that the awning goes up. Breaking the setting up routine into smaller chunks means it takes longer but they're not shattered at the end of it.
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    I've just come back from a business trip down to Niedervisse in France. I didn't take the caravan, it's been years since I've driven in Europe, what a revelation it was. The ferry was amazingly civilised way to get to Europe, Hull being one hour away from my home. Boarded the ferry at 16:30 for the overnight sail to Zeebrugge, the Ferry (Pride of Brugge) was superb, entertainment laid on, lovely meal in the Brasserie, off to my cabin for a good nights sleep. Despite it blowing a force 7 outside the ferry was very stable, quiet and comfortable. Next morning have breakfast whilst cruising into Zeebrugge finally off-boarding at 08:45, refreshed and ready for the 400 miles ahead. The Belgium and French roads, wow, departing Zeebrugge within 2 miles we could have engaged cruise control and left it on for the whole journey except for a slight delay around Brussels. Used iPhone with google maps for navigation, couldn't fault it, not a single wrong turn. This was the job! The return journey was pretty much the same, I have no hesitation in recommending P&O ferries from Hull, absolutely superb. AJG
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    Anything Coachman can do, Swift can do better: BREAKING NEWS! Responding to the rise in demand for UK pitches, Swift Group introduces the ALL NEW 'Caraport', using telescopic steadies to enable under-caravan parking. We truly believe that this innovation has legs and will take the industry to even greater heights.
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    Put a twist (1/2 turn) in your storm straps, stops it resonating and vibrating in the wind.
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    Our favourite too. Each year we think £200 Do Cal Vs £600 Hu Zoe, is it worth it? Then we remember the leisurely 2hr drive, packing the van and setting off at a sane hour, the overnight accommodation included, great start to the holiday, the kids excitement, nice meal, fun entertainment. It's an easier decision than you might imagine.
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    By contrast, UK caravans have to endure UK weather and are liable to travel over potholes for many miles. They therefore are built of the lightest materials possible and given a minuscule payload limit.
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    This is only really applicable if you live in Scotland, where we visit around 5 times a year (been twice already) We group all Scottish work together and carefully plan logistics that start us in one location, working our way round Scotland, until every job is done over several days. As Gordon suggested, it takes very difficult planning to get around 6-10 separate customers, in different locations to agree to certain times and dates. It only takes one customer to not be able to do a certain date or time, for the whole planning process to need re-starting. Difficult, but well worth it, we love our Scottish trips, and ended up in Inverness only a couple of weeks ago, where we went through this below, to a very nice sunny work location. (thankfully we still had the winter tyres on) Every other location in the country, it's done in a single day, meaning very early starts, a lot of miles covered, and a different part of the country every day of the week. (most of our jobs are a full days work) As for the comments above, this is why we do what we do, and it's all worth it, so
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    Why not just buy 75m of 16a 3 core cable off eBay and plug and socket and reduce the risk of water and connections and cheaper than buying made up a number of leads . Dave
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    If only other equipment suppliers were as responsive - well done Alde!
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    A very complicated way of doing things but for a while I've not towed with my own car. My commuter can't tow my van but my previous Passat was bought by my Father in Law so we swap cars when I'm away with the caravan. A big petrol turbo would be my first choice but for the next few years at least my commute makes that expensive. So for ages I've been looking for a 3.0D XF, but finding a cared for low mileage example with the spec I want has proven difficult. I've had to compromise a bit and ended up with this 2.2D Portfolio. 190PS, 335lbft and the ZFH8P gearbox should handle our 1460kg easily enough. Will just have to watch the nose weight. Stand out feature for me is the audio, I have a full dolby atmos 5.2.4 home cinema with Bowers and Wilkins speakers at home and the Jag comes with a 17 speaker 1200W Bowers and Wilkins Surround Sound system. It's the best car audio system I've heard and will drown out the fact that I bought the 4 cylinder instead of the V6 or V8.
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    Last year a car pulled up outside our front, and changed a tyre. The old tyre was left on the path. Luckily my wife had gone out and the tyre change was caught on dash cam along with the number plate. Our local council has an on-line system of reporting this, and later in the day a council worker collected the tyre and called in to collect a copy of our dash cam footage. A few weeks later he phoned back and reported the owner had been located (with the new law, the owner is responsible for any litter) and had paid a £100 fine. Forget the police, they don't deal with litter, send a copy of the dash cam footage to the council and let them sort it.
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    You are wrong here. The Ultrastore has one single electric consumption at 850w but the newer ones do have a selector to select either 50 degrees or 70 degrees . The Ultraheat on the other hand does have wattage selection of 2000, 1000 and 500 w to allow for heating on limited hook-ups.
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    If you have a single axle van you only need one ramp. I have a big yellow one that I picked up a bootfair. It gives about 3 inches of lift a couple of times I have even put blocks under the ramp to get even higher. That said most of my caravanning is done on unlevel farmers fields. So ramps are a must a bet there are people who have never used one.
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    There are ways of asking questions without using what are frankly ludicrous situations such as being in the middle of Russia. If you are in France and the person at the other end doesn’t speak English, and you don’t speak French you are STILL going have issues with your location regardless of which system you are using be it What3words, GPS co-ordinates, Google streetview etc. Andy
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    Fronting up to these scumbags could be taking a risk, even if you are big and/or ex services. There's no telling what physical skills or weapons they may have, so best to record the details and report to the appropriate bodies.
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    Most of us here suffer from too many birthdays. You have to consider yourself lucky in one respect - you've had too FEW birthdays!!
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    Sometimes justice is delivered by a higher authority. Swagman
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    That would seem to be an odd way of doing things. I would advise looking out of the window at posted signs etc. This will also tell you if its raining, snowing or if the car in front has stopped.
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    This why we live in a country full of litter when you compare our motorway verges and streets to other European countries . You pull up at lights and the car in front the passenger door opens and fast food boxes are dropped into the gutter . Near here we have a Mac next to a Halfords and the customers will go through the drive thru then park in Halfords car park eat then just drop the empty boxes out of the doors and drive off leaving the car park littered . We have no pride now . Dave
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    Still not worked out why I would need to monitor such a device...anything that takes eyes off road must be a big minus. Geoff
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    I’d drag them out of the van and rub their faces in it, I am slightly unhinged though, don’t try this at home folks.
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    Email it to them and copy in the local newspaper- it’ll go viral locally.
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    UK Caravan season? Our season ends on 31st of December and Starts 1st January. The advantage of an onboard tank 1, it doesn’t freeze, 2, I only need to carry one aquaroll 3, I can have a little bit of water in it for an in journey drink and toilet stop. Apart from that I can’t see the point of them.
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