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      Hi everyone, As you're probably aware, we've been in the process of upgrading the Caravan Talk forum software for a while. I can now confirm that the software has been upgraded and we're fully up to date. Please note that this new software is quite different in appearance and function, so may require a bit of relearning. We are in the process of refining the look, features and experience to make it a bit better and more familiar. If you spot any issues please let us know in the feedback forum. Unfortunately any posts between Monday morning and now have been lost. This is due to when the database snapshot was taken for the upgrade, this may also affect new members since then. We do apologise for this, but we have tried to keep disruption to a minimum. We are already aware and working on the following issues: PayPal payment issues for CT Supporters Forum design, lack of CT branding including colours Temporary loss of reviews databases Navigation bar needs refining We will keep this list up to date, so please check here before posting new updates, or to keep on tabs of our progress. The software was upgraded in order to provide you with a more secure, reliable, faster experience, whilst providing us with more tools to improve the features and options for the forum. Thank you for your continued support. Ben and the CT Team


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    • The big car manufacturers - VW & some of the Japanese for example - are spending millions on the development of their EV platforms at the moment. It will take time to make the change over as it's taken us over 100 years to get where we are with the 'conventional' car as we know it today, but we have the advantage now of a pretty decent starting place. What the government announced a few months ago was that they wanted to move away from internal combustion engined ONLY vehicles, not a ban on the engine itself, but a forward plan of eventually getting rid of it. We are at a very early stage yet. If they can make trucks, then they can certainly make suv's if & when mass demand wants it. The truck tesla have launched would seem to me to suit the 'logistics' industry here as it will do what time is allowed by a tachograph & can be charged in the down time the driver must have.   As I said it's very early doors, but get used to it as it will become the norm & we will be seen as the dinosaurs.  
    • Exactly the same as me, Corrie!!     The key for the hitchlock is on the main bunch,but on a length of bathroom sink chain for easier access.
    • Have a look around most dealers forecourts and they will have on display "nearly new" vans. I've often wondered how many of these have been rejected by their previous owners?  The dealer will probably tell you that the previous owners after buying it realised the layout didn't suit them, or something similar,  which maybe the case as people's circumstances do change, expensive mistake to make though. We'll never know the truth, because no dealer is going to tell you if it has been previously rejected.
    • The company concerned is a Swift Dealership, I have named them on other sites but this site does not approve of name and shame as I once found out before when I named a company on here and got myself put on the " naughty step "   LOL. ..I have to laugh to be honest as I have named the company on Swift's own chatsite, Swift Talk ( 29th September ) and as yet not a staircase in sight !!! I had negotiated a suitable conclusion with the " battery incident " and received paperwork from the dealer asking me to sign and return and in effect this was worded as a final settlement to the incident. ..I decided NOT to sign and return it until I got the van back from the factory. So Swift having found two " new damp patches " a new settlement is being negotiated. Due to the fact that previously the company only replied to my emails after two weeks and that was only because of the intervention of East Yorkshire Council Trading Standards Dept, I have asked Trading Standards to take a look at the latest debacle and they assure me that they will be contacting the dealer again.   So yet again I wait with baited breath . ...  
    • Sorry I should have said. I was a Station Officer in the Fire Service.   To be honest there was generally nothing left of the tyre to inspect. The only experience of wrong weight rating i have was on my own van! It was fitted by a National company, you can't get quicker, and was picked up, as being wrong, at the service. So back I went and got the same fitterwho denied knowing it was for a caravan. But I thought it obvious when he had  taken it off a caravan, I really didn't think I needed to point out the fact. But all was OK in the end and they swopped it, regards, Ian   e
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