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      Hi everyone, As you're probably aware, we've been in the process of upgrading the Caravan Talk forum software for a while. I can now confirm that the software has been upgraded and we're fully up to date. Please note that this new software is quite different in appearance and function, so may require a bit of relearning. We are in the process of refining the look, features and experience to make it a bit better and more familiar. If you spot any issues please let us know in the feedback forum. Unfortunately any posts between Monday morning and now have been lost. This is due to when the database snapshot was taken for the upgrade, this may also affect new members since then. We do apologise for this, but we have tried to keep disruption to a minimum. We are already aware and working on the following issues: PayPal payment issues for CT Supporters Forum design, lack of CT branding including colours Temporary loss of reviews databases Navigation bar needs refining We will keep this list up to date, so please check here before posting new updates, or to keep on tabs of our progress. The software was upgraded in order to provide you with a more secure, reliable, faster experience, whilst providing us with more tools to improve the features and options for the forum. Thank you for your continued support. Ben and the CT Team
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      If you're an existing member and having trouble logging in you might find this useful... The new forum software uses your display name, not your "username" to login, as usernames have been merged into display names. If you're not sure which is which, the name that appears next to your posts is your display name, use this to login, along with your usual password. Hope this helps, see you on the forum soon!


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      Share your favourite UK caravan holiday stories, journey routes and experiences, or request information on sites not covered in the reviews section.

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    • Yes looks like it. ... https://travelwest. info/travelupdates It looks like there are some roadworks (traffic lights, not closed) if going from the Cumberland basin and trying to head South out of Bristol on the A370.  However if heading towards Avonmouth/M5 then that road is no longer shown as closed.   Mark.
    • Hi am I the only one my Cadiz cooker grill will not stay alight lt has a mind of its own, sometimes you can cook one side of toast turn it over and the grill goes out you can relight it several times and in the end you have to hold the control in with wooden spoon( gets very hot ) until it’s red hot and then it may stay alight, they have replaced the thermo coupling twice l spoke to the engineer at the show yesterday who said they are covered by 3 year warranty and to contact there local agents but none of them at the moment want to take the job on as one said they have so much problems with them they will not work on them any more . Any body else had this problem! Many thanks Briff.(Thetford caprice 111)
    • I had a Rotonde 350 and it was really quick, one airbeam which has a regulator strap at the bottom. I tried it as a replacement to a full awning but found it too small so have ended back with a Kampa, however I would use one as a quick up for the weekend. The material is the same as all the lightweight awnings but airbeams do give that flex in the wind, how well is stands up would all depend on how well it is pegged to start. It has storm strap clips. Just remember it is a lightweight awning and no Isabella. Having owned several air awnings, I am yet to find another brand that does anything as heavy as Kampa Pro range, even the Camptech i had that was also supposed to be 400D was nothing like the Kampa material. In the end I have plumped for a rapid 200 for spring and late Autumn breaks, if it blows away very little loss, but most importantly I can dry it in the garage without taking the whole things up.
    • My Bailey has the gas bottles in side locker and although room for two normal 6kg cylinders but with just one and the large blue Safefill it is tight and I have to close door very firmly in order to lock it. Not been a problem but when I took it to be refilled they noticed that outer casing was coming away from cylinder core and recommended gaffer tape at least. Anyway I did that and contacted Safefill who sent me this reply which  is both interesting and helpful . “Thank you for your enquiry. May we firstly reassure you that the integrity of your cylinder itself is not compromised whatsoever with a crack in the casing. The casing is just an aesthetic part of the cylinder and enables the cylinder to be stacked and carried easily and will not affect its use.   The outer casing is a very tight fit on the cylinder however the casing can easily be fixed by using a metal strap and clicking the two cylinder casing halves back together. We can send you the appropriate strap for the cost of postage and packaging, £7. 50 paid through PayPal to info@safefill. co. uk.   Also if you would like us to send you a strap, could you please let us know the address you wish it to be posted to.”   We hope this meets your requirements and answers your query,but if you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.   Kind regards Cindy Clarke Customer Relations Manager
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