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  2. I'm interested in the ' One piece galvanised steel chassis ' . Just wondering if it is a cast steel chassis, or a pressed steel chassis, the only two ways I can think of to obtain a continuous 'one piece' steel chassis. If it is in fact, a chassis made up of several sections welded, or riveted together, then it is not a one piece chassis!
  3. This 'breaking system' referred to in the blue features box... have they built a caravan with a self dismantling and used parts selling feature that activates at the end of its useful life? You'd think some means of slowing it down and stopping it would be more of a priority You'd reasonably expect the sales blurb for a new product launch to be proofread before being published. It's a bit marmite, this one.
  4. Well there’s your answer (as explained earlier by Black Grouse) If you are looking at a new caravan the HIGHEST POSSIBLE MTPLM you can be looking at is 1800kg and that is an absolute figure, 1801 Kg is illegal. Remember it’s the maximum PERMITTED weight not the ACTUAL weight you must use (it’s shown on the caravans VIN plate) Tbe above is of course dependent on you having a B+E licence category, if you have just B then the maximum train weight cannot exceed 3500kg, which will limit your options a bit. Andy
  5. No. Mines due july time.
  6. We looked at a very nice pristine Sterling Eccles 580 yesterday. 2017 MY at an approved Swift dealer. It looked virtually unused. We were tempted to change until I noticed the small cupboard and tv shelf just inside the door appeared to be seperating from the wall board. Does anybody know if this is common and/or easily fixable?
  7. Anyone else received this? Baring in mind it was due for renewal end of November...
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  9. The V5C has the following Mass in Service 1532 Technical permissable max towable mass of the trailer Braked 1800 unbraked 750
  10. All info required is on the link I posted. 👍 Happy caravanning!
  11. Easy T

    Breakdown Cover

    It can be any pre booked site or accommodation such as hotel or rental. It depends on other factors sometimes. I store caravan on driveway but if your caravan is stored 20 miles from home then there was a problem if the car broke down as you were only covered for 10 miles for the second drop. No idea if that has changed.
  12. Anyone know if to get the double drop off cover you have to be travelling to a pre booked Caravan Club site, or can it be any site?
  13. Easy T

    Breakdown Cover

    If it for the UK it is £137 - you provide your partners details and you are both covered for any vehicle and no need to pay for second vehicle as Paul also said
  14. Not on V5C with all cars. I suspect about 1550. You don't give full car details but try puting details in here https://towcar.info/GB/
  15. With Mayday, if you have 2 cars, you only give the registration of one, in our case the tow car which is 12 years old, and you both then take personal cover, no need to add a second car since any cars you are in are covered .
  16. When we had a filter in the caravan I would remove it when not using it but eventually replaced it with a bit of pipe and never put it back. If not changed regularly they can build up bacteria. I have never had a problem of freezing and things splitting with just opening the drain valve, removing the outside pump, opening all the taps to the cold side and then to the hot side and then leaving in the mid position so both sides drain together. The shower hose is left off or as a minimum the spray head removed. The pipes will always be damp inside since it is not possible to remove all the water drops and as a result will be prone to mould building up but a flush at the start of the season (or if not used for some time) will clear it out. I also use a bit of Milton in the first flush but others advise against it since it can affect the stainless steel of the water heater. I do not drink the water from the caravan but it goes into the kettle straight from the outside tap or bottled water is used.
  17. Knowing a couple of local haulage contractors, and a couple of local vehicle recovery contractors my son uses, more jobs per day, equals more profit, equals reduced per running hour vehicle cost, equals another nice car or holiday for the owner. They don't hang about either, time is money. Reading between the lines could it be that either there are so many vans with this problem that the sole, presumably local to Swift haulage contractor, is inundated and can't cope with the quantity, they can only do so many movements, depending on distance, per day. Or for Swift to get a good rate per job, do they use the empty vehicle return system ? Either way, there is no excuse for a van to take 4 months from pick up to be returned................ohh there is, there are so many to repair. Once the van is picked up I would expect it to be with Swift the same or next day, Once repaired I would expect Swift to want it from under their feet A.S.A.P. not two or three months later. Easter is almost upon us, I suspect there are going to be a lot of unhappy folk unable to go away for what is the start of the holiday season.
  18. Hey, I got as far as "Can you please contact us quoting the number". Watch this space. Just wonder if I can get insured with them, although my insurance renewal isn't due until end of July. I'll keep you posted. If they do accept me (which I doubt), but if they do, it may cost more than the company I'm with, a feather will blow me over
  19. Have a look at the car V5C document which will give the car mass in service. It will probably be around 1500 kg given the gross vehicle weight is 2095 kg. Whilst the car can tow 1800 kg, you do not really want to exceed the car mass in service for a caravan's MTPLM, preferably less than this so do not go looking at twin axles. Also if you do not have B+E on your driving licence you are limited to the car gross weight plus caravan MTPLM of 3500 kg, so a caravan up to MTPLM 3500 - 2095 = 1405 kg.
  20. I made a claim a couple of years ago, and my insurance broker have found one insurance company who will now insure my new caravan (the theft wasn't my fault; I did everything the insurance company that I had told me to do). I will have a go with this one, but I can bet anyone £10, that they will refuse me, in fact, if there's a questionnaire to go through, I won't get half way through it
  21. 3895 is the maximum train weight i.e. car plus trailer 2095 is the GVW Ergo 3895-2095 = 1800Kg is the maximum trailer weight. The other two figures are the front and rear axle maximum loads. Most importantly watch your noseweight - if your Superb has a Westfalia towbar then 90Kg is the maximum.
  22. The towing limit will be 1800 kg, maybe a little more, but the kerbweight will be much less as the GVW is only 2095 kg.
  23. Thanks everyone. One more query if you’ll indulge me! On a lot of series 1 unicorns the protective vinyls on the front have gone ‘green’. Can these be removed, refreshed or replaced?
  24. So i haven't had to work out limits since we bought our current van but I want to confirm what the car can take. Its a 2014 Skoda superb Hatch. Possibility of a van uograde if we see something we like at the show tomorrow The plate on the door has the following numbers 2095 3895 1. 1070 2. 1030
  25. Mayday provides double drop off cover and dual recovery cover, invaluable if you break down whilst towing or on holiday. Quite frankly I dont know why anybody who caravans has cover from anybody else.
  26. We have never used the water system for drinking water, Kettle is filled from site mains. Bottled water for teeth cleaning and drinking! I have experienced a freeze leak problem in our last caravan, it had a water filter, this froze splitting the housing, dumping half an aqua roll of water inside the caravan, on our first trip out after the winter storage. Mod removed filter housing. We have a Floe unit, but it did not stop the problem.
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