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  2. Basically when my wife see’s a caravan she likes we go into the office they give us a price for ours we pay the difference 😬 I’ve stopped taking her to caravan showrooms!!! our first van was stored at the caravan showroom storage so every time we came home we looked😱. only last time there offer was terrible so went further afield and saved £2000!
  3. Could you not glue them together, back to back?
  4. I once had an Elddis we called 'the sieve'. Perhaps you can hazard a guess as to why..... I'm thinking of calling my present one 'endless problems' rather than a combination of the usual expletives I've used. At least it would be acceptably descriptive LOL.
  5. I have a full sized 15" Alloy spare wheel in my front locker.
  6. Direct Line have changed for this year, our car insurance renewal has arrived and is 10% more than last year. A look on comparison sites gave quotes a lot less and some a lot more than DL. However, a new quote on DL's site came back at 10% less than last year so after phoning them got it renewed at that. They said they give low premiums to get new customers and then increase it subsequent years but we have been with them for a few years and they only just seem to be doing these high increases.
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  8. The unit you've linked to is the thermostatic controller for gas operation.
  9. I been banging on about the poor design, difficultly in use & potential cause of tyre damage, with the Al-Ko carrier for years. (A consequence of spending my life in engineering design, no doubt!). My first action, with any new 'van, is to remove it & save 16 Lbs. dead weight as a bonus! It was hailed as a good idea when it first became available, many years ago, but the drawbacks soon became apparent & they've never been addressed. The spare is of no use whatsoever to me if it's not easily & safely accessible, or possibly damaged, not to mention filthy. BTW, I don't even consider the Al-Ko jack as either safe or stable enough for use with a 'van. Both the carrier & the jack have always lived in my shed until sale time. Mine spare will stay in the 'van until something better comes along. Why it was ever moved from the gas locker is beyond me.
  10. Our Bessacarr has two of these rooflight, each with its own independent, but otherwise identical, remote. I would prefer to have one remote capable of operating either rooflight, thus having the other as a spare. The range of a remote is only 1.5 meters with new batteries, so its not going to operate both rooflights at once. Does anyone know if its possible to do this?
  11. My cousin has lived in France for 20 years and regularly pulls he hair out over the bureaucracy. The classic case was when Sarkosy tried to withdraw health care benefits for ex-pats. To restore them involved filling in an application form but you had to complete another application form to obtain the application form! The local social security office refused to issue one, so she got a French neighbour to obtain it, and when it was submitted the staff were irate with indignation at her by-passing 'the system'.
  12. So what is the correct procedure? Here is my procedure if I don't know if there is a roundabout ahead (I am talking about driving solo because we were talking about the driving test) : I turn off a main road, if I am on one, into a side road - could be a country lane, or a side street in town. Very few minor roads are wide or quiet enough for a three point turn (although industrial estates are possible), so I look for an opening to reverse into. This could be a deep-set farm gate, rough farm track, or a suburban side street off of a suburban side street. I then reverse into that and then drive forward away, retracing the direction I came, including turning back onto the main road in a normal way. It is the bit where I reverse into the rough farm track or suburban side street that uses the skill of "reversing round a corner" that I did in my driving test. No-one here is suggesting reversing down motorway ramps - that's just silly.
  13. We had a 2005 2.0 hdi 90 bhp Xsara Picasso and on the V5C it gives the car max braked trailer weight as 1300 kg, and the car mass in service as 1375 kg. You should check your values on your V5C. If similar you could look at caravans up to 1300 kg MTPLM and then not put much in it when towing. We used it once to tow our caravan, MIRO 1000 kg and MTPLM 1300 kg but was probably about 1050 kg when towed. The car was not really heavy enough to fully control the caravan or powerful enough so was not used again but others seem quite happy towing with the Picasso.
  14. Have you ever tried getting the spare out of its carrier? If it is the Alko spare wheel carrier like mine, it is an extremely bad design. It is inaccessible if the puncture is nearside without first jacking, and then you can only unbolt the spare wheel from the carrier by putting your arm through between the wheel and the chassis - it would be chopped off if the jack failed at this point, bearing in mind you could be at the roadside with dodgy ground. Even after unbolting the wheel from the carrier I found not enough room to pull it out from the carrier under the chassis member, and I would need to get right under the van to pull the wheel off the carrier in a forward direction; not something do with just a jack. Fortunately my first ever puncture was on my drive and I ended up putting the van on proper stands and then also releasing the carrier from the offside (big split pins) and dragging the whole thing out. I also found it impossible to slide the carrier back in with the weight of the spare on it, despite cleaning and greasing the slides. I now carry the spare inside the van when travelling, and the carrier is in a skip at the local council dump. My problems were exactly the same as The Caravan Nut describes in this video :- The Caravan Nut (on Youtube)
  15. Be prepared for lots of red tape. Years ago when I had a house in France, used to visit the expat forums and this question would come up often. If I remember, the rules are strict and often the advice was to buy one already set up. The other option would be Camping A la Ferme (or someting like that) which is like our CL's Good luck.
  16. You don't have to pay the full amount on a credit card to get section 75 protection. Even 1p will be enough as long as the purchase is between 100 and 30000. Keep in mind that it must be a credit card, no debit cards or charge cards.
  17. Remember that the S75 only protects you if the goods are valued under £30k. Look on the interest as "GAP Insurance" if paying a low monthly premium.
  18. ATC works fine off a twin 7n/7s setup, as you had, if the vehicle is wired right (via the 7s socket). You may need to check the vehicle behind the boot side panels... most likely place for the _proper_ Ford towing module and/or any alternatives. Think my last Galaxy had a big bunch of fused circuits behind the nearside panel for towbar. Possible one may have ruptured? I had a laminate sheet with the details of fuses/functions IIRC. Left it with the car when traded in,of course. This Galaxy has the Ford module there; and I get trailer bulb warnings on the instrument panel if there's a fault. IF you get a voltage on the car socket for the indicators but, when loaded with caravan lamps, that drops/lamps fail to light, it suggests a poor connection in socket (screwed down on insulation?) or poor earth, or similar (poor/dirty/corroded fuse connection). But as others have said, this should be fixed by the dealer if you can't sort it easily yourself? If present make sure any 'test board' they use has proper 21W filament lamp loads (or equivalent big fat resistors), as it could pass as 'OK' on low current LEDs.
  19. If you missed a turning you would use common sense and use the correct procedure and carry on to the next available place where you can safely turn. If you turned off at the incorrect motorway ramp, would you reverse back down to rejoin the motorway. I have seen this happen and on one occasion when joining a dual carriageway A road, a motorhome was reversing back down the ramp and we nearly collided with the vehicle.
  20. Who still visits you? Father Christmas? You're lucky, he gave up on me years ago.
  21. I had a look at a couple of BHF Finance packages at various dealers in late Feb/early March this year. APR was quite steep, to say the least! Your 10% example as an APR was about right, whereas Personal Loans were available via the Bank at 3.3% APR, or at 4.9% via the Credit Union, the latter including 'free' life cover that repays the debt in the event of my early demise. In the end, we stayed as we were, and upgraded our inner cabin to a balcony equivalent for our August cruise - madness, but you pass this way but once Steve
  22. from what you have said i think you may have got the weights slightly confused. When advertised caravans will almost always be talking about the maximum weight so you dont need to factor in the weight of your things as an extra. Unladen Weight: The empty caravan Maximum/Gross/MTPLM weight: Is the maximum the caravan can weigh with all your stuff in it. I would keep an eye on ebay, there are plenty of bargains about and often they come with lots of accessories. Dont be put off by age, buy on condition. At the value/age you are looking at a "spongey floor" isnt a concern and not normally a sign of damp, its quite a simple fix and can be sorted in an afternoon with the available kits. For what its worth my cousin was autistic, as a kid our families would regularly go on caravan holidays together. He was fine with the caravan as it wasnt a new place but importantly for his brothers they really enjoyed going away. When away in the caravan, without all the distractions of housework and routines at home its amazing how much extra time you spend with the kids. As a parent myself this is probably the thing i enjoy most about being away in the caravan as a family. All the best, Tom
  23. The best extension to any awning is one made by the same awning manufacturer. Others cannot be relied upon to fit.
  24. Jodie, it's a good idea to put what your post is about as the heading. What make is your awning ? It helps to give as much info as you can.
  25. Hi We have an old, but well loved bailey series 97 and I need more sleeping room after adding to the family. We are looking for an extension for our awning. Its 920cm but not to sure which type to go for. Can anyone help? Many thanks jodie
  26. 3rd new van in 3 years! You seem to have a bit of experience in buying and selling new caravans. We always use the rrp when pricing a 'van as what you paid would be a trade in price. What do you use to calculate your van's trade in / selling price?
  27. Depends on finance interest rates... If you get finance at 10% you'd be better off paying an equivalent amount on credit card and paying it off at the end of the month (effectively no interest). If you're offered 0%, then rock on for the interest free period... Both methods are covered by Consumer Credit act... and therefore you would be protected
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