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  2. Hi complete newbie question here, so apologies in advance. We've just stored our Alpine 4 (2009) and when we visit our to sort things out, we flip the battery charger switch, and use the battery to power lights, heating and radio. My question is twofold: 1 - Is there any indication as to how long the battery would last in these circumstances? 2 - could I simply keep my car running and connect up the 13pin and use those electrics? Any advice would be handy. I'm still learning and trying to understand the differences and nuances of the Caravanning world 😆
  3. Eddie

    Tyre pal

    On my Tyre Pal system, I only use the temp reading for reference. In your situation, I would recommend low pressure setting of around 32psi, and high pressure of 48-50psi . - The increase in pressure is quite surprising, the hotter the tyres become.
  4. JohnPat

    Tyre pal

    Have you got the correct TyrePal unit for a 2 axle trailer there are different ones for different types of vehicle? The instructions for my single axle 'van are very clear on how to set each wheel and the "+" & "-" settings. Having said this I have yet to set it up! S××× weather!
  5. klyne

    Tyre pal

    I thought the Tyrepal instructions suggested what percentage you should use? David
  6. I would guess that the poor battery terminals are your problem! They MUST be clean, corrosion free and tight. The cable retaining screws must also be tight, often when a mover has been fitted the screws are not screwed tight enough. If in doubt fit new battery terminals, cheap and worthwhile. Over 90% of ALL electric problems are due to poor connections, this can be anything from a switch turned off, chafing cables, blown fuses, severed cable, loose connections, etc. etc.
  7. You are more than welcome! We visit several times a year for railway events! The Brown Cow pub by the gate is worth a visit! Food and beer all usually good! May bump into you next weekend! Paul
  8. Tina2047

    Tyre pal

    Have a lunar twin axle and we have bought the tyre pal for our tyres I'm really puzzled about the settings I need to put into the tyrepal Our tyre pressure for the 4 tyres is 36psi I know you have to high and low air pressure into tyre pal and heat temperature how hot tyres get before alarm goes off But I don't know what to put into tyrepal If anyone has twin axle and using tyrepal could you help me with the setting Thank you
  9. Things don`t seem to get thrown around in the kitchen cupboards in a caravan fitted with shocks, thats my main observation between a van with or without.
  10. to Caravan Talk. John
  11. Thanks for that rodders I now have the circuit diagrams printed off. Removed battery today and Autool tester says "good battery, recharge" but it will not accept a charge and the multimeter says 12.3 volts and to my mind that means sulphated so new battery required as he has had van 5 years and I don't remember him ever changing it. Also the neg quick connector dropped off when I touched it and both connectors are badly corroded. Thankfully I am in the position of being able to substitute the battery with the brand new one on our van before I buy one. Can't do a thing in this rotten weather though (it snowed on me today, stuff that) Test guage in van went to green though which has thrown me a bit but still hopeful that it's only the battery Not been on here long but don't folk respond quickly!!
  12. Hi, hope you enjoy it here
  13. Davey17

    Bmw x2 2.0i

    Thanks for the reassurance and advice, i didn't fancy changing my car
  14. on our second Adria, robust is a good term for them. Last was a 2009 Altea 542DK this is a 2012 Adora 612DT while they have a layout that suits us doubt we will have another make.
  15. for the info all, much appreciated. Usually better to check with those having been to a site before.
  16. Thanks for all the information you have passed on ( again ) John, appreciated. Can I just ask about the site at Santa Elena - I thought it was a municipal owned place, is it private now? Enjoy the rest after your journey. ivan
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  18. Could be the element as gone.
  19. That was some heavy coach conversion Russ - 26.6 metric tonnes !
  20. have a 2006 Sterling Explorer Elite and the electric side of the water heater has stopped working gas side is fine any advice would be appreciated
  21. We have a 5000kg motorhome and so it "enjoys" the £165 per year tax disc (1). My understanding is that there were so few vehicles in the 3500kg - 7500kg category - and those that were were mostly horseboxes - the taxing has never altered. The 26000kg coach conversion that we owned was also £165 per year. 4000 miles per year - glad we are not one of those! Russ
  22. I have a 2006 Sterling Explorer Elite and the electric side of the heater has stopped working gas side is fine I have changed the thermostat control but made no difference. Any advice would be appreciated
  23. We had a Senator Virginia which towed very good. I don't know if it had shocks on it or not ? We now have a Pegasus which has shocks ( came with them ) and ATC . It does not tow as well as the Senator ? Even her in doors comments ! Maybe Baileys test them all after building them and then decide which ones need shocks and which don't ????
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