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  2. If water runs freely from the HOT taps, you may assume that the boiler is full, so ok to switch on. If it's spluttering at the tap, then the boiler still has air in it.
  3. Thank you all for replying. So just to clarify, if I want to control the Combi boiler using the Truma control only do I delete any timer settings on the Swift panel? Or do I have to mirror them or is there an on/off selector on the Swift panel? Sorry if I’m being a bit slow! Thanks again for taking the time to reply.
  4. Apologises Durbanite, I was sure mine was 100 Kg (I’m blind as a bat), I’ve just zoomed in and seen it’s actually 150 Kg!! Happy days, that means I’m now limited to my car’s maximum of 140 Kg
  5. Not so silly, but my car is not that advanced I don't think. Though it does have SatNav but that was an optional extra. I feel sure that would have been in the handbook if it had it. Because mine are 'active' levelling is automatic.
  6. Thanks Roblevelo, that was my thoughts so I will refrain from fitting mine. At least for the time being as we leave for France on Tuesday so not enough time. John
  7. We stayed here, one year when we could not get on Rookesburry park! Big Tesco close by. its closer than Rookesburry park! https://www.sunnydalefarm.co.uk/
  8. There should be no belt slip in a CVT transmission, the 2 adjustable cone pulleys just allow the ratios to change as the steel belt climbs or descends inversely in the cones. The ZF VT1 has 2 auto clutches, one for FWD and one for REV, they are multi plate wet clutches and work on engine RPM/output shaft RPM with a transmission pump and valve proportionally adding pressure to the clutch packs allowing the slip/drive. The early BMW Mini autos and Rover/MG used the CVT ZF VT1, it could also be used in semi manual mode where the auto box programme gave 6 defined fixed ratios, so you could up/down shift with the gear lever to have a six speed box, or on the MGF/TF with switch paddles on the steering wheel; in my younger years a lot of fun to drive. Other versions of CVT still retain a torque converter for take up or slip of drive. Auto boxes in cars have been out for a long time, early days normally only 3 speed with a lot of drag and frictional losses making them a lot heavier on fuel and if you were using an auto for towing you would have a transmission cooler fitted as an extra due to the oil getting easily overheated when pulling away with a load. Nowadays we have dry and wet internal clutches, up to 8 speeds, computer controlled speed shifting that can throttle down the engine as the ratios change for a smooth shift and built in oil cooling plus the high quality of the transmission fluid. You can never be in the wrong gear and you only need one foot; what's not to love!
  9. I was referring to the hitch limit which is of course on the caravan itselft's the one on the caravan. The car doesn't have an Axle 0. The definitive noseweight limit for the car will only be found on the type approval plate on the towbar.
  10. Ah this explains a lot. I hooked up the water for the first time last night, turned on the taps and gave it a few mins and nothing. I assumed it didnt work. Then all of a sudden after a few more mins there was a whirring noise and hey presto, water! So I'm guessing it took that long for the boiler or pump or whatever to do its stuff?
  11. Is that on the car or the caravan, please be specific!
  12. Numerous studies have effectively been done, if you count the fact that every type approved trailer (and those that are IVAd to a degree) are subjected to a General Safety test which checks on the "driveability", that is why sometimes you see some peculiar nose weight limits. The problem is that it's an inexact science, with so many variables that unless you standardise layouts and equipment you will never get a meaningful result. As an example I recently tested a 2500 kg generator on a twin axle chassis behind the new Landcruiser. With a full fuel tank it had 75kg noseweight and towed like a pig on roller skates, with an empty tank the noseweight increased to 130 and it towed even worse. Coupled it up to a Disco4 same weights and it was no problem. Hooked it up behind a Transit pickup and it towed well at the higher noseweight, but badly (crapisnt bad language is it) at anything else. So unfortunately it looks like to get any meaningful ratio you would need to take all the features of the trailer and all the features of every towcar combination into account. One manufacturer did create an algorithm for design, which was reasonably accurate but to do this but it relied on having access to data from the vehicle manufacturer that was just not commercially available.
  13. I also would recommend Carefree Nurseries CL, but beware the access road is very bumpy.
  14. My 2013 Honda CRV had symmetrical dipped pattern headlights, so no action was needed when we went to France. Changed the car nearly 2 years ago, with the "updated" blinged up front with smaller lenses, chrome surrounds etc. Guess what, now I have to get the scissors out and tape off certain areas of the lenses. So much for progress!
  15. You don't connect your caravan water supply to the mains. You fill a barrel or other container, then put your pump into the water. The pump works on 12volts and when the boiler is full and all the taps are closed, the pump will switch off automatically. When a tap is opened, the pump switches on. The taps work either on a pressure switch or micro-switches on each tap. Probably on a van the age of yours, more likely to be pressure switches.
  16. Today
  17. It will be on the coupler and also on the Inertia device, on the trailer and on the Towbar of the towing vehicle. The lowest of all of these is the one to go by. It's not at all unusual to see a coupler rated for a higher figure than the inertia device.
  18. Thanks all. Vent now off.
  19. Thanks. I was wondering if it is actually stamped on the hitch as our ALKO hitvh has to be rated for 150kg??
  20. Has anybody found a cure for the infernal accidental triggering of the van alarm via the key fob? I can guarantee that the thing will go off within five minutes of the key fob being in my pocket.
  21. This may be a silly question, but the change to right dip is not automatic from the GPS is it - a la some Skodas? Most HID headlights have electric adjustment from the main control panel - which often gives the choice of level (tilt) adjustment from the same place, that is unless it has automatic levelling.
  22. As said the 12v from car only gives very little cooling so we run the fridge on home mains for 24 hours before at coldest setting and on arrival at site its the first thing we do is get the fridge going on mains hook up.
  23. I have seen various videos posted over the last few months . Example here from Travel trolls Dan and Maz a couple of months ago that had a local kicking off when there was nobody around to be seen in low season in a isolated spot . I stayed at Sango Sands this time last year and dog loved the beach and we love the Chocolate factory .
  24. If the hot water tank is not full of water and you've not checked that the heater is switched off then you'll burn out the element - a bit like turning on an electric kettle with no water in it. Likewise with a gas kettle, empty it, then put it on the hob and light the gas and it will burn the bottom out of the kettle. It's really easy to just connect up the mains before filling the water system or not check the isolating switch before you do it and it can be an expensive mistake
  25. If you turn the water heater on when there is no water in the tank it will be heating air and probably overheat. It is equivalent to switching the immersion heater or boiler on at home when you have drained down the water system. I strongly recommend that you download as many instruction books as you can for the various appliances that you have in the caravan. Most of them are fairly easy to find online.
  26. DACS

    Van levelling

    Exactly. I level with the fore and aft bubble slightly off as I know that the shower drain works better like that.
  27. My TMV controls bathroom only for exactly the reasons suggested in the op. Works fine like that but perhaps wouldn't be hot enough for dishes if it was controlling the kitchen sink.
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