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  2. The B + E licence is one barrier, but also there is still the continuing trend towards lighter, more efficient cars. The more efficient cars become, the less able they are to take on the considerable extra load of towing a van. In the end all sites will have nothing but statics, and caravan owning will morph into some timeshare scheme giving you a week or two in one of those statics. Everyone gets time in a spacious well equipped static, and no-one wastes fuel by towing anything anywhere. After my time of course (Deo Volente)
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  4. Perhaps we should all go back in time, to when caravans didn’t weigh two tons and needed big engined tanks to pull them? Back in the 1990s, I towed an Elddis Hurricane (MIRO 890kg) with a Peugeot 405 1.9 diesel (kerb weight around 1080kg). That van had almost all of the “bells and whistles” of modern vans, but without all the extra weight.
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  6. Our Kintyre site tests all awnings-often to destruction-including poled Isabella awnings😀. On our first outing with the Kampa Air Pro gale gusting storm force 10 was forecast. The awning coped well till the wind was gusting force 7-8 when it resorted to collapsing in the gusts and springing back to shape -we decided to take the awning down. The Wife held the upwind air beam while I cracked the leeward valve open. The wind flattened the awning in seconds we unpegged it and stuffed it in the front locker. We had a good nights sleep-unlike our neighbour who had a poled Isabella. He got no sleep! He was up all night repegging and moving his large SUV around to protect the awning as the gale went through moving around wind direction wise.
  7. Very scary indeed , Glad the driver and the dog is safe . As a caravan owner with just a couple of years towing experience I have never experienced snaking .I Just found this video on youtube which sounds to be good advice . If any other tips I would be grateful to hear them.
  8. It is not "trying to use RIDDOR against someone", it is alerting the gas safety people to potentially dangerous situations. However, if the RIDDOR people deem an incident serious enough they have serious powers to deal with the problem. As a Gas Safe engineer I have a legal duty to report any dangerous practices that I find in the course of my work,,,simple . It is good that you have read the instruction book for your van, sadly many do not and that is when things can go wrong.
  9. Just had a read of our caravan handbook and it says when using the cooker it is essential to provide additional ventilation by such as opening a window near the cooker - which implies the fixed vents are not enough when using the cooker. As such trying to use RIDDOR against somebody for blocking a fixed vent would not get very far and it is far better to educate the user that a window or door should be opened when the cooker is to be used. The handbook says the high (roof) and low level vents are to BSEN 721 which I could not find details of other than an old topic giving the area of the vents against the floor area. https://www.practicalcaravan.com/forum/general/1203-floor-vents Copied from the link: BS/EN721/1999 as ammended 2004,(Leisure Accommodation Vehicles Safety Ventilation Requirements), states; minimum low level ventilation for vans in this case with 5 to 10 square metres of floor space is 1500sq mm or in real terms an opening of 100x15mm which is but a fraction of the standard door vents capacity. High level ventilation requires more and in this case it is 10,000sq mm which should be taken care of by the permanent ventilation of one closed rooflight which is of the order of 12000mm square even with the blind shut.
  10. As far as I am aware Lunar or even other caravan makers dealers do not hold a franchise with the manufacturer. They seem to undertake to take into stock a set number of new season's caravans. To that extent it would seem unlikely the new owners of Lunar's assets would intervene in your disputes and dissatisfaction with your original dealer. The given wisdom from this forum and also probably the legal position is that you must continue seek satisfaction from the dealer from whom you bought the caravan. Failure to do so would not enable you to seek legal redress through the courts if necessary. There is nothing to stop you from having your caravan serviced by another Lunar authorised dealer provided it is allowed by Lunar's Terms and Conditions (If the new owners of Lunar agree to abide by the original T&Cs.) I would also suggest that the new dealer who is servicing your caravan has no legal obligation to make good or repair any faults in your caravan unless, by some miracle, the new owners of Lunar agree to fund the repairs, out of the kindness of their hearts. This is also the reason that Lunar Automotive Ltd cannot make a blanket declaration on a public forum that covers each and every Lunar caravan owner with Warranty issues.
  11. 2016 Discovery, soon as you connect the van, rear lights on the Disco illuminates as do all the road lights on the van, it’s designed to according to LR, seen lots of other 2016 reg Disco’s the same, along with many Volvo’s, interestingly if I use a 13pin to 7pin converter and connect to a 7pin plug it does not illuminate the Disco’s tail lights or trailer lights. It is linked to the DRL’s, with diagnostic equipment if I turn the DRL’s off it all behaves correctly. We have a 2017 Renault van, no DRL’s, in fact they are not fitted to the ones on the forecourt today, though there is a facelift due next month of which DRL’s are fitted. All down to when the lights were type approved.
  12. Indeed, our Passat is 2070kg and the Phoenix 650 is about 1400kg, a familt car and van under 3500kg is perfectly possible.
  13. I'm looking to go the other way - have a Swift Grande 635 with a single axle Evolution mover. If it is true that this cannot be done, and you are still looking for a mover, perhaps we can come to some deal whereby you have my mover and I pay you an additional amount for yours. It may be even a case of swapping controllers and remotes and me taking the additional mover. It would get us both out of a pretty pickle!! FTR - my setup is 7 months - the mover was put on by the previous, albeit, short ownership previous owner.
  14. Travelling to get the right caravan or right deal might be ok when you first get the caravan but if far away it then becomes a pain when things need doing. Our Elddis was bought from Glossop Caravans which was only 30 miles away so not a problem and they have always given good service. We have now moved house and they are now a 6 hour return trip away. The warranties have now expired so it was last serviced locally but now needs some work which might need an Elddis dealer and there are none within a reasonable distance. So it may be going back to Glossop but often it has to be taken for them to have a look to see what needs doing, then the parts ordered and then go back for the work and collect it again later. So this is 3 full days and about 500 miles. If we change the caravan I would prefer to go to a local main dealer. There was another topic on here where somebody could not get warranty work done by other than the supplying dealer since warranty labour rates are paid very low so not worth doing.
  15. Sometimes they have to take in stock after a certain period of being unsold...I once bought a 'new' Abbey that was two models old but new in all ways including Warranty. geoff
  16. Thanks Geoff Ive never looked into buying brand new before, how come dealers are advertising brand new 2017 & 2018 vans? Have they been stuck with them all this time?
  17. The people who have all the booking stats and therefore the evidence are not going to be forthcoming with it to us plebs, sometimes or previously known as members. If the stats shows a serious decline in the metaphorical "bums on seats" during high season the Club will either decline to comment or spin the change in procedures before the decline in revenue as a win win for all parties. That's what Marketing is all about. I understand it the cc's DG is a member of a marketing Association to whom he gives talks on marketing. I wonder if the Club is used as a case study for the talks' source? The Club appears to have a marketing arrangement with a major UK manufacturer which, in my opinion, hardly makes it an independent party.
  18. Another thought, the soot could be from your car exhaust when towing.
  19. The black plastic cover is, I believe, there to direct the vent from the slot to holes beneath it to the underside of the van. Therefore I believe it should be pushed against the back of the panel. If I am correct, this may be why it is not operating as expected, It may also be responsible for the carpet marking. John
  20. Because i like it and its no concern for me, i protect my key signals!
  21. Why should I and lots of other worried Lunar customers have to call our dealers to ascertain the warranty position. All that’s needed is a simple straightforward statement by Lunar and then all previous customers still within the warranty period would know where they stand. With regards to my dealer from whom I bought the van, I’ve already arranged to have the van serviced by another Lunar dealer. I wouldn’t waste my breath talking to the original dealer.
  22. Bought a swift eb4 last year and am fed up with the never ending succession of faults. Door bin fell off on first trip. Door magnet has failed twice. Bathroom clothes hook was held on by 10mm screws that fell off. Seal around the front window failed. The window blind unit behind the sink has come away from the wall. And now the fridge has failed now we are away on holiday. Milk will go sour and frozen food is lost. What a bad language removed build!!
  23. Most people there who dress up have never served in the military. There has been a big increase of more fancy dress type costumes (land girls etc), than real uniforms. There has also been a huge increase in American costumes. Also the women tend to like the 1950s style dresses which are not in keeping with the event.
  24. Leisure World Group https://www.leisureworldgroup.com/search?offer[]=go-wild&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=go-wild-2019 Nearest depot York.... geoff
  25. Lunar’s quote appears to mean, “that any questions arising about aftersales or warranty work should be directed to your dealer as normal”. Whilst it doesn't say explicitly whether existing warranties will be honoured or not, it is very clear that your first port of call is your dealer... exactly as it was before the previous Lunar company went into administration. Pick up the phone and ask your dealer the question - it doesn’t get much easier than that and you’ll likely then know one way or the other how the existing warranty position stands. That you dislike your dealer so intensely is a matter entirely and only between you and your dealer. By the sound of it, your dealer probably won’t care much either way what you think of them but none of that has anything to do with Lunar Caravans (as was) or Lunar Automotive (as is). Seems you were disgruntled with the dealer from whom you purchased your caravan long before the original Lunar company went into administration and thus, long before the question of honouring warranties arose. Should you be carrying than animosity forward to the new caravan manufacturer even before you have ascertained their policy on existing warranties? Especially when a brief telephone call to your dealer will likely provide clarification one way or the other.
  26. Our caravan has quite a few floor level vents (as well as the gas drop vents in the floor) and they are not all just for if the cooker is being used but to provide general ventilation. They will have been designed for when it is not windy but when the wind does blow they can give bad draughts so in these times we might put a sock in one or two and then remove them when the wind dies down. When using the oven/hob I open windows to give ventilation plus there is the CO alarm.
  27. Im not entirely sure that there are lots of folk block booking every weekend of the year, then not turning up, I think its more a case of families having extremely busy lives and finding out just days before they are due to arrive that they genuinely can't make it for some unavoidable reason. Perhaps the retired members or members without young families are more able to commit to the bookings they make?
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