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  2. FWIW, having experienced a couple of snakes, I now wouldn't dream of towing a caravan without a stabiliser.
  3. Can't agree with you. How does your logic explain the mud in the toilet cassette compartment?
  4. Despite the continuing reductions in infections and deaths the completion of the various Nightingale Hospitals wasn’t/hasn’t been cut back/curtailed or cancelled. My take on that is that a much greater wave of infections is being anticipated by those “in the know” so the huge capacity those Nightingales offer will be needed at some point in the (not too distant) future. I would like to be 100% wrong on that but fear I am not. In the meantime I, unlike that Cummings character, am doing as advised, staying at home as much as possible to assist in the suppression of the spread of this virus. I shall be watching the evening news to see how many have decided “If it’s alright for Cummings, it’s alright for me” and gone off for a “jolly” today. I reckon there will be a fair few don’t you! Stand by for the infection rate to rise in a couple of weeks. Andy
  5. The Aqua Caps are the rubberised blue shrouds. They sell for £3.33 from the company I mentioned above.
  6. The secret - that I don't think anyone has mentioned - is to clean the area on the van and the back of the plate with meths and polish it dry then use the large round Velcro self-adhesive pads. Warm the pad first and then warm the van surface to get both reasonably hot (even) before sticking them on. I stick the hook part to the caravan, then warm the plate and the furry part, attached the furry part to the disc on the caravan, remove the backing paper, and push the plate onto it firmly., all quite quickly. Been doing it for 20+ years and never had one come off yet. The secret is the warming.......
  7. Whale supply them on their pumps but only to fit the Aquaroll which has a smaller opening than the water hog, plus I don't really want to spend £50+ on a new pump just for the rubber shroud, or whatever it's called. I've looked at Aquaroll, they don't seem to supply them, I've checked all the online caravan accessory shops I normally use and they don't list them either under pump spares or water carrier spares. The Aqua Caps don't fit water hogs either. Anyway, I have found what I think I need, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Waterhog-Aquaroll-Dust-Dirt-Rain-Cap-Cover-for-Caravan-Camping-Mains-Water-Kit/202619808902?hash=item2f2d14ec86:g:y9YAAOSwrv5cg-NX I found it by typing Waterhog in to ebay and scrolling. Interestingly, if you sort by price, low to high which I was doing, they don't appear.
  8. I think the great concern is a resurgence which could quickly develop into a pandemic greater than the first wave. I dont think its right to knock the government just because you dont understand. This Pandemic is a unique event for which no one has any knowledge or experience. Its nature is not the same in every country. The government have tried to deal with the unknown - a bit like knitting with smoke. The current discussion bout France/UK boder and quarantine will no doubt be resolved. Yesterday I listened to two neighbours berating the government for wasting so much money on Nightingale hospitals which we didnt need, which is a similar issue.
  9. The French Government website faqs regarding deposits/refunds is HERE
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  11. The 2 week self isolation either end kills any point of going. A wonderul example of horse and stable door? Hopefully it won't be for long. I'm thinking our govt has a new department. The department of hindsight! The new Minister for Hindsight will be compliling the new book of excuses, finger pointing and backstabbing! The quarantine should have been much earlier along with lockdown. Grrr
  12. If you have no children and are not a club member then the Quiet site at Ullswater might suit you.
  13. Most road tests of Toyota hybrids I have seen dislike the CVT, one minute engine running quietly next high revving! 5th Gear tried a couple and commented on it. Not something I fancy. We were looking at Hyundai Ioniq hybrid while our Santa Fe was in for service, the salesman told me they use conventional auto boxes not CVT. Kia hybrids will be the same. They said there will be Santa Fe hybrids later.
  14. Don't those caps come with the pumps?
  15. I would look at breakers to see if they have one. The window should be common to all the wisp range for that year, so looking for the year should be enough. SFM caravans of Halifax carry a very large range of spares from scrapped caravans and you can also Google caravan breakers for others. I doubt that the window is still in production but an Elddis dealer can probably tell you when they open. The last resort is probably EECO who can make a new one for you but only at some cost.
  16. We were supposed to be going to Center Parcs in Belgium today booked through the French site with French terms, it appears the voucher is the way it is done as we were sent the voucher. The site we have booked for later in the year also looks to be running the same system.
  17. Spare parts for the Aquaroll are freely available and most dealers will have them or you can go to the manufacturer. The Water Hogg is I believe imported and I have never seen spares for them being sold. Having said that the item is basically a plastic cap with a hole through that matches the diameter of the water inlet pipe, so what fits one should fit them all.
  18. Where does it mention voucher I'm sure he said the deposit had been relocated hence still protected the same as the original deposit ( I think ) But I'm sure he appreciated your cheery optimism
  19. Wildwood

    Pillow Talk

    We have found memory foam pillows the answer but still change them after a few years when they do seem to deteriorate. Still trying to sort out the snoring from SWOB. possibly a second caravan for me to sleep in would help. Somehow she is always at her worst when I have a long drive next day.
  20. Knowing that he was in the spotlight and that people were out to get him, that just shows the arrogance of the man in that he thought he was protected well enough to get away with it. The final paragraph in a New Statesman article yesterday summed it up well in my opinion Johnson is like a man caught in a quicksand. The more he flails, the deeper he is sinking into the morass, squandering public trust and sympathy. The public might forgive his incompetent handling of coronavirus, but not this egregious lying and hypocrisy. Sooner or later he will have to sack Cummings. The longer he dithers the worse he and his government will be damaged.
  21. No matter what the PM says his position is indefensible. The rules are absolutely clear, if you have, or suspect you have the virus you go into isolation for 14 days. There is no leeway to go even next door never mind 250 miles spreading the virus every time you stop. The acceptance of his action by the PM is beyond belief and it will destroy every bit of credibility both of them have. It is clearly one rule for him and another for the rest of us and when even the Daily Mail asks them what planet they think they are on it is clear this could be the largest ever blunder by a government. Never have I seen that much justifiable opposition to any government decision with even the majority of the Conservative party against him. If they do not wake up to the furor then they will never have any credibility again.
  22. Hardly incapacitated. He was well enough to drive 250 miles, and his wife was well enough to travel with him. Mr Cummings is a leading "advisor" to the government during the current crisis and is thus "high profile" . Stephen Kinnock is a labour politician who currently has a much lower profile and is thus not quite so "newsworthy", however, I totally agree with you. ANY politician, (or advisor), is in the public eye and should be prepared to face the wrath of the Great British electorate for "avoiding" the rules during the current crisis.
  23. I would just point out that Kinnock and co were not an integral part of Government at the time of their journeys and neither were they instrumental in the advice/legislation that was put forward. For the record I am most certainly not a Labour supporter, but I am a supporter of people doing “what’s right” Sadly a lot of people in the public eye seem to have a bit of an issue with that, for example Steve Coogan Victoria (happy face) Beckham Both using (or trying to use) public funds to furlough their staff Emma Thompson (1st class flight to support Extinction Rebellion) Stephen Kinnock, driving miles to see his parents Scotlands Chief Medical Officer The scientific chap who had his floozie visit Keir Starmer (children at school, probably private) I am sure there are more but you get the idea I am sure, they are great exponents of the “Do as I say, not as I do” faction that seem to feel they are somehow “superior” to the plebs on whose money they enjoy their privileged lifestyles that are, to a great extent, isolated from the real world. Andy
  24. Welcome to the forum. It is difficult for anyone to give advice without knowing the question as the answer would be far too long. If you have any specific questions then the answer will come though. If you are looking at hitching, pitching and the like you will find some excellent videos on you tube and be able to see how its is done. There are also many reports on sites if you find want to see more of any you are looking at. If you are looking at access where roads might be tight, Google Earth is very good.
  25. I am not a French resident but understand that a campsite credit note valid for 18 months is in line with French government regulations.
  26. BOAC

    Pillow Talk

    For years I have had grumbles and moans about my uncomfortable pillows and in the last year or so I have been suffering from a nagging ache in my back which I blamed on the mattress. I am always on the lookout for any improvement and I discovered one which has helped no end. Its NOT the mattress but the pillow that effected me. Since I could get a refund after 30 days trial if unsatisfied I thought 'Why not give it a go'. For me it works so I thought I would pass this on if you have the same troubles as me and I hope it helps you. I have the firmer pillow if that helps. Now there is the snoring issue of Petal to resolve Duct tape perhaps?? PS. Apply the code for free postage
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