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  2. Just to confirm your point. My late father bought a new 5 berth Sprite Major in 1967, weighing in at 19.6cwt incl. payload [who needed kg in those days?]. I bought a 2008 Gobur Carousel 12/2T 2 berth Folding Caravan in late August last year and this had an MTPLM of 1050kg or 20.67cwt! BTW, dad's original towcar was a 1964 Vauxhall Victor Estate [910 EDA reg], 1594cc engine with a 3 speed column change ... He didn't want to 'ruin a really nice car' as he said, so he traded it in for a demo Singer Vogue Estate from the garage at which he worked. Big mistake! The designers fitted a 9 inch clutch to the Singer 1500cc model; an 8 1/4 inch to the 1600 version; and a 7 1/4 clutch to the 1725cc model! Unsurprisingly, every time we took the caravan away for holiday, the blessed clutch failed! Our record for changing the clutch on a sloping Cornish campsite, Home Farm, Crantock. was just under 5 hours. Not bad when the car was propped up on bricks and it was just me and the [mainly his efforts] Old Man to lug the box in and out. The car went back to Rootes Group on many occasions, all to no avail. The Old Man eventually managed to jiggle an 8 1/4 clutch into the 1725cc set up on the 7th clutch change at 23,500 miles! I remember these details so well because I am totally mechanically inept, and my role in the repair team was to be bawled at in Parade Ground [ex-Army NCO] language, the most choice of which was that I would never make a mechanic as long as my body evacuated its waste content via the orifice that God provided ... When I enquired whether that meant that I had limited potential, I realised that I had made a mistake. He had boxed for his Regiment! But I am still a sarky so and so ... Steve
  3. Thanks, is it available online?
  4. With OH in hospital at the moment, waiting for a heart valve, then waiting minimum of six weeks before he can drive, I thought I would go on a towing course. I am with the CMC, and looked up when the next available course was available. I'm looking at September, and with a class of six. So, living in Manchester, and the nearest centre is in Macclesfield, I gave them a ring. I explained that I didn't need to know how to load a caravan, etc, but just wanted to gain confidence in towing a caravan. The lovely lady said no problem. I could book straight through them for a 4 and half hour course. This would see me towing the caravan on the road, and also how to successfully reverse. This would cost £168, but with me being a member of the CMC, it would be £152. I would also have a one-to-one tutor for the whole of the duration, unlike if I'd gone with the CMC, who use the same facilities, I would have to share two tutors to six of us and would cost £150, and I can have my course in early July, just a couple of weeks away. Me thinks I've chosen wisely by ousting CMC on this occasion Anyone out there know of any classes for my OH to attend for navigation training. He's absolutely terrible. Couldn't even use a satnav
  5. Some German caravans have a large, pre-drilled, wooden block attached to the roof frame between the outer panel and the ceiling board in the wardrobe. This can be used for mounting a pole through the roof with a watertight gland allowing a sat dish or terrestrial aerial to be rotated/adjusted from the inside. Roof mounting I'm not aware of any UK vans have such provision but the link below is a video showing a sat dish being fitted to a UK caravan where the load is spread over a large plate screwed and glued to the roof.. sat dish fitting
  6. Not a con! It is just necessary to read what is actually there and give some thought to what it really means. 99% of the population means just that, 99% of the area is something different altogether!
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  8. They are multi use. But with all bolts they should not be overtightened as this can damage their ‘elastic’ properties. I have no idea how much more torque would be needed beyond the recommend setting to do that. Look at their web site for more info. http://www.wheel-solutions.co.uk/SAS_bolt/SAS_bolt.html John
  9. A con - hardly! There is always (well, nearly always) the opportunity to use satellite reception called Freesat.
  10. Address: Hilltops, Long St, High Ham, Langport, Somerset, TA10 9DN Phone: 01458 250455 We stayed for three nights (June 2019) on the Hilltops certified site which is an immaculately mowed field with at least a 20 feet separation between caravans, and all for £14 per night. No nearby road noise. Quiet. Pets are welcome. Very nice views for miles. Brian and Shelley are friendly and helpful. Brian is renovating a traction engine and he has a small museum which he was pleased to show me, mostly engineering and guns, so herself read a book while I disappeared for an hour - or two. Glastonbury is twenty minutes away and Wells is not much further on, whose cathedral is well worth a visit together with the oldest street in Europe. Dorchester is worth visiting as well. Plenty of 'stuff' going on so look on the web for events in the area. All in all, recommended, and we will return.
  11. Excellent advise had the same problem in our Bailey Verona 2014 with a flush problem carried out all the tests for power etc then took the pump out 2 screws, a quick tap to free up the impeller, a wiggle with a screw driver and a quick test all working fine no need to dig the latrines out the back 😄😄😄🚽🚽🚽🚽
  12. Because in the UK coverage is rated on population, not geographical - yet another con from the industry!
  13. Its really good that he passed this information on. Hope they enjoy using it.
  14. I know how you feel and sympathise. We to had a similar event while collecting our Sprite caravan from the service center in Preston 18 months ago. I had traveled about 500 yds from the center approaching a roundabout (so traveling slowly) when the nearside wheel came free and the caravan fell onto the mover etc. We considered ourselves lucky in that in another 10 mins and we'd have been on the M6 travelling at 60 mph with potential disastrous results. Obviously the engineers at the service center had failed to tighten the studs. The service center repaired the van at their cost but it was never the same afterwards and I traded it in for another van last year. It has left me a little neurotic as regards testing the studs which I now do before each outward and return journey and in between sometimes. I should add that at the time we contacted the technical dept at the cc who were helpful in advising what remedial work they considered necessary in such an event.
  15. The Swift already has an onboard Flojet pump, not a submersible ultraflow.
  16. just doing the same to my van, all drilled ready to go. did anyone consider varnishing/sealing the floor before putting down the vinyl ? using green poly bond, so should be fine when finished.
  17. Carnac area was for us...La Baie was a favourite. Geoff
  18. Ha Ha! Some years ago on holiday in an apartment, I heard screaming and shouting next door and was close to phoning the police when a different sound clearly indicating a high level of involvement in the practice of procreation, pierced through the adjoining wall.
  19. Heatwave in the Dordogne !!!! we left there last Monday and had three weeks of horrible rain, are you sure you were in the Dordogne. Not been there myself but Benodet is highly recommended
  20. Hi James and Caz i have successfully used a hose direct into the inlet on my van, but it should have a pressure reducer or you could blow the fittings apart inside the van. The contradiction to that is that if the water pressure is too low then you may get insufficient flow. Before you buy an Ultraflow submersible pump, you may wish to consider fitting an onboard pump, which is more universal and therefore easier to replace. I have just had a problem in France when my Ultraflow pump packed in and I was unable to get a direct replacement even from an Truma dealer. A helpful Frenchman fitted a non-standard pump for me which will be fine till we get home.
  21. Only you could make the call, if it sounded violent, ring the Warders
  22. WSL bolts here. Never yet needed adjustment over a number of years. The one shot nuts are those that hold the brake drum so your WSL bolts are, of course, lifetime.
  23. Don't wind me up Borussai with regard to the Clowns in Cardiff Bay, laughingly called The Welsh Government/ The worst move we have ever made was to return to Wales, they could not organise a a you know what in a brothel. The latest news today is that the Clowns knew about the Ford Plant Closure in Bridgend eight months ago but did sod all about it,
  24. I'm away in the motorhome at present so I'm unable to check the original tyre specification for you, however you can download an owners handbook for your 1999 Avondale from here. Gordon.
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