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  2. Yoiks I been to bed since then! I think it was my incorrect reading of your post so I'm the dumb old...SOZ!
  3. Looks as if we are being ripped off in the UK where policies have £2.5 million third party cover. In recent years some insurers have started adding an admin fee of about £20 to policies including at renewal to increase profits, so if we could get a basic third party only policy it is going to cost a lot more than 13 euros.
  4. Must admit we have more than once followed the snow over the top to get out. It was a regular destination for February school week when my son was young. As I said earlier for those who remember the original road over the top it was a real killer for many cars. Now i'm showing my age! The guy from the garage in the village had a regular job rescuing cars getting stuck!
  5. Friends had a Buccaneer and she couldn't spend a night in It without getting a rash and sneezing....then bought a Swift and she couldn't sleep in It....bought a motor home without problem. Geoff
  6. Well done - you've every right to feel satisfied.
  7. That climb should be easy for modern cars - out of ski season anyway!
  8. Hi SamD. Could you please explain to dumb old bu...r like me what are the two typo's. I think I said to add the second largest weight (Vehicle Gross) to the Caravan MTPLM to arrive at the actual train weight. Well done. Enjoy your caravanning.
  9. Hi blondchaser, yes Blairgowerie and the Spittal of Glenshee love the ride over the roads are much better then years ago the bend around the Spittle was a real car killer! The LR will not have a problem.😁
  10. The hitchlock should have come supplied with the plastic 'towball' since it is part of the lock security.
  11. GAS is definitely correct, it's just like mine
  12. Today
  13. How do you intend to get there ? Via Blairgowrie or the new Aberdeen by-pass ? If Blairgowrie, hope you have plenty horse power.!!
  14. Just to let you all know that I PASSED!
  15. Thats not an ALko thats a Winterhoff hitch. You need to put a false plastic tow ball in the ball attachment if thats what its called before it closes.... GAS ..
  16. As others have said, allergic reactions can be caused by a number of things. It could be down to something the caravan was cleaned with prior to sale. Washing down all surfaces may get rid of it. My particular and weird allergy is museums and art galleries and some shops. Additionally The Eden Project and a new one for me, the P & O cruise ship Oriana and that only happened on the 2nd time I cruised on that ship. Not had any reaction on any others - all a bit odd, but I think its down to cleaning products used. Had it for 50+ years. Doctors laugh when I tell them and have never taken it seriously. My hands swell, such that I cannot bend my fingers, and itch like made in those places, but not if I wear gloves, or keep my hand in my pockets. On the Oriana my whole body was swollen within 2 days but returned to normal within 2 hours of dis-embarkation.
  17. It has always amazed me how older relatives can remember details of events from decades ago but nothing from a few minutes earlier. I sometimes can not recall things of a few minutes ago but not ones a long time ago so I must not be old enough yet. Hopefully when these part automated cars are stuck in a long line doing the same speed they will leave a gap between them large enough for those of us with older cars to safely overtake and pull in. You could then watch them in your mirror as the cars automated brakes are applied to get the gap back.
  18. Turn the hot tap on, wait a few minutes, then turn on the cold slowly to regulate the temp. If it's a Morco boiler, they are temperamental with water pressure. H.
  19. Hi, how does the alko hitch close when there's no car hooked up. I need to put the hitch lock on. Sean
  20. We had a text from Brittany ferries today advising our outward ferry to Caen 08.15 on 20th June has been cancelled. We have re-arranged the outward trip going through St Malo and agreed a nice deal with BF. No complaints from us.
  21. The caravan was a private buy. It has a solid bottom floor. I will try and upload picture later to show the area. We are currently removing the wet and rotten wood and plan to put down new board, take off the door and re-seal and will re-seal the awning rails too. Is there anything else we can look at. We will also check the door has not dropped on its hinges.
  22. Seems to say that it only lasts for 30 days then you top up for another package. My 3 24gb data card is valid for 24 months.
  23. Total beginner with these data sim things, I found this on eBay, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-3-PAYG-4G-Trio-Data-SIM-Pack-Preloaded-with-100GB-of-Data-Three-Sizes-/153213247341 as the old adage goes “if it’s too good to be true.......” opinions please. and recommendations on pre loaded data sims with LOTS of GB for mobile WiFi
  24. Hi , Been stratching my head re the low water delivery, the new pump was making plenty of noise plus taking a long time to shut down after turning the tap off sometimes wouldn't shut off at all . Done all the normal checks re loose connections to the internal pipework tightened all the jubilee clips, checked battery no faults found , left tap running and giggled the outside connector which plugs into the van no water leaks but I could hear an improvement in water flow , the Male spigot which accepts the Female within the plug has 2 O rings I have replaced these and now have improved the water flow to 6 Litres a minute which although not the 8 Litres as stated by Whale it is about the same and quite acceptable as the previous Smartflo pump , its always satisfying to solve problems which was air being sucked in via defective O rings , so happy days going up to Norfolk in two weeks first trip out this year Thanks you all for your advice.
  25. With my Phantom I can see where the van is no my phone.(still at the dealers again)
  26. Was it a private purchase, or from a Dealer? If a Dealer was there any warranty?
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