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  2. Pump King price for diesel this week is 125.4... Very happy I have the card. Local supermarket best price is about 133
  3. Got Maxmilers on my TA. Not heard of them until my service chap put a couple on, just put 2 more on the other axle.
  4. I have a 2016 Luna Delta and in the electric compartment there is a socket for a satellite. I have been to a couple of sites where an additional TV aerial connection is available where a long lead comes from the hook-up to the caravan (due to poor reception) and was wondering if there is such a thing as an adapter to fit onto the satellite socket to use it for the TV aerial? I'm not very technical minded and don't really understand how these sort of things work. I haven't been able to find any other aerial socket on the exterior of the caravan.
  5. Agree about the A303 route. I used to travel up and down that way on a regular basis (frail parents in Plymouth), but I did it by motorbike, which is great on that route. There's not that much dual carriageway beyond Stonehenge, and it's pretty hilly in places. It's not unusual to get a 7-8 mile queue at the end of the dual carriageway approaching SH. All the things that make the route lovely for a bike, are what makes it hard work for a caravan. M4-M5 you can get up to 60 cruising speed and stay there... Obviously you can get hold ups at the M5 junction around Bristol...
  6. That was exactly my situation with present caravan, the selling dealer was never visited after purchase ( the actual dealer details were removed from the manual!) and the owner eventually went straight to an AWS service......so warranty not transferable, geoff
  7. ^^^ There's a risk that the caravan will shake itself to bits when fitting overspecced tyres - the tyres are too stiff for the weight they carry. I would have thought load index 95 would be right for a 1250kg single axle van. I agree with you on how good are the GT Maxmilers.
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  9. This new one from same dealer?
  10. ive got GT radial savero's on our single axle abbey, the vans max weight is 1250kg and i got 185/70/r13c 106/104, so probably way over specced but they were of a similar price to 175r13c i had looked at, around 60 pounds each, we use maxmilers on everything at work and they seem to last really well so i went for it, plus who doesn't like a knobbly tread pattern haha
  11. Black Streak Remover I got some at Aldi yesterday whilst buying a 1000w caravan kettle at £7.99 and it is a made in UK product says "Power Forge" and was £1.49.
  12. Stevan

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    As a very rough rule of thumb, mpg towing is often around 2/3 of that solo.
  13. Just to try and bring this topic up to date. I recently purchased, direct from Truma at this years NEC show, the latest version of their Waterline mains water inlet hose and valve kit. We have now used it and can make the following comments. 1) The pressure reduction valve is a new version. 2) The water pressure in the caravan is no different than when using the pump and Aquaroll. 3) The shower operates as normal - same as with the pump. I had a lengthy discussion with the Truma engineer about the valve failure and the caravan being subjected to mains water pressure. It seems that it is true that if the spring in the valve fails it is not fail safe and the caravan would be subjected to mains pressure. I have since had this confirmed by a second Truma engineer in Germany. However, all Truma water systems have a drain/safety valve on both the hot and cold side (blue with yellow release lever), these valves release at 2.8 bar. I have done some additional research with John Guest, who provides the pipe work and fittings for the Truma Ultraflow System and also with Reich, who provide the taps in our caravan; they both confirmed that their products will withstand pressures up to 10 bar and 5 bar respectively. I don’t know what pressure the Alde boiler will stand but the safety valves mentioned earlier are fitted at the cold inlet and hot outlet to the boiler so I’m happy with that. Truma state that they do not know of an actual valve failure (they would say that though), has anyone on here actually witnessed a valve failure and the subsequent consequences? In the past We’ve used the float and Aquaroll but find we go through pumps quite quickly, around one a year! We’re much happier with the new Waterline.
  14. Daveg

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    What approx mpg can I expect with Navara when towing 1500kg van.?
  15. Good morning Amanda, I apologise for taking my time answering your question fully only I was waiting for other explanations from other posters rather than only putting my point of view, so the key answer is YES ! Fenwicks Black Streak Remover. Safe caravanning Regards Roger (omf)
  16. Having spent many many years touring France, I rather question the title of this thread....... I have always found the French campers to be polite and considerate. The only time I have ever seen noisy and disruptive behaviour is when groups of English people descend on a site. ( I won't say from which area of England most of the disruptive people come from, but I'm sure those who have experienced this will be well aware. )
  17. Local to us on Friday 14th, it was 132.9p/l at Morrisons Bedford (with a -5p/l voucher that was 127.9, and More points reduce that a tad further). Head over to Milton Keynes and Tesco was 129.9p (according to Petrol Prices .com). But absolutely not worth the 20-odd mile round trip to use 3 or 4 litres to save a few pennies per litre. When we were away last week we got diesel in Sainsburys, Sheffield (Meadowhall) @130.9p cheapest we'd seen around the area all week (filled up on the 6th). When we lived in Lowestoft I was amazed to find the fuel prices there were consistently among the lowest around the country. https://www.costco.co.uk/fuel-locations with only 12 locations in England and two in Scotland selling fuel there will be relatively few people who use it. Do they headline price fuel ex-VAT like their other stuff?
  18. We do use a sat-nav, was a Garmin before we had an inbuilt one but my in-car navigator sit's with the 4"/mile paper map to vet the route and will advise whether the sat nav is doing a good job or not. It's always used for the last few miles when the sat-nav tries to use back gardens and alleyways to reach the final destination. I only trust my navigator, not the sat nav as we have been directed down some quite unsuitable roads for a caravan - once it even suggested that we go through a horse tunnel under the Grand Union Canal (Its at Cosgrove, off the A508 near Milton Keynes). Blindly following the sat-nav would have cause us a bit of a problem as it's not the best place to reverse a caravan when confronted with an orifice about 1.5 metres high. Mind you my bro was following his sat-nav and took his caravan under this a few years ago and just got away with it - many don't (apparently it's close to being the most hit bridge in the country, although I'm sure there are others). Just look at the state of the paintwork under the warning sign
  19. Great advice here. https://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/helpandadvice/technicalhelp/datasheets/choosing-caravan-motor-mover/ I'm very pleased with my Reich Basic 1.8. The two motors can be controlled independently, so it will turn on a sixpence.
  20. Just to update you all I returned caravan and the owner gave us full refund no problem at all, and we have bought another that we are 100% happy with and everything working that’s for the comments
  21. The pressure will depend on the ambient temperature. The container is mostly liquid when full. Until all the liquid has boiled off the pressure will stay the same apart from temperature variations. Once you see the gauge dropping it's virtually 'empty'.
  22. Calor supply all this data on their website (click 'more' then 'specification tab'). https://www.calor.co.uk/shop/all/gas-bottles/propane-gas-bottles.html Fairly easily found using Google, too. 6 kg propane they say "Tare weight (empty) 7.3-10.9 kg" plus the gas. So full it can weigh anything from 13.3 kg to 16.9 kg depending on the bottle you get. A 6 kg Lite has a Tare of 4.1 to 5 kg so full = 10.1 to 11 kg. Saving between 2.3 and 6.8 kg weight on the nose of a caravan for each cylinder. Calor say a full 3.9 kg propane weighs between 9.0 and 10.5 kg for just under 2/3 of the gas in a Lite. Current refill price is around £18 cf £27 for the Lite? So may make the small bottle quite attractive for us light gas users (approx the same price per kg of gas)? A heavy 6 is £23.50 to refill so the cheaper way to buy gas.
  23. Thinking of fitting a rhyno motor mover to our caravan has anyone got any experience of this make, if so let good or bad. Thank you.
  24. if the op is in Basingstoke then M3, A303, A30, M5, A30 your then only 40'ish miles from Bude A3079, A3072 to Bude. I cant see any of this being a problem with a caravan. I would then plan a route via Google or the AA and you can then see in advance your route and it suitable. Sat Nav may make it easier once at Bude to final destination but if this is the only planned usage, is it worth the money? mind you op should be there and perhaps even back home by now macafee2
  25. I always when I get a new cylinder put it on the bathroom scales and write the date and weight on the cylinder in a felt marker and that way I know which cylinder to use and don't end up with two empty cylinders and I can just pop it on the scales to tell how much gas I have left in a cylinder . Dave
  26. Mane Guernehue. They aren't in vans but chalets. ————————- Thanks Ted Bear. Does not seam you actually read my posts, whole thing sorted amicably with site management. All fine, no tempers lost. But if the perpetrators had given thought to their actions in the first place there would have been no need to bring anything up with the site. Everything could have been sorted with a bit of thought on their side and with no detrimental affect on their festivities. John
  27. They are such a poor quality fuse holder they fall out. I had exactly the same thing happen in our Swift and they are now securely held in with cable ties.
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