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  2. It’s been awhile! But finally starting to be able to do things after the cold snaps. i managed to pick up a rm212f fridge locally, and a bargain toilet thetford c250 of the bay I have recently finished sanding here’s an update I’m currently in the process of filling certainly will be more videos coming a lot quicker now
  3. Your post reminds me of caravanning as a boy
  4. Thanks again for the info. Its the "Butane Pigtail hose" that keeps throwing me, as of course I'm using Propane. However I've just been reading a Camping Club factsheet on gas, and I now discover that since 2003 both Propane and Butane operate at the same 30mbar pressure, whereas before then, they were both different. Hence the bulkhead regulator on post 2003 vans. https://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/AdvicePdfs/Datasheet-32.pdf At the moment I can still get Calorlite cylinders here in Norfolk, but I was trying to work out what to do if I can no longer get them, without increasing my noseweight. I like to have two cylinders on board, so the Gaslite (Flogas) option with the 5Kg cylinders and an adaptor seems the way to go! Thanks again for your input, much appreciated.
  5. Wulfie


    Hi Guys I wonder if any of you can help. The last time i took our caravan out I connected the water pump as per usual. After the water tank was filled the pump kept working intermittingly ie of for 2-3 seconds then a quick pump . This continues all the time the pump is switched on. I have checked inside the van and there is no leakage in side the van. Can anyone shed any info on this problem? Thanks guys
  6. As you've said, your van has a bulkhead regulator, so no worries. I'm in the process of converting my own van at the moment and purchased a 10kg GASLIGHT from B&M stores today and have ordered the adaptor. Quoted from another supplier - "This adaptor will allow you to use any Propane cylinder with a 27mm clip-on outlet, in conjunction with Butane Pigtail hoses and a bulkhead regulator fitted inside your gas locker. Normally you can only use standard Propane cylinders with pigtails, however this adaptor will allow you to use BP, Gaslight, Patio Gas and BBQ Gas cylinders in the UK.!
  7. Yes i can see it braking harder than might be necessary wonder if the unit changes the force for the situation its dealing with or is it a fixed force produced ? I can't find enough info on how the thing actually works online 😫
  8. Thanks Macquatic, Yes I did look at this adaptor, but it does say on the Amazon description "adaptor for Butane pigtail" and if I used the 5Kg Gaslight bottles, they are Propane, hence my confusion! Any idea if the pressure for Butane and propane are the same, and would it work and be safe?
  9. Yes I noticed a Phoenix had a nice cover over the gap, its funny you’ve also noticed this as well as me.
  10. Because the unit is designed for a higher MTPLM, it may apply the brakes a bit harder than it ideally should if fitted to your caravan. I can’t say whether this could be a problem or whether you may find it disturbing.
  11. I think this is what you're looking for. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Adapter-Pigtail-Caravan-Motorhome-Regulator/dp/B075752LJW/ref=pd_sbs_201_1/262-9915149-6167540?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B075752LJW&pd_rd_r=0378325a-6479-11e9-8386-0582f4e74252&pd_rd_w=9uSTh&pd_rd_wg=umfAY&pf_rd_p=18edf98b-139a-41ee-bb40-d725dd59d1d3&pf_rd_r=2551Z8J3V89JXFRJW2X4&psc=1&refRID=2551Z8J3V89JXFRJW2X4
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  13. I have two Calorlite cylinders in my van at the moment, but if the supply dries up, I'm concerned the alternatives from Calor will be heavier all steel cylinders, which will increase my noseweight especially as I've just had a 30Kg motormover fitted. Having read the article in the current edition of the Camping & Caravanning Club magazine regarding the possiblity of there NOT being a new version of the Calorlite cylinder, the idea of switching to a couple of 5Kg Gaslight (Flogas) cylinders sounds appealing, especially as we don't use that much gas tending to be on a mains hook up most of the time. Having 10Kg of gas on board instead of 12Kg is not a huge difference, but I'm looking for advice regarding an adaptor that would fit on the Gaslight cylinder and allow me to use my existing hose (which normally screws in the the Calorlite bottle) I have a 2012 Lunar Lexon with the normal bulkhead fitted Propane regulator. I've seen a couple of links on here to adaptors, but I'm confused as to wether I'm looking at the right one for my needs? I think I'd need an adaptor that has a 27mm clip on one side, and a female part the other side for my gas hose to go in to. If such a thing exists, would any of you kind people point me in the right direction with a link please?
  14. Hi thanks for your reply, With the 1500 - 1800 minimum 1100 Shouldn't that be technically in my range as I will be towing at around 1200 ? I know it's only a 100kg from the minimum but they must know it works with 1100 ? If I were buying new then yes I would go for the correct one but just wondering if this will do the same job for me for a fraction of the cost , he is offering it for £50 Thanks Alan
  15. The information that I have is that the ATC unit that you are being offered is Part No. 1 223 287. For your caravan the proper ATC unit would be Part No. 1 223 022. That one is designed for caravans with an MTPLM of between 1001 and 1300kg and with a minimum unladen weight of 800kg. As you will probably be towing the caravan more laden than unladen, I would suggest that it is more important to get a unit that is suitable for the laden condition.
  16. david 1220

    calor gas

    seems ( from my camping & caravan magazine that arrived yesterday ) that calor have issued a statement that the will NOT be making a Calorlight replacement as the demand is not there due to more people using E.H.U. & refillable tanks..........
  17. Anyone got any experience of a tow cover for a Bailey Pegasus Series 2 2011 as the awning channel at the front doesnt extend completely down the side of the van due to the front plastic decorative panels???
  18. Aldi had their caravan specials a couple of weeks ago. You might still find their low wattage caravan kettle in a store. https://www.aldi.co.uk/ambiano-caravan-kettle/p/010831252112100
  19. The weighbridge figure doesn't surprise me at all. More likely than not, the manual quotes a mass in service figure, not the kerbweight. Mass in service is the minimum a basic car would weigh without any factory fitted options.
  20. I cannot imagine that any towbar manufacturer would produce two detachable necks with different offsets for the same model of car unless, at the same time, there are also two versions of that model with different standing heights.
  21. Get a low wattage one, mine is from my local caravan shop and is 900w. I also have a kettle that can be boiled on the gas that we use when travelling through France.
  22. Good wide base with loud whistle Works on gas, anytime anyplace, and not tied to the orange umbilical
  23. Nose well and truly rubbed...lol
  24. Hi Guys Any suggestions for what Kettle to buy for the Caravan Thanks in advance Trel
  25. On collection I had our front panel gaps sealed for aesthetics as I thought it looked poor and unfinished . Also one gap was slightly more than the other and unsealed its more obvious . Have you noticed that the Phoenix has a nice trim to cover up the gap ! One of the downsides to buying a new model early owners are the product testers to see what fails and falls off ! The GT70 would of been a good one I recon last of the line with most production issues ironed out maybe .
  26. The neck Witter detachable neck ZQFE2037 is for a Land Rover Freelander I am just wondering if its a stock picture, and its the straight one the same as I have that would be dispatched. I am also waiting for witter tech team to get back as I have asked them the question.
  27. Hi Take your car onto a weighbridge, I was surprised that my freelander weighed 2080kg with a driver and tank of fuel, the mamual said it should weigh about 1800kg. If the sums add up weight etc the Coachman every time.
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