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  2. The front skylight has not issues stops the wind fine.
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  4. After 4 years one of the bungee cords in our Isabella Comfort chairs broke. Took some searching to find appropriate bungee replacement but worth the effort because the chairs are the most comfortable ever, even better than Lafuma offerings.
  5. I have one on my Ford S Max and it's not easy. I think it's due to how close it is to the bumper as well. I keep meaning to try do something about it as it's a bit difficult for an old bloke.
  6. Best of luck mate hiring out that lovely van-----you don't know what state you will get it back in. This can be problematic if you have back to back hires, and little time to rectify defects. I'm not being negative, just speaking from experience, as I used to hire out three touring vans---nightmare if things go wrong. eg:- some kid spilt milk on upholstery !!!! Another clown tore a rear exterior panel which was a dealer repair job. IMHO, this undertaking is only for the stout hearted.
  7. We had a Sorento and U3 Vigo, the jockey wheel could bottom on bad speed humps and you should go very slowly going on and off car ferries! I did damage one on a particularly vicious french speed hump, despite going slowly. It bent the wheel yoke a bit, ended up replacing it. I did remove it subsequently on ferries! Now have a Santa Fe and U4 but still take it easy. It sits a bit higher as the Hyundai has SLS. Speed humps are a damn nuisance.
  8. Thanks for that Caravandig. Looks like it's an excellent site and the very positive reviews support that view. Think this will be my first stop from Cherbourg en route to Vannes at the start of June - as long as there is room of course as I see it appear in the CMC Venture Abroad brochure. By the way, the site is number 982 in the 2019 ACSI Guide on page 344!
  9. Ive had 2 towtrust detachable. the first one had no difficulty connecting the electrics. My current one I do. I put this down to the clearance between the the socket and the bumper, my old one had plenty of clearance allowing you to fully grip the plug and twist it into position. The one I have now is very close to the bumper so can't get a proper grip to push and twist
  10. None especially - however our old DS4 which was also a TT was a cinch where as the Passat can sometimes be awkward. It has once not properly twisted when I removed the socket although I don’t think this is TT specific; YouTube video and a flat screwdriver, job done 👍
  11. Is the jockey wheel low in relation to the A frame, or is the caravan nose down? What is the towball height when hitched up? What is the noseweight?
  12. Do other folk have a problem connecting the electrics ( with the swing down socket ) from van to car who use a Tow Trust Detachable bar, those who do have a Tow Trust bar will know what I mean. Thanks in advance
  13. Cannot be specific, but about six years
  14. Not sure why it would appear too low? After all they're all on the same chassis and same jockey wheel. There's the possibility that the jockey wheel hasn't been raised to it's fullest extent i.e snuggled up inside it's 'slot', or that the towbar is too low, but that should be fine if type approved.
  15. Just back from a couple of weeks in Norfolk with the SSS and early in that period some windy conditions. Just check when you first erect it that the outer end of the centre rafter is fully against the main bladder. It is held against it by velcro-type material and mine was not seated properly. The strong winds were directly onto the near side of the 'van so I had to slightly re-position the upper guys to be at right angles to the van side, if that makes sense. Once done it held with absolutely no problems and the winds were very strong. Rock pegs or similar essential, as already mentioned.
  16. even on the flat applying the brakes seem to cause it to roll back until they are fully applied. can be a nightmare trying to align an al ko wheel lock macafee2
  17. We have been using the freestanding one but it seems really high! Thought we might use that to put our electric hob on and get another height adjustable one for eating/games Thank you sounds ideal!
  18. hi there sorry if the post was unclear yes removed it but just seemed a bit concerning doing it and was also concerned if the insurance would still be valid if it came off and nose dived - worse case scenario. Any thoughts on just changing for a smaller wheel that may help?
  19. protect the shower, do you think the hot water will damage it? macafee2
  20. thoughts on what, if it is low or removing it? If it is low and you are concerned about it hitting the road, I'd say remove it. I remove mine most of the time. macafee2
  21. I recently fitted a TMV see here If your shower hoses tee off the wash basin, then could you not fit it under the sink like I have?
  22. Thanks for the suggestion. Fitting before the kitchen is easy but I can’t get to the ‘T’ that feeds the sink. I can see it, but I can’t reach it. I really need need to know if the temp will be hot enough for the dishes. John
  23. I suspect that the better sites are busier. We have booked all sites for our coming trip and even booking a while ago found it slightly tricky to get the right spec' pitches for the dates we want. We are paying €38 average for 31 nights.
  24. We want to do the same. Friend of ours has just driven to the Black sea. He loves just getting in his car and going off on his own in europe. We plan to buy something to go in, probably left hand drive sprinter van, convert it to a living space & then just go until we want to stop & then i suppose come back a different way. Mrs W has definitely got the travel bug. She's on her way back from Cyprus as i type this & has already planned her next trip to Rome. She gets a weekend away from the kids etc - though this weekend she has had to put up with her mother who can Talk for about 14 hours straight without the need to draw breath. When its my weekends i can go green-laning with son No1 Out of interest - how close are you when you're 'slipstreaming' & how close would you be before it was counted as tailgating?
  25. When our children were small we invested in an oval Lafuma table which had adjustable legs. It folded in half like an arc and had hand grips for carrying. We needed an oval as three children make square tables too squashed! We must have used it every outing and we are including an annual 6 week summer holiday to France and it is in the same condition 15 years later. We’ve now given it to one of our sons as we don’t need one this size. Can recommend Lafuma, not cheap but excellent quality. https://www.lafuma-furniture.co.uk/camping-table-hawai-laminated-carbon.html
  26. As you have space before the kitchen, why not use a "tee" connection to break into the supply and put the valve on the other branch?
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