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  2. Replacing the glass would be far quicker and cheaper than a new window. But in a lockdown would a glazier come out? Worth a try.
  3. Hi all Is it possible toreplace the glass in a toilet window of an Atlas Festival static caravan? I have cracked the glass and it needs replacing but I'm hoping a glazier can replace the glass panel rather than have to buy a complete replacement window. Any advice will be appreciated.
  4. If the cables have been installed well, they will be routed from motor l/R to the centre of the caravan, then up towards the front, then off to the controller which is obviously on one side but the difference in length is not actually that much if you measure it. If the cables have been routed in phase they will be tight together and the loop will be very neat. (Satisfactory to those with a tidyness thing), Unless you have the correct replacement terminals and really good crimping pliers I wouldnt shorten the cables, as you may have a poor connection which will show up sooner or later, Why not just tidy up the routing? I agree that they should not look a mess no matter where they are located.
  5. It is interesting that the scientists producing the vaccine are seriously concerned the disease is being eradicated too quickly and this may mean they cannot actually verify the vaccine’s efficacy. It seems that a slight increase in the infection rate is absolutely needed if we are to get a vaccine that will work. Strange times. I’m not sure this is strictly true. Those who contract and recover from the disease will possess some immunity and will not be contagious any more. After a certain time the risk to everyone else will actually reduce.
  6. Has anyone took out the original carpets in the caravan and replaced it with a sheet vinyl floor ? my main concern is we have removed the carpet and the floor is excellent, however there are three steel floor fixings in the area we want to cover, approx 50mm x 50mm steel plates with large screw bolts going through the floor. the edges of the steel is slightly raised, so how would you overcome this ?
  7. Hi ,I would think the shorter the cables the better , less voltage drop? Yes probably pay to have both similar lengths to. If you swap them to a new / diff van , lengthen them.
  8. They do with me on Firefox, they are tiny url's try a copy and post in the address bar instead. If that doesn't work go here https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/00729912/filing-history And open the PDF's dated 12/9/2019 and 6/2/2020 Edit: You are right Lost, I've just tried clicking on them and posting and get the error message also, I always check to see if any links work before posting them, when I get time later I'll try to see what the problem is, sorry to all who tried with the tiny url.
  9. Wrong and wrong. The more fit and healthy 20,30,40's out and about and the more they ignore social distancing they will increase the infection rate but they probably won't die. The virus will be much more widespread in the community. Then the vulnerable who are doing what they should are far more likely to catch and die from the virus when they do something simple like shop for food. We then get into an exponential growth of the Virus with the knock on effect to the NHS and the economy. What others do directly affects those who are doing things correctly and prolongs the restrictions imposed on them.
  10. Today
  11. Lunar Auto purchased the business and some assets for £1,000,000 though the sale was fraught with problems before and after with such as I've mentioned previously but also such as suppliers sizing goods, purchasers being owed £500 cash back, Lunar Auto failing to keep up with rent payments, the landlord locked them out with goods and equipment still in side, potential purchasers citing possible warranty work costs putting them off etc. There is a lot of info here https://tinyurl.com/yd7vx2vc and here https://tinyurl.com/yd6ppdqk A bit deep, quite a bit repeated, will give you a headache and crossed eyes and you will have to turn some pages 90 deg to read, but something to do on a wet and windy lock in day.🥴 As to Lunar Automotive Ltd, it remains to be see what will happen, search as you may, there is very little info as to what, if anything is happening.
  12. I have to wonder how much real difference the cable length actually makes, particularly in the light of the fact that in my case (and I have no idea how many others) I seldom, if ever, want to move the van in a straight line on smooth level ground!
  13. the year is 2008, I thought that they might be 240v Hi John, the lights I can't find the switch for are above the cupboards above the cupboard on the near side and above the cupboard over the kitchen.
  14. Mine to, they bought the assets, including:- Stock, both built and unbuilt, Equipment, Intellectual Property rights, designs etc. The right to use the "Lunar" name. No continuation of the business at all.
  15. I cut and tidied the cables looped as you describe after our mover was fitted by a dealer. It is important to keep the cables the same lengths, so just cut off equal amounts and you should end up with a small loop on one side. The only other suggestion I heard (probably on the forum) was that you might want to allow some extra cable in case you ever moved the mover to another caravan. That didn't stop me, ours are all now neat, tidy and clipped!
  16. So they think tourisum sites are caravan sites? Posted this from our local paper in another post subject. The full list that can be open from June 15, although some are already allowed to be open, includes: Antique stores Auction houses Betting shops and arcades Car dealerships Charity shops Chemists Craft fairs Fashion shops Food retailers Gift shops and retail spaces in theatres, museums, libraries, heritage sites and tourism sites Hardware/homeware stores Indoor and outdoor markets Mobile phone stores Photography studios Retail art galleries Similar types of retail Tailors, dress fitters and fashion designers
  17. Been past the CL in our village they have got motorhomes on site
  18. This topic on CT is as much as we know (I think?)
  19. My experience of the police, is when they can't be bothered to even visit you when your caravan's been stolen. They give you a crime number for insurance, and the next time you hear from them, like a month later, is "we've now closed your file" sent by email. Not even a telephone call. And, I haven't yet seen a police car on the streets in the months this has been going on. I've not been to see my mother, who lives a measly 25 miles away in a care home (not 200 miles), although I know can't speak to her properly, only through the glass doors, but would still like to see her. I, and others like me, are following the rules. Its just the few who don't, and nothing gets done at all about them
  20. To be honest I am getting to the point where I say....”let the devil take the hindmost“. We 70 year olds just need to be responsible and take all precautions we can to distance ourselves from the herd .....and if successful we will single handedly remove the load on the NHS and ICUs. After all, it’s us 70+yr olds have been causing the excess pressure on the NHS anyway. What others do is irrelevant. It’s what we do that matters.
  21. I would be interested to know what experience you have of policing to make such comments. More police are presently being recruited but it takes time to train them and of course the money has to come from somewhere. How can you judge what the police in your area are doing based on the number of cars parked. As you describe it as the main police station it’s quite likely to also be a central custody suite, in which case officers from all over the wider area could be at the main custody centre dealing with detainees which can take many hours. Its generally best not to make assumptions and accept that the police generally are doing the best they can in often difficult circumstances.
  22. Just a thought, are the 2 wandahome sites related? Knottingley and South Cave?
  23. The idea of not staying in your caravan, static or otherwise, was to stop the amount of people visiting any one area, and using facilities, ie, shops, and making it harder for the local population of using their own, and making it hard on the infrastructure, ie, HGV, vans, etc, deliveries. Also using hospitals, doctors, chemists, etc
  24. Its under the van john but the way it is done with large swirling loops it is like you would do Christmas lights and takes up nearly all the floor in front of the axle. I know they are out of sight but I have never been one for covering up bad work so it just rankles a bit. I may even just tidy them up and make them more secure. nothing else to do at the moment anyway
  25. Better still, recruit more police. Whenever I go to my local market town, I pass the main police station in the area. No matter what time of day I go, their car park is stuffed of police cars. Why arn't they out there? Its really getting my goat. Especially what's going on with the idiot minister who took his wife and son all the way from London to Castle Barnard to the parent's farm so they are "safe", even though the wife was showing symptoms of Covid-19. Do me a favour, please. If he gets away with this, or he doesn't stand down, then I think the word lockdown, will not mean that much (sorry, can't show fingers clicking), and people will totally disregard everything that was put in place
  26. Travelling and stopping overnight should be a £100 fine. The Police are struggling because they have been told to reason and educate people rather than hand out the fines.
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